stuff. otherwise known as not much going on over here

I have been feeling the need to just write things, all week long. The problem is, when I sit down to actually do it, my brain turns to a puddle of useless mush, and I end up squeezing out a few lines in my journal and that's about it. 

Maybe I should be grateful I don't have a lot NEEDING to get out at the moment. I think it means life has slowed down a little bit, which I'm really super thankful for. Anyways. Here's some things:

- Christian is in a dinosaurs class right now. Literally. A DINOSAURS CLASS. Unfortunately they don't just talk about Land Before Time and Jurassic Park, like we totally imagined they would. His professor is actually a bit of a nut job, and the class is a bit of a bumski. But still. It's a university class all about dinosaurs HA!

- Totally had to go to the hospital this week. It was the weirdest day ever. I woke up in so so much pain, mostly because I was majorly cramping. And if you've never done the pregnant thing before, cramping is bad when you're this far along. So I called my doc, they ran some tests, blah blah blah, turns out I have a nasty bladder infection (tmi sry!) and I HAVE TO GO TO LABOR AND DELIVERY BECAUSE THIS WILL LIKELY CAUSE PRETERM LABOR AHHHH. So I did, and after about 3 hours and being hooked up to machines, they told me I was slightly dilated (which probably wasn't good), and they put me on meds, and sent me on my way. It was so exhausting. But baby and I are fine so yay!

- I did an ACV rinse on my hair last night, and I could totally smell it on me all morning at the gym. I'm sure the people around me were like "why does this girl smell like feet and/or salad dressing?"
Sorry guys. Beauty regimens, you know?

- In the past week, I've had Old McDonald and Frere Jacques (or Are you Sleeping. Also yes I had to google that spelling. I lost the spelling bee in 6th grade for a reason...anyways) stuck in my head.
Either I'm MAJORLY preparing for this little babe, or I'm just a weirdo who gets nursery rhymes stuck in her head. It's probably both.

- So moving last week was really really tough for a lot of reasons, but so far it's proving to be a big blessing. First, we don't have to babysit which means our home environment feels 1000 times more peaceful than it has in over a year. Second, we get our weekends back, which we desperatley need with our work load right now. Funny how things like that tend to work out!

- LOVED this blog post and this blog post from the Beauty Mark Girls this week. If you've ever had questions about acne or hair volume, they're you're go-to gals!

- Last weekend we saw Captain Phillips and YOU GUYS. 
It was so so so good. Tom Hanks was awesome, as usual, and it was a total nail-biter from start to finish. I highly recommend it!
Also, listen to this because it's EXACTLY what happened in real life and it's crazy.

- Also last weekend, I was able to meet up with my new gal pals/bosses Summer Bellessa and Brooke White, who were in town for ALT Summit. They are so darling. We talked babies and GWG business, and I'm definitely sold on working with them. Social media makes me crazy sometimes, but I'm super thankful for the role it played in getting me this internship... which I landed through instagram, if you can believe that!

- Elder Oaks was at my work today and I almost herniated in excitement. I'm a total General Authority fangirl, it's kind of bad. Although I conversed with President Samuelson for the SECOND TIME yesterday and I was so composed! So maybe I'm doing better. Actually, remember this? Yeah I think I've actually come a long way.

- Aaaand since it wouldn't be a regular blog post without a pregnancy update, here you go.
25 weeks. Almost into trimester three!
Baby is moving ALL THE TIME these days. I'm a little nervous that we've got a very active boy on our hands ha. Also I'm getting bigger and bigger every day, and it's so strange! My belly is starting to get in the way of things, it's getting me a LOT of stares 
(This is Provo! Don't tell me you've never seen a pregnant girl before.)
 and it's definitely making my wardrobe situation interesting. I can't wait to keep growing these next 3 1/2 months, because hopefully that will mean baby boy is chunking up! 
Also picking a name? It's the hardest business ever. And I kind of don't like when people other than family ask me about it because A. I don't want to be judged for the names we like because Blanket is really cute! (Kidding) 
B. I can't even tell you what we like because the list is like 30 names long. So... yeah. 
I'm feeling pretty good, other than being super sore and tired every day but that's sort of a given and it doesn't really bother me much. I'm just truly thankful we are both healthy, and that I've got a loving husband to help me and deal with my craziness. Christian has been such a fun companion through this pregnancy, and we really have been super blessed through this so far. Hospital visits aside :)

And there you have it. Our life isn't much at the moment, but it's quiet and happy and weird and fun, and that's sort of the way I like it.


awkward and awesome

Thank you Daybook for coming up with the best way possible to describe the last two weeks of our life.
And here we go.

- I'm not going to lie, I've been digging this Enrique song for a while now. It my gym-jam! Har har.
I also have to admit that one of my favorite things to do when I listen to it is pick out the super Latin way he says a lot of his words. It's so so funny.

- Next awkward thing is that basically the rest of these are pregnancy related. Sorry it's all I talk about, it's just the reality of my life. PREGNANCY IS SORT OF AWKWARD SOMETIMES. Soooo really I'm not that sorry ;)

- Sooo the waddle I'm starting to develop. Here's the thing. Everything south of my belly button hurts ALL THE TIME. Like breath-through-the-pain-while-putting-on-my-pants kind of hurts. I'm fine with it... at least I'm not puking! But it makes walking kind of hard, for sure. Hence the glamorous waddle. Speaking of my belly button and walking....

