I feel like I wake up with a song stuck in my head on a daily basis.
It usually goes something like this.
About a half hour before I actually wake up, the song starts appearing randomly in my dreams. The chorus will play a few lines, then maybe the bridge, sometimes even a verse or two.
Then before I know it, I am waking up with the lyrics and melody blasting through every corner of my sleepy brain.
It's a very confusing and disorienting thing to have happen right as you are dragging yourself out of your previously sleepy state. 
Yesterday, the song was T-Swift's "Haunted". 
This morning was Rihannas "Only Girl" (I don't even like that song!).
There was a time during fall semester when it was a different Journey song for like, a week straight. The best day was when "Separate Ways" was the song, natch. 
I mean, if I'm going to wake up with something stuck in my head, I really wish it would be something cool aka made me want to get out of bed. At least more than Rihanna.
(Jet's "Are You Gonna Be My Girl", a la The Holiday anyone?? Good thing I just watched that movie yesterday so I could get some inspiration!)

So basically music is taking over my life, more than usual this week.


No but srsly, I went to the Bruno Mars concert last night,
John Schmidt tonight,
and Noah and the Whale on Thursday.
My heart is already bursting from happiness.
Bliss-induced seizure, I am coming for you.

p.s. How good am I at overhaulin' el blog these days?! 
This is the 5th time in like, a week.
Go ahead. 
Round of applause for the girl with o.b.d. 
(obsessive blog disorder hello)


it's pikchur time

Hey friends. So basically I never do this.
But here you go. 
A photo recap of last semester slash this past month of summer fun and play time... in the park....
(Garth and Kat anyone??)
 This is why Nicole is my best friend. She makes basketball game line-waiting SO fun. You should see the ten other pictures I have just like this. Also you should know... our poster for this game said  
"Nobody puts Jimmer in the corner"
 Friends who love basketball! Also, cool orange hair, self.
 Oh hey Jimmer.
Probably we won this game. Also practiced our cool flashmob dance. 
 Overjoyed to be at the Arcade Fire concert. 
Also, apparently excitement induces premature balding on my part?
Don't worry about it, I'm just a cool hairless farmer.
 Double whammy bridal shower, ice cream sunday style.
 Winter semester roommates. And Claire-bear is all married now!
Current roomie love. A little too much of it. Sam and Jenny are very obviously content, so no worries.

Well there you go. I'm lame and those are literally the only pictures I have of life since December. 
Sorry guys, I will totz try sooooooo muuuuch harder to be a better bloggeerrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!
please tell me you could sense the sarcasm.... please.....


letters and stuff

Dear brothers,
Can you please stop being so handsome and adorable?! It would make these next two weeks a lot more bearable if I didn't miss you both so much.
Dear bank account,
Didn't you get my memo? I have like, A LOT of really great things I want to do this summer. So I would really appreciate it if you would stay at a nice, high balance. It's not that much to ask.

Dear sunshine,

Dear Marcus Mumford,
One of these days, you are going to give me a happiness-induced bliss-seizure. I'm so serious. One man should not be allowed to be as attractive and talented as you are. It can't be healthy. Also, can you hurry up and put out a new album and go on tour again already? 
Dear white skirt,
I mean, I know you would probably look better with a pair of super tan legs. But let's be real, Utah just isn't letting that happen right now. Regardless, I'm still glad I wore you today. It feels appropriate with this nice weather (which I haven't really experienced yet today because I'm cooped up inside. But don't even worry about it)

Dear Noah & the Whale Pandora station,
You are officially my favorite thing in the world right now. Honestly, every song you give me makes me heart burst with happiness. Keep it up.

Dear Nicole,
All I want to do is eat yogurtland or golden spoon with you and talk wedding plans. And then listen to all our favorite songs. And laugh over all our favorite inside jokes. I miss you
Dear foodgawker.com,
It doesn't help that I have the appetite of a horse these days, but you make that ten times worse. Have no fear though, I could never quite you. My favorite find today? 
Sri Lankan Black Shrimp Curry. Kill me. 

