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tengo una problema

I hate milk.
H.A.T.E. it.
And because of this, during my freshman year at BYU, all I ever had with my cereal was Rice Milk... thus turning me into one of THOSE people. Aka one who is lactose intolerant.

Yeah yeah, self proclaimed, but I don't need a doctor to tell me why my stomach is heaving after drinking regular milk just an hour previously. I am pretty much a smarty pants.

Here is where the dilema arises.
My family does not buy Rice Milk, so during my summers at home, I succumb to their habits and have *blech* regular milk with my cereal (which, naturally, I have to eat every day because it's my favorite food). After consumption however, my stomach is in shambles for a few days.


Also, I reeeeaalllly love ice cream, frozen yogurt, cheese and other dairy products like such as.
(missteenusapun intended)

I guess my point is this. I should a) stop eating all dairy products, which I will admit right now is NOT going to happen, so that leaves me with b) get my hands on some lactose pills or something like that.


p.s. since I am the music freak of the CENTURY, my next musing is only appropriate.

So Owl City right? 
Pretty sure a loooott of people think they are uber gay.
I am not one of them... mostly because I listened to them before "Fireflies" assasinated the radio waves. Sorry about that America. Anyways, I really like Owl City, and the genius behind it all aka Adam Young, just released an album from his side project Sky Sailing. (Actually, this developed BEFORE Owl City but whose keeping track? Clearly not me). So basically the album is GOLDEN.
Like, put-you-to-sleep-and-sooth-your-every-worry-because-I-am-Adam-Young-and-I-have-a-lovely-voice-even-if-I-use-autotune-except-not-during-my-headline-tour-last-year-but-it's-cool-because-that's-not-the-point kind of golden. Just think a more mature Owl City, unplugged style.

One of the songs from the album is a free download on itunes this week. So naturally I got it. Then I was looking through the rest of the album and WHAT? Another song is free?

Got that too.

Then I saw ANOTHER free song! So I got that too!

Then ANOTHER free song appeared!

So I got that too!!


I don't know if I hit some magic button, or if it was just some freakish stroke of luck... but all the more reason why I am really liking Sky Sailing right now :)


Why Georgia, why?

Aka the John Mayer song that was THEEE story of my life when I had to leave my beloved Florida for it's northern neighbor, good ol' Georgia. Needless to say, I think I had that song on repeat for the entire 8 hour drive to our new home in Cumming.

Pathetic, right?

Well, that was 5 years ago.
And even though it was clearly rough at first, I absolutely fell in love with the south after living in Georgia, and love affair has yet to stop.... Yes. Even though I don't live there anymore.

All this came to me this morning on my loonnnggggg trek to work, during which I always have time to think of nice things.  For some reason, I thought of Zaxby's, aka a southern specialty and the most DELICIOUS chicken you will ever find, anywhere. And then I got super nostalgic, and have heretofore decided to compose the following list:

*hem hem*
I give you....

Things I loved about living life as a Georgia peach

- The trees. I still remember the first time I ventured out onto the golf course behind our house. It was right on top of a hill, so I had the perfect view of not only the rest of the golf course, but a big chunk of the neighborhood as well. It was dusk, so the sun was setting, and there was this ethereal glow that enveloped everything. It was magical.
And then there were the trees. The never ending, rolling ocean of trees. It was as though I had stepped into another world... like Narnia or something of equal status. It was breathtaking.

yes this is our backyard
- Running through my neighborhood. First, as has been made apparent, it was beautiful, which of course made for a good view whilst I was killing myself. Second, it was super hill-y. Hence the killing myself, because they were inescapable... but also a tiny bit fun. Third, my dad would often go with me and there was something so peaceful about starting my day bonding all sweaty-like with him. Plus he was always so patient when I was the grumpiest person alive. And when I may or may not have cried running up the final hill before we reached our house. Multiple times. HAHA

- Listening to Suspension on the way to seminary and then again on the way to school. Enough said.

