someone has a serious case of the nostalgias

And it's ME!
Surprise surprise.
So last night, I was feeling indulgent, and therefore spent about 3 hours looking through old pictures. That's when I came across these 2 beauties.
it's about this time of year that my skin is all "OH TO BE TAN AGAIN!"
I'm with you, skin. 

Then there is this:
aren't we all so precious?!
when Mckay saw this, he goes:
"Wow dad's hair isn't gray! And why am I so Asian?"
HAHAHA my sentiments exactly, dear brother.
I think we all know who the greatestfamilyoftheday award goes to!



I am pretty sure I saw that show once, and I thought it was retarded
Good thing I am smarter than average, and am therefore not referencing said retarded show, but rather the newish blog outfit.

(Is it just me? Or has the blogging world sort of deemed it necessary to acknowledge anytime something changes with the look of your blog? I mean, if I didn't, who knows what all my loyal followers would do?! Probably have a stress-induced "ohemgeewhydoesbrooke'sbloglookdifferentdoessheevenknow" seizure.)


Anyways, I was getting really bored with the look (aka my "french flea market" template from shabby blogs. totz the cutes layouts, lolz!), so I did some housekeeping and changed the background, along with the addition of some pikchurs. Mostly for my viewing pleasure because I love the people in my life. 

Why did I decide this would be a good idea at 11pm?
While I am laying in bed with a very good book I could have otherwise been reading?
While I still have all my makeup on, and oh by the way it is now 12:24 am?
And I am significantly tired?

No tengo ni idea.
But I don't really need to defend myself, because it's Christmas break jigga, and I do what I want.


postcards from not-so-far away

I learned how to play that song on the piano today. NBD, I am basically a prodigy.
So it's interesting being home.
Mostly because every time I walk through my front door, it feels like I never left. I consider that one of lifes greatest blessings, knowing how constant home will always be. And how comforting it is. My mom has Christmas-decorated to the nines. It is a holiday wonderland! She is so good at those kinds of things. I am glad I have rubbed shoulders with her my whole life, because it means there is hope for my future home aka it will most likely be cute. I hope.
She also remembered my intolerance to lactose-y things, and so kindly bought me rice milk! Even I don't buy MYSELF rice milk! How is she so wonderful?
My brothers also wont stop hugging me. It's 4% annoying in a really precious/bringstearstomyeyes kind of way. Maggie the bulldog thinks it's a good idea to maul me every time she sees me too. That's a hairy 55lb tank that I am, for once, happy to have climbing all over me.
And let's not forget my sweet dad, who has taken it upon himself to remove all the stress-knots from my back. He is so great. Note to self: that should probably be a requirement for the future hubs...
Another great thing about being home is actually having food in the fridge. It still blows my mind! Like I am pretty sure there is about 2lbs of stuffing in there right now. I get excited just thinking about it!
Also, on Tuesday I get to see one of my dear friends who just got home from his mission. It's going to be a fun-filled laughter-loaded spanglishy reunion, I can already tell.
I am so thankful for my friends.
Finally, I have been listening to Coldplay almost nonstop for the last 2 weeks and let me just tell you. They are quickly achieving a Mae-like status in my book. THAT'S HUGE, so congrats Chris Martin. It's too bad you are married. Gwyneth is the luckiest.

So basically Christmas break is already looking bright. It really is a wonderful life!


a foggy day. in provo town.

That was a lie. It is 0% foggy, and will be a surprisingly beautiful day today! 51 degrees on December 13?! Chess please! 
(Also on a slightly unrelated but a little related note... It will be 74 degrees when I go home this weekend. ILOVEARIZONA)
Right. Let's get down to business.

1. So finals officially (I say "officially" because I have unofficially been taking finals for the last 2ish weeks. go figure.) started today. I feel like I should be mad about this, because that seems to be the trend with every one else, but wanna know a secret? I kind of like finals week. All you have to do is study and take tests! With no classes, and only a few hours of work each day, things feel pretty chill. I mean yeah, I am still stressing about all my exams, but I don't think finals week is nearly as bad as we all like to make it sound sometimes. Just sayin.