Dear Body Pump,
I hope you are ready to be PWNED tonight. (I may or may not cry during the process, but it's whatevs)

Dear Wednesday,
Thanks for being rad.


they say it's your birthday

Before I explain, I have to tell a story about that song.
So I had this roommate when I lived up in Idaho named Sharon.
One of the funniest and bestest friends ever.
Anyways, one day it was her birthday. And we decided it would be a really great idea to surprise her.
So all my roommates and I decorated the apartment while she was in class, and then hid in preparation for her return. I hid by our radio with my ipod plugged in, waiting for the moment she walked in the door so I could BLAST the Beatles birthday song.
Well then she walked in. 
And we did it. 
And there was so much noise all of the sudden that it scared her half to death. 
You probably had to be there, but its whatevs.

Anyways, so basically I started this blog a year ago, to the date.

Also, even though it's rainy today.... AGAIN.... I have a sweet playlist to keep me company. 
Want a sample?

I mean, there's nothing like a good Mae and Death Cab song to make the day better.

Finally, wanna hear about my weekend?
Well. The gang (consisting of Abbers, Jburk, Sam Bam, Brit and Kaylie Anne... also two boys. Why not more, you ask? Well don't. Ask, I mean).
Anyways, we went to a show out in Pleasant Grove, and it was honestly one of my favorites to date. We saw the Whits (who will be opening at Stadium of Fire) and Ryan Innes, who I have officially decided I am going to marry. He absolutely smote me with his blusey funky poppy sound, SRSLY. I don't know what it is about that kind of music, but it gets me right here *points to whole body*

Then on Saturday, my dear ex-roommate Claire Bear got married yeeeeee!
Forgive me, this is the only picture I have. I am so lame and forgot my camera.
Simply adore them :)
Also, cool face Steven.
Then Saturday night, we had a bonfire of probably the most epic proportions. EVER.
Seriously I bet there were near 40 people at one point. Pretty ridic. And totally not planned for, but hey.
Unfortunately I didn't shower afterwards, so my pillow still smells like smoke from my awesome hair.
Also I'm pretty sure we were all bit by the outdoors bug because we are currently planning a camping trip for next weekend. I don't think I've been this excited about something since like....... 
my fourth Josh Groban concert or something! 
That's a huge deal! 

So basically, life is just as busy and awesome as usual. Stay tuned, good things are in the works.


happy weekend, let's hope this weather gets better

For serious, I am so tired of this incessant rain an lack of sun
People of Oregon and Washington, how the freak do you do it? I am so depressed. Really, I have GOT to stop letting the weather dictate my moods. I guess that's just what happens when you walk outside at 5 in the morning and it's pouring. Again.
Yeah, that just happened.
(5 hours ago.....)
Anyways I'm so over it. On to bigger and better things.

Also I just have to say sorry about being semi dramatic yesterday and possibly seeming like I was looking to be felt sorry for. I absolutely wasn't. 
I was in a rather pleasant mood all day actually.
I don't know why I felt inspired to share all of that. I hope no one was too offended by my melodrama.
And now. Since it's that time, I give you....

(a blogging standard I have seen many a time and forgotten about until now. so here goes)
Seeing- The stunning view of the mountains. Despite my griping about the rain, it has made them so clear and green and foggy and MAGICAL looking. Love it.
Tasting- Or rather anticipating the taste of Cafe Rio or Zupas later. Ohhh the Provo food scene. It never gets old!
Listening- to Byther Smith and Stevie Ray Vaughn on the Black Keys pandora. Can someone just send me back in time to 60's Chicago so I can hang out in a blues club PLEASE?!
Also how much do you adore Haley Reinhart from A.I.? I'm so sad she's gone, man that girl can sing!

Smelling- my fav Marc Jacobs Daisy lotion. Sadly though, I think it's time to retire that scent for a while. It's been 3 great years, but I need a change. I'm thinking another Marc scent.... Eau So Fresh possibly? Either that or Dolce and Gabanna Light Blue. Either way, I will probs just be fighting off men right and left. 
Feeling- Sore and tired, but happy. I love when I go a long time without working out, because finally visiting the gym again is so intoxicating. Ok false, I DON'T love when I go a long time without working out. But you get it. 

Anyways. Happy Friday peeps


Today, I want to tell a story.