-Upon arriving at school, getting breakfast with Saychelle and sitting at the table on the stage in the cafeteria... and maybe judging people a little too much. Also laughing 100% of the time.
- Spanish class during my Junior year with my bestest buddy Kalle Cubitt. It included much learning about the history of Spain, reading Don Quixote, listening to the fish head song, Juanes, Shakira and David Bisbal, and a lot of laughing intermingled with a healthy dose of sarcastic comments. It's a good thing our teacher loved us so much.

- AP Lit. and Comp. with Mr. Aderhold. I also had this class with Kalle, and her presence coupled with our teachers brilliance, his love of classic rock music, his superior teaching skills and the amazing literature we read, made this class a life-changing experience for me.

- Running cross country. Also done with Kalle. Note the trend. This was an interesting experience for me, and I learned A LOT about myself.
**NOT TO BE RETARDED, but I just have to say this first. I am used to excelling at most of the things I attempt in life. Not being a superstar, just doing well enough that it puts me ahead of the game**
That being said
I am sorry if I sound like a cocky pig, that is not my intention. But there is a point to that explanation. I did not over-achieve while running cross country. In fact, I was one of the slower people on my team. I think my fastest time for the 5k was about 28 minutes. Not an epic fail, but definitely not champion status. Basically what I am trying to say is it was a very humbling experience because it presented me with a challenge that I couldn't simply overcome by getting an A on a test, or singing in the all state choir, or playing the piano well. It was something I really had to work at.
It sucked majorly sometimes.
But since I had to work so hard, it also made me very fond of it in the end.

- Speaking of all state choir... oh yeah. Singing in the all state choir. In Savannah. For reals, Savannah is GORGEOUS. Such a precious, happy southern town. And River Street is adorable. Even though rehearsing for 6 hours a day, for 3 days straight was not very exciting, the performances rocked my world. I will forever be a choir dork.
So sue me :)

- Choir in general. Guess who else sang in choir with me? If you said Kalle Cubitt, you are correctomundo. Having that class for 2 hours a day was always so great. It allowed for a decent amount of horsing around and hacky-sacking, both of which made class much more fun, naturally. And my teachers last name was Grizzle, which also made things really fun :) Plus I got to go to NYC with all those wonderful girls, and who doesn't love that?

- My #1 homegirl from Florida and her family moving in to our ward in Cumming. It was the epitome of 2 world's colliding, and it made my heart SO  happy. And now Saychelle is getting married!
*Sniff* they grow up so fast!

- Running around our insane basement with my brothers like maniacs. I can't expound much better than that.

- New Years Eve... we always had the BEST company. Year one = a billion west-coastin' cousins. Year 2 = Delgado family, Saychelle and our dear friend Rachel Thompson. Florida reunion in Georgia? Nooottthiinnn' better. Plus you get the whole "shove 12 grapes in your mouth before the ball drops" tradition, which does cause a lot of choking but also a lot of laughing.

- Halloween. The leaves were always at the height of their color change, and the weather brisk enough that it felt like fall, but never so cold you had to bundle up. You know books that talk about fall and Halloween and make it all sound so perfect? Like, all you want to do is go buy a new sweater and school supplies, and then walk along the sidewalk while crunching leaves under your penny loafers? Yeah that is how Halloween feels in Georgia. Straight out of a book.

this was not my costume. i repeat, not my costume

-Summer time pool trips to the YMCA. Even though the humidity felt deadly sometimes, lounging poolside at the Y was an excellent way to combat it. Add in some brothers and friends and you have a surefire recipe for a lovely day.

- No-bake cookies from Ingles. My family had this undying obsession for those little devils. Since we moved away, my mom has been back to visit twice... and brought those as a souvenier both times. Best mom ever? I'm thinkin yes :)

- Mckay's stint as a performer in the Atlanta Boy Choir. Yes he is a very talented musician. Plus, his membership in the acclaimed group gave us the chance to drive to ATL on a weekly basis. It was beautiful. It was always an adventure. It included frequent trips to the only Krispy Kreme in probably the whole state. And who am I kidding, they made amazing music.