2. I epitomize the typical college student right now. Let me paint this picture. I have been sick for the last month. But does that motivate me to go to bed before midnight? Nope. Do I still go run 3 miles in 30 degree weather, only worsening my awesome cough? Yep. Do I ever clean my room anymore? Nope. Do I stay out far too late on the weekends? Yep. Do I literally only have eggs, cereal, oatmeal, and protein shake to eat for the next week? Yep. Let's just say Christmas break is going to be SO good for me ha.

3. Remember how I said that I don't ever go to bed early any more? Well I also have started this awesome new habit of not taking my mascara off at night (mostly due to the fact that I ran out of makeup remover... and I don't have the time to go get any...). You know how magazines always say this is REALLY bad for your eyes, and can even cause infection? Yeah well, just call me the number one witness of that because it's 100% true. On top of being sleep deprived, my eyes are also shriveling up and falling out of my head because of the constant attack from mascara monster. BOO.
this is how my eyes feel right now. 

4. I have been thinking a lot about next semester. Part of me is really excited. Let's say about 45%. The other 55% is terrified. I am taking econ, hopefully spanish 206, math 110, and 2 I-SYS classes. If I can't get in to the Spanish class I need/want, I will take Biology and Living Prophets. Either way, things are going to be crazy. On the upside, I will be in econ with dearest Kimber, and Spanish with my good friends Dean and Sydney, so at least I will have others to enjoy the pain with me.

5. Once upon a time, I had two great pairs of headphones. And I couldn't find EITHER one of them this morning. I was a little peeved.
I am still peeved.

6. I watched the extended LOTR Fellowship AND Two Towers this weekend. Needless to say, my brain is teeming with all things Middle Earth-ish. I love those movies so much. And great news... Return of the King will take up the entirety of my Wednesday night yay!

7. Friday night we had our ward Christmas party, and my roommates were so dear and asked me to help pretty them up a bit. I LOVE PRETTYING UP. I still think I was destined to go to beauty school. Also, be rich enough to spend all my money on lots of really great makeup. Just sayin.
8. On Saturday morning, my roomie Claire bear and I will begin our epic trek south. I have never been more excited for a road trip in my whole life. I am so lucky to have such a rad, gorgeous, funny, amazing roommate who shares my taste in music and all other cool things. SO lucky. Also I am so lucky that my parents are allowing me to bring all my dirties (aka my dirty laundry. I guess there wasn't really a point to shortening that, seeing as how I decided to verbosely explain myself after the fact of the matter.) home so I don't have to spend $3 doing it here. I am ready to have clean clothes again!

9. So I just looked back and read through this list. And it makes me sound a LOT grosser than I really am. Like I swear my apartment and room aren't a mess all the time. And I really do try to take care of myself and wash my face, and wear clean clothes. SWEAR.

10. The headband that I am wearing is squeezing my brain out my ears, and it hurts. And now I have a huge headache.
And that's all.



Today is sentimental. Today is stressful. Today is lovely. Today is overwhelming. Today is, well... flipping GREAT.

This time of year is always bittersweet, for a plethora of reasons. First, the semester is ending. Which mostly makes me terribly excited because I am a little sick of my classes and I am soooo excited to go home. But at the same time, I am slightly depressed because I will miss all my dear friends terribly! The Lord has blessed my life with some amazing people this semester, and it's so sad to say goodbye. Especially to my wonderful Spanish class. As much as I have complained about the ordeal, I have actually really enjoyed it. I think the people made all the difference, and for that I am so thankful! I also really loved my media writing lab. We only met once a week, but I made some fun friends in there... plus my TA was SO tight. I kind of wish we could be best friends actually. And it was such a blessing to have a fun class and TA because we met at 8AM every friday morning GAAAAG.