And I'm just going to apologize in advance if it seems a little too serious or random, because I know I don't do things like this very often.
I just feel like it's necessary today.

Rewind to January, beginning of winter semester.
I had just started the prereqs for the business school, and I loved them.
I was dating a great guy, and I loved him too.
Fast forward a month later, and my world was in upheaval.
I had broken up with said boyfriend.
My classes had taken a horrible turn for THE WORST.
Work was time consuming. Time that I didn't have.
My grades were suffering.
My family members were struggling. And I was broken hearted that I couldn't be with them. 
I was drowning, in every sense.
I would wake up every day depressed and wondering how I was going to simply make it. 
Not even be successful.
Just make it.  
You know how sometimes when you are playing at the beach and you sucked under by a huge wave? Sometimes the only thing you can think about, as you swallow a ton of  sea water and lose your bearings, is just hang on and make it to the surface. Just keep your eyes closed, hold your breath, and envision the sun above the surface.
That's what it was like. Daily.
I won't go into any more depressing and melodramatic details,
just know that they were honestly some of the most difficult months in my life.
Now I want to talk about music. 
I think I have made it painfully clear that I am obsessed, addicted to, in love, and infatuated with it. 
It has been my saving grace my whole life, simply keeping me sane through difficult, angry, sad, and even happy times.
Last semester was no exception.
In fact, last semester was probably the biggest example of music's power in my life to date. 
One Sunday while preparing a Sunday School lesson, I came across these videos.
Just watch.

 These songs changed my life.   
And do you want to know why? 
Because through this incredible power of music is borne an undeniable testimony of the love of Christ. Of the power of His atonement. And of his unfailing willingness to lift us up when we can no longer lift ourselves.
Burdens I felt like I couldn't bear suddenly became lighter.
My sadness and depression disappated.
Instead of trudging through each day, I started to feel like I could actually make it through each day, and successfully too. 
And this was all made possible through the power of music and the testimony of a loving Savior. 

Life is never easy. And it never will be.
Certainly difficult times will come again, as they always seem to do.
But we can take tremendous comfort in the fact that there will ALWAYS be these consistencies in a world full of inconsistencies.


hippity hoppity happity friday

Sounds like an easter title huh? Like referencing rabbits, in an incredibly juvenile way?
Well it's totz not. I'm just being a goober. What's new.

So here is the deal.
 I am so pumped about this weekend, it's not even funny.
The great thing about NOT being in school is this: 
5pm hits on Friday afternoon, and guess what happens next.

And for some reason this week, I was bit by the "letsbesosocialahhhhh" bug, which is why I planned a huge game of mission impossible for tonight, a day at the park tomorrow followed by an evening of bonfiring. Don't even be jealous, it probably will be zero percent fun. *sense the sarcasm*
Any ways, things are pretty cool right now. I am really loving my latest crop of roommates and our newest apartment addition aka pseudo roommate Abby Delawder. 
I am a little sad I'm not home, mostly because it just feels weird and I miss my family a TON lately, not to mention my pigheadedyetstilladorable bulldog. But that's ok. 
I get to see them in a month. Until then, I will just enjoy this picture I found in my email today. 
Don't mind my beach hair, absurdly orange dress and face (wtf???). Just my handsome brothers and their matching pink ties. Agh, kill me with cuteness. SRSLY.

Also, I heard these hilarious-isms today: 
"The shinbone is a device for finding furniture in a dark room."
TOO TRUE. And painful.

"Before you insult a man, walk a mile in his shoes. That way, when you insult him, you'll be a mile away, and have his shoes."
Feliz navi-friday.


rainy day and cold weather gotcha down?

Yeah. Me too.
Here's my perscription.

Feeling better already :)


dusk and summer

Shout out to my boy Chris Carrabba, whose music got me through high school (emo much?).


Here is my deal lately. 
I cannot get enough of this Blues-ey, southern style rock-n-roll.
A la this song, BB King, John Lee Hooker, etc. etc.
And basically every other song written by the Black Keys
There is just something magical about that raw, distorted guitar that gets me right here  
*points to heart*
Picture this:
-A day at the lake or a walk down some random river bank with your friends
-Tire swings
-Vegging at the park
-Bike rides
-Bare feet on hot pavement
-The 4th of July
-Driving with the windows down

Has your heart exploded with joy yet? Yes?
That's what I thought.
I'm so happy summer is almost here :)

Also I have officially decided that as much as I loved my old roommates, I really really love having 3 SINGLE roommates. Like girl time? Totally uninhibited by men! Whodathunk? I didn't realize how much I have missed that. I am greatly looking forward to the rest of the summer and partying with my girls all the time.