- The developement of my LOST obsession. Remember how I went to NYC? Well. The 17 hour drive both to and from were spent with season 1 of the show. From that time henceforth, I have been slightly addicted. NBD.

-Spring break '07 in D.C. I have no words for the nation's amazing capital. All I can think to say is I love the Museum of Natural History, the Metro and the cafeteria in the Art Museum. Best. Trip. Ever.

- Josh Groban, round 3. Obsessed? Probably. Worth it? ABSOFREAKINLUTELY.

- Rent-a-dog. Have you ever met a family who gets a dog one day, and then sells it back the next? Welp say hello to the Showalters.

- Blasting Corrine Bailey Ray, BSB and Jimmy Eat World in my room whilst getting ready for the day. Thank heavens I was alone in our basement otherwise I would have been such the nuisance.

-Random family trips to Gatlinburg. You know the Keith Urban song that says "from the prettiest country, from Georgia to Tenessee"? Yeah well Keith isn't lying. IT'S GORGEOUS. Plus Gatlinburg is basically the only place you can go ride go-carts at 8 different places in one day. And my family may or may not have done just that.

- Piano lessons. My teacher was a crazy lady (I am beginning to think this is a requirement for piano teachers??), but the drive there was beautiful. And we almost always went to Steak and Shake afterwards. Hello. Worth it. Also, I got really good at getting my teacher to talk, so in turn I wouldn't have to play the songs I hadn't practiced as much. HAHA.
Well as I am reading through this massive, assasinating post, I realize that there is a lot I have said and a lot more I could keep saying. However, I will spare the masses and stop myself, but just in case my point hasn't been made...



dream a little dream

Actually the dream I am about to divulge was a rather big dream, but NBD.
So while we were in San Diego last weekend I had this dream, actually nightmare, and I totally forgot to write it down. It is a gem, so I have to record it now before I forget.

So it's my wedding day. And I wake up to find I have done NOTHING.
Like wedding= zero percent planned.
No food
No photographer
No temple date scheduled
No guests
No flowers
No venue

Obviously I start to panic, but don't worry...all the sudden I am in this insane mansion, which I am apparently having my "wedding" in. Then a hoard of women from all my old wards start showing up and I decide it's a  good deal to get in their faces and yell
(apparently I was reeeaaaally bugged I wasn't going to have my picture taken that day)

As if yelling is going to fix this predicament

Well naturally I realize there is NO WAY in you-know-what that I am going to pull all this off, and a light bulb goes off in my head.
Magic would fix all of this!
And I begin to run around the mansion yelling Dumbledor's name.
Much to my dismay, he doesn't answer. But as luck would have it, there is a knock at my door. I open it and WHO IS THERE? Why, my bestest friends Harry Ron and Hermione to the rescue! All the sudden I am in my wedding dress (which by the way was a weird mix of a victorian style gown and a military jacket. AWESOME) Ron lovingly tells me I look stunning, and I collapse into a pile of tears because it dawns on me that there really is no way I am going to be able to get married today. Because hello. I am a muggle and there is nothing my wizarding friends can do for me.

The best part of this dream is that I have no recollection of the groom/future husband at all.


this one's for you baby Kimber!

It's time for another birthday post!!
*announcer voice*
Today's featurette iiiiiiisss:
my dearest friend Kimber Woodruff Cutler!!

Oh where do I start with this beautiful woman?

1. First, she is one of theee most kind, amiable, friendly and beautiful people I have EVER met. I mean HELLO. Look at her lovely face! And I am 99.9% sure everyone who knows her, loves her. During our freshman year at BYU, it seemed like she was always busy with some kind of social event or activity, which in turn made it seem like she knew EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE. Which was probably true haha. I am still amazed at how she manages to have a bajillion friends, get good grades, dance like a maniac, AND be such a good sister, daughter, friend and wife. I aspire to be as awesome as her one day. And speaking of dancing....

2. She is so very talented that she dances on the BYU ballroom dance team. Like, one step down from the very most elite team there is. I am so excited to be back in Provo so I can watch her perform.