Finally, as I am reflecting on this wonderful semester, I just have to say this: BYU is probably the most amazing place in the world. Not only have I been enlightened through my classes, but I have continued to learn about myself, others, the gospel, and just life in general. More than I could possibly comprehend upon my return here in August. I am so lucky to be able to attend such a marvelous university, it has changed my life so much!

In other news:
Even though it's Wednesday and I am sooooo late, I just have to say that last weekend was really fun. I watched How to Train Your Dragon again (I AM STILL IN LOVE) and made paper snowflakes with some great company, worked on my advertising project for endless hours, experienced the best Mexican food in Provo (Diegos. GO as soon as possible, and eat the rice like your life depends on it!), went to Divine Comedy, and attended the Christmas devotional in SLC. On a slightly unrelated note but still somewhat referencing what I was just talking about.... *BREATH*..... I have a new life goal.


I am so serious, I think I would be a great addition. And as conceited as this may make me sound, I really think it's true. Toot toot.

Also, I am going ice skating tomorrow night and I am kind of nervous about it. "Why are you nervous Brooke, oh conqueror of the winter sports?" (sense the sarcasm. The only winter sport I have ever attempted is ice skating. FAIL.) Well, I am nervous because the last time I went did not go so well. Granted, this time I will have a buddy to hold my hand, but STILL. I hate myself when I ice skate. And my knees hate me too.
Finally, since I have yet to talk about music in this post and HOW UNLIKE ME IS THAT?! Anyways... Chris Martin, has been singing to my soul today. Freak, I love Coldplay. The song's "Lovers in Japan" and "Warning Sign" especially. And even though they make me feel a little lonely and nostalgic, they are also strangely comforting. And they make me think of July, which is a beautiful thing if I do say so myself :)

So there you have it. It's a sentimental, stressful, lovely, overwhelming kind of day. But I am alright with that.

oh and p freaking s. endoftheyearblues gotcha down?


a funny story from my ever-so-cool life

So I just remembered this yesterday... so I didn't really JUST remember this but hey.... and I thought it would be a good idea to share. First, because it's humiliating and still makes me sick to think about. Second, regardless of the aforementioned sick feeling, it really makes me laugh more than anything.
So this one time...
  my friends Shawntae, Kara and I decided it would be so fun to go to a young single adult bowling activity.
Can you say fire hazard/way too many sweaty 20 somethings/not enough room to BREATH/huge waste of time? Yeah, I can too.
So anyways, I was being 100% serious about the fire hazard. We got kicked out of the building, and had to rotate how many people were inside at a time. NBD, I was suffering from a heat-induced heart attack anyways. So there we were, waiting innocently when we saw 3 moderately attractive young men (we'll call them tallblonde, darkandhandsome and jose), looking rather lonely, just sitting outside as well. 
And fancy this, they kept looking our direction!
So then Brooke get's this great idea, that went something like this:
"HEY! Those three guys over there TOTAAALLLLYYYYY keep looking in our direction! Maybe we should be all bold, grow some kahunas and go over there and TALK to them?! OH EM GEE we could have like, THE FUNNEST night of all time!"
It took a little more convincing to get my friends on board, but after much prodding, they agreed.

PAUSE: In a situation like this, why am I always the one who has to do all the talking?? Like this one time, a creepy pseudo rapper/semi retarded serial killer thought it would be cool to talk to Nicole and I at Jdawgs for no reason. She went mute, and I was left to fend for us. I mean I know I am such the great talker, but I don't understand why my compadres always leave me hanging in situations like this. That being said...

We went over there and after a good 3 minutes of rambling small talk (done by yours truly, natch), tallblonde stood up and wrapped my friend Kara in this ginormous and incredibly awkward bear hug. And then darkandhandsome and jose, who were steadily looking less and less attractive, started telling us how tallblonde and Kara should get married because they would make beautiful babies and blah blah blah.
THEN they started telling us how they go to the U (gag) and how they were there in Arizona selling pest control and they have a really great condo in Scottsdale all other douchey things about their lives.
By this point, my brain is all:

"Hey IDIOT! Look what you got yourselves into! They are probably wearing ed hardy undershirts, and they most likely rocked out to Nickelback on their way here."