-My belly button IS SO AWKWARD. It's stretched out enough now that it's not quite flat and not quite indented, and it looks so funny. I make Christian examine it with me every day, which is also awkward. Double whammy.

- So walking. I swear I can't go any faster than maaaybe half a mile an hour. It's embarrassing and I feel bad for people who have to trudge along behind me on campus. But I practically need a wheel chair all the time, so everyone will just have to be patient with the slow pregnant lady!

-Pregnant exercise. SO AWKWARD. I've been trying to get to the gym every day, and the more I'm there, the more I just laugh at how ridiculous I look. I think I just have to accept that a pregnant woman lifting weights/using the elliptical/doing zumba/swimming/anything else is never NOT going to look awkward. 

- When the airport lost all our luggage last week, and we got stuck in Atlanta over night and almost had to sleep in the airport, AND we missed the first 3 days of classes. YOLO!

- The fact that we had to move out of our apartment this weekend.
Because our land lady sprung on us that she sold her house last week.
Um...... YEAH.

-  Our awesome habit of playing plants vs. zombies almost every night before we go to bed. Add that to the animal planet show we've been watching every day this week, and you just don't get any cooler than that!

- These pictures of the family dogs:

-My new internship with The Girls With Glasses.
It's packing a punch this semester so far, but I'm having fun!

- Another ultrasound for baby boy this week!
I can't wait to see his little face again!!!! Also, I had a dream about him last night in which we shared a bowl of edamame together 2 days after he way born. Apparently he had teeth that quickly, no big deal. I'm just dying to cuddle him already. An ultrasound will have to do for now!

-This song. Ohhhh JT. Killin it as usual.

- Playing scrabble with Christian for hours on end. Another one of our game obsessions, and I don't mind it one bit. We've also been attending classical concerts on campus together every week, and it's so fun doing different things like that together. Scrabble and concerts, I guess that's all we need. Like the geriatrics we are.

- The most generous friends and family. We had tons of help this weekend with our move, and I've been overwhelmed by gratitude. And when we were in Florida, the sweetest woman in my parent's ward gifted us a ton of baby boy clothes that she wasn't using anymore!
I've been reminded many times over the last few weeks that people are so good.
And on that fine note...


another bumpdate

Oh man you guys. The crap really hit the fan this week. Thankfully Christmas break was amazing, and I'm hanging on to it..... the happy memories, the sunshine, the good food the people we love....
But we hardly made it out of Florida before life was like:
I will update more later, but I'm so mentally and emotionally exhausted by it all that I'm choosing not to think about it today. It's funny, none of it is school related either... for once in our lives. It's always something though, which I'm learning the hard way! Thankfully we've got our little guy to be happy about, which is why I thought it was time for another pregnancy update!

How far along? 22 weeks. Cruising right along!

Weight gain: I weighed myself a few days before we left Florida, and I had finally gained! About 5 pounds! Obviously Christmas break was good to me ha.

Sleep: Thankfully I'm doing pretty good in this department! I've adjusted to side sleeping, which was seriously my biggest worry. Now I just need to figure out how to make myself wake up in the middle of the night to pee and we're good!

Best moment of the week: While watching White Collar in bed last night, little man was seriously flipping out. Christian was able to put his hand on my belly and feel him move more than he ever has before. It was really awesome. 

Weird pregnancy moment: All the crazy aches and pains. I swear I wake up with a new one every day, and each time I'm like "how is there a muscle there?!"
Also, we had to sprint through the airport earlier this week, and I think I pulled every imaginable muscle in my abdomen, groin (TMI?!), and legs in a matter of 5 minutes. I'm serious, I was in so much pain all week long. Who knew that could wreck you so bad?! This sciatica thing is weird too. Pregnancy does some crazy ish to your body, that's for sure.

Movement: I'm feeling him move all day, every day. I can actually see my belly moving as I type ha. It's really simple, but I'm amazed at the connection I feel to him through his movements. I can't wait to hold his wiggly little body for real!

Cravings: The cravings have abated a bit, but one things that's tasted AMAZING to me this week is vegetables (specifically avocados). I never thought I'd be able to stomach veggies again after the first trimester, but I can't get enough of them right now. I'm not complaining! I'm also loving orange juice/citrus (nothing new), and chocolate milk.

Anything making you queasy? NO!!!! I'm so thrilled about it! The only times I ever start feeling even close to queasy is when I don't eat enough, which happens fairly often, but it's manageable. I'm beyond grateful that the last few weeks have been kind to me, and I'm hoping I've got more to come. I have an unreal amount of energy right now, and my mental and emotional state feels better than ever. It's a HUGE contrast to how the first 4 1/2 months went and I'm SO thankful.

Gender? A sweet little boy! We've got some good names picked out so far, and I can't wait until we actually settle on one (which probably won't happen until the delivery, but you never know!). Also don't bother asking, because we aren't spilling the beans to anyone but our families! Surprises are way more fun!

What I'm looking forward to: Surprisingly, I'm looking forward to getting bigger! I already feel pretty largeandincharge, but I guess I associate getting bigger with getting closer to the due date which I'm obviously thrilled about. I'm also looking forward to working with my wardrobe now that things are fitting differently. It's a bit of a challenge, but I've got a great stash of maternity clothes (THANK YOU MOM!!) which helps a ton, and it's sort of fun "dressing the bump". Basically pregnancy is great right now. I'm feeling thankful and blessed to be out of the nightmare that was the first trimester, and really enjoying things now. Hopefully we are smooth sailing from here!

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