simple sunday

One of the things I love and hate most about this stage of life is the simplicity. We haven't spent money on clothes, or much in the way of dates, or anything excess really, for months. We just haven't been able to afford it. I know, however, that once Christian is working full time and we have a bigger and more steady paycheck, I'm going to miss the simplicity terribly. Money just doesn't buy happiness, you know? And sometimes that's hard to temper.

Anyways, last Sunday was just the most beautiful and simplest of days. I wanted to bask in it and never let it go. Time has a way of rushing on, much to my dismay. So I'm capturing it in the best way possible.

The morning always starts in a rush. Sunday morning was especially busy because Christian was teaching the first hour lesson. We got there, and he did great, as I knew he would. He's such a gifted teacher, and I love watching him do it. The rest of church was a blur of baby snuggles and hall walking and snack feeding. (hashtag youngfamilyatchurch am I right?).

My favorite part of Sundays is getting home, feeding Nash, and putting him down for his long afternoon nap. Christian and I try to squeeze in a nap ourselves, but this time we decided against it. Instead, we spent two heavenly hours in bed playing game after game of Ticket to Ride, intermingled with snuggling of course. Oh how I love the colder months for that reason! When Nash woke up, we fed him again and I started dinner. Tonight's menu was fire roasted tomato soup and biscuits. Christian manned the latter, while I whipped up this favorite soup of ours. After eating together and cleaning up, we decided to take advantage of the lack of snow and bundled up for a walk. We put the most adorable teddy bear hat on Nash, and fawned over him for a good 15 minutes before walking out the door. It's so ridiculous and fun to be doting parents to just one baby. I love that he can have all our attention right now.

We head out into the cold, and it engulfs and invigorates me. Something about being out on walks turns me into the biggest talker, at least, more so than usual. So that's what we do: talk and talk about the future, what we want to do with our lives, our time, our families. We talk about goals and dreams, while basking in the real dream that is our life currently. Strolling around Provo with my boys is absolutely my favorite thing in the world right now. Nash's bedtime approaches, so we turn around and head home. Christian offers to make popcorn and hot chocolate while I suit up baby boy for bed. After we put him down, we clean up our room and settle in for a nature show, a Sunday favorite. I am exhausted and don't last for more than 15 minutes. As I drift off, I can't imagine being luckier.

God is truly so so good to me.

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