Touche brain, you are probably right.
Anyways, after about a half hour of painfully douchey conversation, we finally slinked out of there without getting roped in to going to Filibertos with them.

Needless to say, I don't do things like that anymore.


they're heeerrrreeeee.....

Not a poltergeist reference, but rather a reference to...


They are here!
Technically I guess they have been here since about Halloween... but when the sky starts dumping snow on my little town of Provo, and it's appropriate to play Christmas music, and Thanksgiving has come and gone, and school is over in just 2 measly weeks.... 
THAT'S when it really feels like the holidays have hit. 
And they make me a lot happy. So in light of said happiness..
a happy list :)

1. Martha Stewart's website. I mean, chello! Great recipes, adorable decor, and a whole lot of fun party ideas. My online heaven, srsly.
proof of how GREAT Martha makes things.

2. Brian Stokes Mitchell. I have always loved his voice, but it has had me under a spell the last few days. Plus, he is adorable. SEE?!

3. Temple square lights. I haven't seen them yet this year, but the thought alone has me slightly giddy :)
4. Knowing that my mom has pulled out all our Christmas decorations, and that I am only 3 weeks away from seeing them!
5. The fact that I finally got to take my spanish final. Now I just get to conquer the benchmark exam this weekend! buhhhhh....
6. Spending an evening in the library. Since I usually study at home or in the Hinckley building this semester, the times that I do go to the library are extra fun. And as sarcastic as that sounded, I swear it's true. I feel so bonded with the other studious people... like we are all in our own little lonely, learning-infused world, exhausting our brains for hours and hours together. I especially love coming out and seeing the Christmas lights before walking home. It warms my heart enough that the frigid walk isn't so terrible  
7. Gloves. Holy cow, I appreciate those babies.
8. The jazzy Christmas Pandora station. For example, a cd called Suave Navidad came on today while I was at work. It made me laugh, also really happy. So did all the Frank Sinatra songs. Good ol' blue eyes!
9. My dear missionary friends. As my girl Celine would say, I LURV THEM.
10. Technology. Tomorrow night, I get to video chat with 3 of my bestest-estest friends, all thanks to the glorious electronic world! It blows my mind.
11. People who love Mae. I met another loyalist yesterday... who just happens to share my name, and also just happens to be one of my amazing visiting teachers. I LOVE HER.
a picture of my boy Dave, simply because I heart him

12. Cough drops. They keep my hacking at bay. NAST.

Well there you have it. 
Happy Christmas, Harry!


viva la sunday

I have watched this probably tens times today.
I may or may not be obsessed.


hey it's me again. just wanted to say hello before i close the doors on life forever. or maybe just the next 2 weeks.

I've outdone myself. 
Longest blog post title ever much?

GUYS. I am so serious about life right now.
Like I am wearing my fingerless gloves while typing this, I am so serious.

Why so serious? 
oh wait, am I the joker?
Because I am 99% frustrated with life right now.

But before I divulge, let me tell you about the last few days, because they have been nothing short of FANTASTICAL. 
First, I got to see my dear family. Which naturally makes for the best time ever. Second, I spent Thanksgiving with some great friends, extended family, along with my own immediate family. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. Third, I watched Harry Potter for the second time two nights ago and WOOOOWWWW. 

Ok I must admit that the first time I saw it, I came away from it a little disappointed. I think the best word for it would just be that I was bored. I was REEAAALY bored. And yeah yeah it was probably due to the fact that I was running on no sleep and I was getting sick. BUT I DON'T CARE I LOVE HARRY POTTER.
sorry for kidnapping these, kimber. smooches.


Anyways, let me just say that seeing it a second time was a GREAT choice on my part. Firstly, I was actually competent. Second, I SAW IT IN AN IMAX THEATRE. My life may or may not be a little better because of the experience. 