3. She is a wonderful wife. Ok so maybe I don't know this to the full extent because I am obviously not the one married to her BUT. One time in January I drove down to Provo for the weekend, and one of the activities included a trip to the Cutler's for breakfast. I know it probably isn't a big deal, but the fact that she took the time to make breakfast for her husband and two other mouths that morning made my heart happy. If she is half as good to her husband as she is to her friends, which I am sure she is, then she is one heck of a wife.

4. She has her priorities straight. I remember this one time during our senior year in high school... We had taken a trip up to our friend Janessa's cabin. Kimber and some others had to drive up late, which in turn meant that she had to drive in her car on the way back instead of carpooling with the gang. About 1/3 of the way home, I traded vehicles and got into hers. It was a Sunday, and even though we had all been to church, none of us were in ultra-Sunday-mode. But there it was: and EFY c.d. playing in her car. It would have been easy to dismiss it and be like "Hey we are roadtrippin lets rock out!" But her dedication to doing just that simple, tiny thing really impressed me. She is such a star :)

I could go on and on about this amazing girl, but the list would be absurd. Basically all I am trying to say is she is amazing, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I love you baby Kiiimmmmbbeeeerrrrr!!


some things concerning the likes of myself

Forgive me for being Negative Nancy and beginning this with a list of pessimistic things, BUT. I figured I would rather end on a happier note, so there.
To quote Dolores Umbridge:
*Hem hem*
I give you:

Things I am really not fond of

really hate when I am listening to music (especially in the car) and the volume is not even that loud... but someone stills feels the need to turn it down like .5 decibles. Really? I mean I know you are about to tell me something that is, no doubt, of importance. But it would be really great if you asked first. Or just turned the music all the way off for the matter. Go big or go home right? Sorry to be sooooo OCD, but I am a slight freak about music, especially the music in my car. And if you mess with the stereo WHILE I am listening to it, I might be tempted to bite you fingers off. It's not like I am trying to blow your eardrums to smitherines with insane volume or anything, so you can probably just relax.

Rude people, especially when they are rude to others and I see it happen. You know that little disapproving head-shake thing people do when they see something that irritates them, but the irritating person clearly was not intentionally doing?? I mean come on! Show some patience people.
Aren't I such a good example of that right now?! HAHA I am a walking contradiction I suppose :)

Chipped nail polish. I WILL paint my nails every week just to avoid this, thank you very much.

When I am interrupted right in the middle of playing a song on the piano. And then when I am expected to stop and get up IMMEDIATELY. Can't I just finish these last 6 1/2 measures please?

When people post lyrics from WAY over played songs as their status on facebook. Yeah we all know you wan to pretend the airplanes in the night sky are shooting stars, and that you could really use a wish right now. But for real, if I see that one more time, I am personally calling b.o.b. and maybe threatening his life a little bit. Let's be a leeetle more creative people.

When I drop things. I know this is probably SO dumb, but I get seriously irked when I have something in my hand or on a surface and then all the sudden it's on the floor. Really gravity? You just had to yank that away from me right now? As I was using it? Well fine eff you then.

I give you:

Things that make me terribly happy

New nail polish. Especially if it is a radical shade. There is something about it that is so delicious to me. Ridiculous? Im thinkin yes. Do I care? Im thinkin most likely not.

Rereading Harry Potter books, anytime, anywhere.

Flowers. Such a girl right? To me though, they are just such a lovely reflection of someone's feelings for  you.

Writing in my journal. *Gasp* . I have a journal AND a blog? Yesh. And I write in both, religiously. I feel bad for my future family who will have to read both.... they will never hear the end of me. Muhaha.

Chili's chips and salsa. Basically any chips and salsa actually, but Chili's are extra good.

ANY frozen yogurt, but especially self serve. Preferably with those pink and white animal cookies as an option for toppings. Mmmhhmm come to mamma!

The sound of fingers moving along acoustic guitar strings. Maybe it's because I grew up listening to Kenny Loggins. Maybe not. All I know is there is something about that noise that evokes a magic spark inside me. LOVE.