Finally, I have been thinking a lot lately about the books I read as a child.
And I have the best memories with them, for serious.
Some favorites that keep coming to mind are Sammy Keys, The Little House on the Prarie series, Ginger Pye, Mary Poppins, The Princess Diaries, The Egypt Game, The Legend of Jimmy Spoon, Dear America series, Ella Enchanted, and of course Harry Potter.
Also, how funny is it that my 6th grade teacher made me read 20000 Leagues Under the Sea?
I feel like he thought I was way more capable than I really was, because I definitely gave up on that book. At least SOMEONE believed I could do it, right?!

UPDATE: whilst stumbling today, this is the website it took me to. I couldn't have been happier. Thanks for being so good to me stumbleupon. You know me too well.



This video is making my heart feel almost as sunny as it is outside.

And how undeniably adorable is Marcus?
In every sense!

Is it horrible of me to order a 6 dollar bottle of salsa online? 
You can't get it anywhere but Arizona, and I am getting desperate.
I mean really, feel free to send me some. 


an ode of sorts

I have such exciting news. And seeing as how this girl doesn't have a blog of her own (BOO), I am taking it upon myself to make the following announcement to the blogosphere....


I still can't get over it.

I have done this before, buuuuut.... 
here's a little history, just so you can understand what a huge deal this is:

- Nicole and I have known each other since we were babes, a mere 10 years old to be exact.
- We were in the same 6th grade class (shout out to Mr. Davidson, aka the bestest teacher EVER)
- We endured the painful experience that was middle school together

- Participated in the ridiculous "Murder's in the Heir" dinner theatre together
- Spent countless hours reading Harry Potter, going to swim team, making cool pioneer movies and watching Lizzie McGuire

- Survived my move across the country, through which we still visited one another and kept in touch

- Were reunited for our senior year of high school, through which we listened to the hairspray soundtrack WAY too many times, visited Golden Spoon on a weekly basis, partied hard Christmas break of 2007, went to many a concert ("hey would you guys like a ride?", "AWESOME"), loved Best Buddies (cooooOOOOoool), swing danced our hearts out, watched Felicity, graduated, Lake Powell-a-palooza, and then prepared for our trek up to BYU.

- Queue freshman year, in which we roomed together, went on ridiculous bike rides, ate way too much cheese cake in the Cannon Center, suffered through Parker's Book of Mormon class, attacked our unsuspecting friend Kaylie Anne on a daily basis, were the best grandmas you ever did see, yelled at innocent bystanders from our dorm window (marshbeef forever), played tons of catch phrase (WORLD CHAMPS), loved Morgan Freeman, and stayed up really really late every Thursday night for some reason.

- Said goodbye again as I journeyed north for a semester at BYU-Idaho, during which we visited naturally (Wendys on a SUNDAY?!), and prepared for yet another reunion as I decided to return to Provo.

- Said goodbye AGAIN as she trekked across the globe for an incredible trip to Africa, and anxiously awaited the time we could party in Provo together once more

- Finally make it back to our little college town and begin fall semester, through which we may or may not have gone to J-Dawgs ten times during the semester, loved our boy Dave at our final Mae concert, stalked wedding websites (oh the irony), watched LOST, survived multiple heartbreaks, spent hours driving around Provo and up by the temple listening to "I Just Needed You to Know", pretended like we were going to take a Family Finance class together, went to basketball games, and finally ending the semester by saying goodbye one more time as she prepared to go home for the summer to be with her boo (and now finance!), 
Mr. Stewart Adair.