The final few things that cap off my great weekend are as follows: 
- I got an incredible new bag. I mean, this thing is GORGE. You know how some things just speak to you in the store? Yeah well this baby got me. I can't wait for Christmas when I can actually use it! Also I found a pair of pink flats that were in cahoots with the bag... in other words, they spoke to me too.
So I buyed them.
Yes that's a word.
Finally, I saw How to Train Your Dragon for the first time tonight, and I AM IN LOVE. I mean really?! Cutest movie ever! I was so happy after I was finished watching it!

Right. So now that I have been uber positive about everything amazing in my life, I am going to cry my eyes out for a minute. Firstly: School sucks. SUCKS. SUCKS. SUCKS. I may or may not have a Spanish final to take on Monday (yeah the Blizzard of 2010 ruined that for me last week...), and 2 ginormous, 25 page life-assassinating-project-monsters (complete with self-made advertisements and powerpoints) due in my advertising class over the space of the next 5 days. 

Relationships are so much work. Not just dating relationships, but all of them. In general. Like, I think a good plan would be to just hermitize myself for the next 3 weeks so that I can get my sanity put back together.
Did I say 3 weeks?
I meant 8 months.
If only right?


happy threedaysbeforethebestmealIwillhaveeateninmonths

Today is pretty sweet. 
Mostly because after tomorrow, I am a free woman for almost a week. 
Also last night I had a dream that bigfoot was in love with me. But it was sort of a violent love, like he wanted to hug me so tight that my eyes would come out of my head. 
So naturally, I would hide from him instead of letting him hug me. And at one point in my dream, he found me hiding under this giant bed and grabbed my foot and tried to pull me out. I was kicking a screaming, and then I yelled "Big foot, you don't do this to people you love!". And then he got super sad and started crying. And I didn't even feel bad because he was so mean to me for the majority of my dream.

I am scared to think what that could be symbolic of...

Also I am really sad right now. But before I tell you why, I must make a confession. If you didn't think I was Captain Cool already, be warned. You are about to.
Ok so last January I was on this kick about saving endangered species. Like I gave a 20 minute persuasive speech in my public speaking class about it. Also, I am an honorary member of WWF (World Wildlife Fund of course) AND I adopted a tiger. I even have a certificate to prove it. 
How much am I on your awesomest people ever list?? 
Yeah, that's what I thought.
Anyways, I came across the most depressing article on Yahoo! today. Like seriously, I thought I was going to cry I was so pissed.
Ok tigers could be extinct in the wild in TWELVE YEARS?!?! I don't even know what to think. So here is a picture of a tiger to help me feel better.

Dear tiger, I LOVE YOU.

Ok yeah I feel better now.
In more exciting news... I discovered the funnest new game this weekend. 
It's called "Would You Rather" 
(ok so maybe it's not new... but I had never played the card game before!)
And let me just tell you.
If you are trying to have shoulderslashstomach cramps along with a laugh-induced headache-seizure, then go buy this game right now. 
It was THAT much fun.

Also, one of my best friends is on a mission right now, and here is an excerpt from his weekly email:
"We got told today that we shouldn't eat street food now because of the cholera outbreak in Haiti. I really don't want cholera.  I remember playing oregon trail, and all of the people in my covered wagon ended up dying from cholera.  So I know from experience that it isn't one of my mission goals."
I am so happy that I have the funniest friends on the planet.

And finally, one of my bestest-estest friends got engaged this weekend. 
123 I love Amy and TIM!!!!

photos courtesy of amy's lovely facebook page

Yay for marriage, missionaries and all other happy things.


a veces...