Family time. Ones that include games of bull crap, parcheesi and go fish especially.

Songs that make me cry. If I cry during a song, it's like I have devoted a part of my soul to it forevermore.

Engagement and wedding photos. Yes I do creep on stranger's facebook and blog pages just to get my fill. Needless to day, after hours of pursuing this pointless fulfilling hobby, I have an excellent idea as to EXACTLY how mine are going to look. Don't worry, the words "stunning", "romantic" and "magical" come to mind.

The song "Suspension" by Mae. It seems to fit every mood I could ever possibly concieve. Sad, happy, excited, nostalgic, pumped, mellow, in love, out of love, heading for love, lalala you get it. Thanks Mae, that song has changed my life.

Dresses. I am sure that every woman out there could agree with me on this, to some degree. I feel just lovely when I am wearing a dress.

Alright, obviously I could go on and on. I just needed to make a list like that today.
That's all :)


"LOOK! It's Justin Bieber!"

That just happens to be the favorite moment from this past weekend.
While roaming the cobblestone streets of Seaport Village in San Diego, a little kid points to my 12 year old brother Ty and says that.......
Over and over and over
HAHA it was so funny I couldn't stop laughing.
Needless to say, that is Ty's new nickname for sure.

J. Biebs himself. Too bad he can't keep his eyes open

Speaking of this weekend.....
Obviously we went to San Diego.
Obviously it was fun.
Now I have a few things to say about the ordeal.

1. You know you are from AZ when 70 with a breeze qualifies as "cold". Oh well, I just love my 113 warm summer days.
2. I never, EVER get sick of Seaport Village. Round 2400 and I still love all of it.
3. Seaport Village is especially delightful when combined with fireworks and 2000 other people.
4. My family is a real hoot.
5. Good sea food makes my heart happy. Also good mexican food. Probably just good food in general.
6. Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans make for EXCELLENT entertainment in the hotel room at 11:30 at night. Minus rotten egg flavor. I don't think anything besides actually throwing up has ever made me gag like that. Mckay didn't handle centipede very well either. Probably the funniest/most disgusting 10 minutes of my life.
7. Road tripping with Maggie is always a good idea. I mean look at this.

AH. So presh.

8. After reading the Hunger Games in a day and a half (aka OBSESSED), I have decided that Freddie Stroma aka Cormac McLaggen from the 6th Harry Potter film HAS to play Peeta in the Hunger Games movie. How can he not, I mean HELLO LOOK AT HIM.

Uhum, hi Peeta?? ... Im thinkin yes.

9. I love this country. July 4th always ignites within me this obsession with American History. I will spend the 4th in D.C. one day. How incredible would that be?! Ah, the thought gives me chills.
10. There is this store in Seaport village called Urban Girl Accessories and I am in love with everything there... also much too poor for it. Por ejemplo... I found this adorable owl pillow that was roughly three hand spans in size. Cute? Yes. WAY too overpriced for it's size? Big fatty YES. Like I have said before, isn't it about time I get rich? I mean srslyz.

Alright enough babbling... here are some highlights from le party, California style.

HAHA oh the infamous hat store.
don't mind my face. LOOK AT THE SORTING HAT.
and the standard seaport picture
not constipated, just super in to reading.
did I mention we are all obsessed?

The moral of this story is I love my family, roadtrips are fun, don't take Justin Bieber out in public, read the Hunger Games, and I am very excited to take another lovely vacation with them in just a week and a half.
Viva family,
Viva good times,
Viva summer in general

p.s. something I have noticed lately: there will be phases every few months or so in which i feel like every single person around me is either married, on their way to getting married, dating, snogging, lalala. Of course it isn't true, but it always makes me laugh when I feel that way. Oh the life as a young single adult HAHA.

p.s.s. on a more exciting note, I am going to see Young the Giant tomorrow at the Rhythm Room in Phoenix, aka I am beyond excited. Also, they are babes. And who doesn't love a good entourage of hotties sometimes? Let me tell you. Not me. 


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