And now here we are.
Looking back on all of that, I can honestly say that I have never been so grateful for a friend.
She is my soul sister.
My partner in crime.
My bffaeaeaeaeae for realz.
And on top of all that, she is gorgeous, incredibly intelligent, motivated, hard working, athletic, a great sister, outofthisworld hilarious, has impeccable fashion sense, is a great listener, and basically one of the coolest and most amazing people you will ever meet.
And after all the years we have spent talking about getting married, it's finally here!
Stewart, you got yourself a good woman.
Viva marriage! I am so happy for you guys!


Confessions. And no, this isn't an Usher song.

Want to know something absurd? 
Also something I am pretty proud of?
I just finished my third year of college, and had never played ultimate frisbee.


Yeah, pick your jaw up off the floor, it's true. It was sort of my personal goal freshman year to avoid getting sucked into the ever-popular, especially in the LDS culture, sport. 


Last night I broke my streak, 
and joined the ranks of players of ultimate.
And let me just tell you.
I loved it.
I probably sucked a whole lot more than I realized, but I don't even care.
I have this thing where I get super into a sport 
(all through high school, it was capture the flag. LIE. it's still capture the flag. I am in love with that game.)
And I just run around like a loon, trying my darndest to be intense, but usually failing.
I'm sure it's pretty entertaining. But I don't care, I just love running around like said loon. 
And with summer so graciously peeking its head around the corner, I have a feeling I am going to be doing a lot of that over the next 4 months.


Also, it feels incredibly weird that I am not home for the summer.
Especially that I am not home working at my beloved car dealership.
Basking in the glory of the early morning sun.
Driving 30 minutes on the 202, both ways, every day.
Sweating my brains out as I walk from the employee parking lot.
Drinking way too much free Diet Coke from the cafe.
Going to Baja Fresh and Last Chance with dear Tiff on my lunch break.
Socializing with way too many car salesmen.
That's been my life the last 4 summers.
It's bittersweet to kiss it goodbye.
How cool and retro right?!

And finally, as if I needed something to propel my Harry Potter obsession 
(I may or may not have read books 3, 4, 5, and 6 eight times. NBD)
I am dying. This makes me want to start the entire series over and read from the beginning. Just as an excuse to use this. Ridiculous? Yes. Awesome? MORE YES. 

Anyways, it's a beautiful day. And I'm off to enjoy it.
Peace up, atown down.

(oh hey Usher)


wanna know what i did last night?

I may or may not have watched movies and a LOST episode.
With my dear friends.
For 5 straight hours.

I feel like I need to learn about this thing called "moderation".
It should go something like this:
"Brooke, just because you didn't have a tv for the last 8 months doesn't mean you should all the sudden waste all of your time in front of it. Even though it has a lot more appeal than you ever realized"

Secretly though, I don't feel bad at all. Everyone needs to indulge sometimes right?!

So basically here is what's going on:

- I drove back from Arizona on Saturday. Honestly, I love that drive. Especially when you go the back way through Payson. My sweet desert state is so BEAUTIFUL this time of year!

- I bought the new-ish Cake album while I was home. And listened to it 4 times on the drive. Yeah, it's that good

- So naturally, mom and I watched the Royal Wedding pretty much all day Friday. PROBLEM: It has sent me into an "iloveweddingsandallthingsromantic" frenzy. Basically I'm just really ready to date someone right now. You should be proud of me. Given my prior semester, that's kind of a big deal. Also, I stumbledupon this quote yesterday.

Mamihlapinatapai: A look shared by two people with each wishing that the other will initiate something that both desire but which neither one wants to start.”
How sweet. And semi appropriate.

- Yesterday was the first day of church with the newcomers, basically everyone staying for Spring and Summer term. It's hilarious to watch people frantically socialize aka mark their territory in hopes of finding a mate. Sometimes I feel like I live on the African savanna instead of an apartment complex. Noises included.
- So I got in a little bit of a car accident while I was home (don't even worry, it wasn't that big of a deal actually), and it postponed my return to Provo by about 4 days. How precious is it that my brothers kept saying 
"I wish you had wrecked your car even more so you could stay even longer"
I am so in love with them, it kills me.
- I just checked the 10 day forecast for Provo and GUESS WHAT. It's supposed to be up to 75 on Thursday. Guess who will be spending the entire evening outside? (hint: it's me)
- Finally, this song is really nice. And appropriate feeling for some reason. 

That's all.

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