- sometimes I forget how much I love running because I go a few weeks without actually doing it. Curse you, bitterdiscouragingcold Utah weather.
- sometimes I just want to party instead of doing anything else. That's actually a lie... I want to party a majority of the time. Who needs to do homework anyways?
- sometimes our apartment smells like DEAD and I miss the first 15 minutes of Spanish to ferociously clean in an attempt to find said smell (old cauliflower in the garbage can? chili-soapy-soup-disaster sitting in the crock pot since monday? It better have been one of those...) And a side note: I don't ever CUR that I was late to Spanish this morning, because want to know what I realized? Even though I have that class EVERY SINGLE DAY, I have not been late ONE TIME this whole semester. 
Go ahead. 
Standing ovation for me.
- sometimes I miss having a t.v. when I want to watch cool things like FRIENDS reruns, animal shows, and Man vs. Food.
- sometimes I like country music more than I realize (and by "country music", I mean the good, un-twangy stuff. Like Keith Urban. And Brad Paisley. I might as well give in, because even Mckay has converted. That's huge.)
- sometimes I want to listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving. So I do. But then I don't tell anyone, because I still think it's funny when people freak out about it, and I like to pretend like I am one of those crazy people sometimes, just for the sake of an argument. 
- sometimes boys confuse me. 
LIE. All the time, boys confuse me.
- sometimes I like pretending that I am super cultural and latina. 
- sometimes I get waaay too obsessed with things. Like Jdawgs. And frozen yogurt. And certain songs. And items of clothing. But they make me happy, so esta bien!


I had the following conversation via text this morning with my roommate:
Claira: "The kid sitting in front of my is looking up linkin park tickets and I want to punch his head haha."
Brooke: "hahahah doouuuccchheeee baaagggg. Ask him if he wore ed hardy pajamas to bed last night."
Claira: "Haha that's exactly what I wanted to do. He is further proving his dbagginess by playing farmville in class, and in a volcom sweatshirt."
Brooke: "Oh brother. Is he wearing a really cool necklace too? Puka shells or maybe a chain? And possibly... REALLY large skating shoes?"
Claira: "I can't see his feet, but definitely a leather necklace with a cool tooth thing on it. Overall a winner"

HAHAHA we really are nice people, I swear. We are just maybe a little prejudice towards those who do any of the aforementioned things. 
Also, if you love Creed, Nickelback or Daughtry. 
I mean really guys?
and ps here is a little weekend update. Not SNL style. I wish though, because then Garth and Kat could narrate everything. 
I definitely did not sleep hardly at all, as in I probably hit the sack at 3ish both friday and saturday, which is cool except for the fact that I am now getting sick boo. 
Basically, the weekend consisted of basketball games, in-n-out and denny's trips, bridal showers, homework, soccer games, office marathons, eating weird meals (as in fried rice and cauliflower for dinner last night. don't judge), playing games, and of course watching hp 6 in preparation for THURSDAY!!!! 
In other great news, both Josh Groban and Keith Urban have new cd's coming out tomorrow. I wish I didn't have my stupid Spanish final hanging over my head, because this week would probably be one of the best of the whole semester.

pss In our staff meeting earlier today, we got talking about Harry Potter. I said something about Voldemort, and my boss goes
"We don't say that name in my office"


Tis the season!

Sorry to be so cliche, but whatever. It's necessary!

Thank-full thankfuls
Today I am thankful for my coat. Utah began the yearly mood swing and the weather is bitter.
I am thankful for my roommates. They help me a lot, especially when I am being silly. This may or may not be in reference to men, as well as other troubling areas in my life.
I am thankful that my latest hair dying escapade did not go horribly wrong but rather nice!
I am thankful for nylons. They are the only way wearing a skirt in this weather is possible.
I am thankful for BYU. The campus is stunning, and the people are amazing.
I am thankful for music. Nickel Creek over the last few weeks, especially.
I am thankful for garlic. It makes everything smell gross, but taste soooo delicious!
I am thankful for mid-week friend-ca-pades. Exhibit A, nacho libre party tonight.
Why can't we ever just have like a salad?
I am thankful for peppercorn ranch Sun Chips. Not only do they fulfill my midday salt craving, but they are a smart snack choice also!!!! (those are sarcastic exclamation points. they are healthy according to the vending machines. that should probably tell me something...)
I am thankful for jackets with hoods. First, they are warm to sleep in. Second, I am pretty sure that sleeping with a hood on is the best thing ever. No, like, EVER.
Finally, I am thankful for today. Because after today, it's Thursday! Then Friday!
And then another fun filled weekend is upon us!


i probably have the bestest friends ever. everrrrrrr.

It's Thanksgiving season, and today I want to be grateful.
So I'm raising my glass (of martinellis, of course) to all the sweet people in my life who I am lucky enough to call mis amigos. I am especially thankful for these precious women who hail from my home of Mesa. Aims, we missed you!

To all my adorable friends, 


dear dave, did you know how you would move me? did you know?

That title is probably the deepest thing I have ever come up with. 
Mostly because it's a quote from one of the bestest Mae songs EVER, and really I don't think Dave Elkins knows how much he really truly does move me.
Symbolic yes?
(Scuse me for being the biggest nerd on the planet. I just really love my multisensory boys.)

So basically last night was... THE. MOST. INCREDIBLE. NIGHT.

Pretty accurately sums up my feelings. Especially when i saw Dave for the first time, AND got the whole crowd yelling his name. NBD.

Ok let me paint this picture for you. 
I have been to the following concerts:
Josh Groban x 4 (yeah yeah, I know...)
Keith Urban
Taylor Swift
Owl City
Secondhand Serenade/Making April/Rookie of the Year
Lots of other random local bands
and Mae x 4 (it's easy to tell who I love the most eh?)

And out of all of them, last night trumps everything.
Last night actually just trumps every amazing moment I have had in life so far.
It was like my body exploded into a bazillion little neon pieces of happiness and floated around in ecstasy, for almost 3 whole hours. 
Yes ladies and gents, it was THAT good.
The crowd was nuts, the music was insane, my ears and throat were bleeding, my feet were blistering, and I was happier than anything. So to sum it up, I will let my boy Dave take over:
this went on for about 3 minutes when he came out for the encore. 
aka UNREAL. 

and then this.
I may or may not have cried a little. 
HAHA. I am being totally serious too.
Basically I can die of happiness now.

Epic encore song duo? YEEEESSSS.

Oh and one more thing. They played my favorite jam, I Just Needed You to Know, and I may or may not have cried then too. For your listening pleasure....
Also, please disregard the poor video quality. I was suffering from a happiness-induced bliss-seizure. I don't even care, I am so happy :)



That's "hi" in "brookeisreallyhappyforamultitudeofreasonstoday"-ish.


And really, it makes no sense why I am absolutely bursting with so much happiness at the moment. Because:
- I am more sleep deprived than I have been all semester. NBD, I looove feeling like the living dead. Also having to pour water in my eyes for about ten straight minutes because I can't see through my exhaustion.
- I am not going to bed even REMOTELY early all weekend (NBD I don't even cares)
 - I have a CRAPLOAD (scuse my french) of stuff to do tomorrow, including lots of grocery shopping, cleaning, studying, room organizing, and fun having.
- I am almost SURELY ill, or on the very very thin cusp of being so.
- I feel slightly off, probably from my dairy-overloaded dinner last night (but I am not even 1% upset because it was soooo goooood)
- AND my hair is a weird color

So, all things considered, I should probably be the most depressed person ever right now.
LIE. I shouldn't. 
But I should probably be a small percentage stressed.
And I'm totally not!
- I am going to see Mae tonight. I haven't been this excited for something in like, 3 DAYS!
- The weather has been soooooo gorg for the last week or so. Literally an autumn paradise.
- This semi famous girl named Taylor Swift (or something like that?) put out a great new cd, and the song Enchanted has been speaking to my soul.
- I have a really nice Saturday evening planned. I hope.
- I get to make cookies on Sunday, WEEEEE!
- My mom loves me like a lot. 
I know. 
I checked. 
(catch the movie reference?)
Ok no but really, I talked to her this morning, and she really does love me like a whole bunch :) Schpanks mama!
- Spanish was REALLY fun today. Everyone was in a really funny mood. Including myself. Even more so than usual. Probably because I was half drunk...on negative hours of sleep... pero, esta bien!!!
- AND I have the bestest friends eeevvvveeerrrr.
Just some of the lovies who came to the birthda- dinner-love-palooza last night. photo courtesy of kimberthewife. 
(I first typed that with "wide" instead of "wife" HAHAHA)
Don't even worry. There is way more where that came from. Probably a friend tribute post, actually. 

It's obvious that aside from all the poopoo things that could be going on in life right now (correction. poopoo things that ARE going on) there is WAY more to be happy about.

So Ima keep spending today BURSTING with it!


Long time no pooosstttttt!!!!!!

Oh em GEEEEEEE I haven't posted in almost a weeeekkkkk! How am I still alive?????

I honestly don't know.

Anyways, all drama aside, HAPPY WEDNESDAY!
(not really. I hate wednesdays. I'm just trying to be Positive Patty. But the good thing about today is that it means tomorrow is THURSDAY. Which of course, is my favorito day of the week. Hollah!)

So the last week has been mega enjoyable. Regardless of the business that has ensued since my return back from Mesa, I am the happiest person alive right now.

"Brooke, why are you soooo content with your ever so boring life?"

Oh hush. Just let me tell you.

First, as I said like 24 times before, I WENT HOME LAST WEEKEND. It was probably the best thing I have done all semester long. And that is saying something. 
(Not really actually.... but remember how I was trying to be Positive Patty? Yeah, still tryin.) 
Mckay and Ty were soooo surprised, and I was uber happy to watch Mckay have an awesome last football game of the season. Basically the whole weekend was filled with lots of footbal watching, which I was surprisingly happy with.
Also, for the billionth year in a row, I got cheesecake from the factory (as in the cheesecake factory? you know?) for my birthday, and I have decided that no matter how many different flavors I try, rasberry lemon will always be my very favorite (Except, I think if I ever tried mango lime, I might die of a happiness-induced bliss-seizure)
All in all, it was 4 days full of lots of shopping, footballing, laughing, halloweening, pumpkin carving, movie watching, and happiness-having.
see below for deets.

 ohhhh boo boo. so tired after a mid-day nap

 good thing i am the whitest person alive

I am so thankful for my dear family!

Also, in case I haven't broadcasted this enough, my birthday was on Monday. PARTY. Ok maybe only half party. I was super hammered because I am having sleeping issues aka I only got about 4 hours the night before. 
NBD, srsly. 
Also I had a Spanish test looming over my head. But I got to spend part of the evening with some wonderful people, AND I got Krispy Kreme donuts, which HELLO I have been craving basically since I came out of the womb.  
But I have been craving them for a while now. And more great news on the birthday front, tomorrow night, a gang of about 20ish people ("Brooke you have that many friends??" Yes. Just call me the popularity queen, srsly.) and myself are visiting Pizza Pie Cafe for some good old fashioned birthday-friend-lovin. 
Wanna hear a secret? 
I really don't like my birthday that much. I just like using it as an excuse to have lots of celebrations because let's be real. I am kind of OBSESSED with the people in my life. So any reason for all of us to get together is a good reason. Glad we got that cleared up so you don't think I am just a birthday whore. 
Scuse my french

Speaking of Spanish, like a whole paragraph ago... my test is over weeeee! Now I just have to conquer the final. GULP. 
Good thing I am so bilingual!!!!
Oh wait.

Oh and another great thing that I need to share... So when I was a freshman in high school, I began this love affair with the band Cartel. They are like, REALLY great. A little mainstream sounding... But also kind of not. So anyways, they released a new-ish cd a while ago, and I have been collecting some of the songs (aka ten to be specific). And you know what? It's really really good!!!! Like there are some mellow ones that make me want to lie on my couch thinking about love and life and such, and then there are other ones that get me really pumped and make me want to go run lots of miles (maybe I should????). 
Anyways, it's really good and I am really enjoying them right now. Especialmente the songs "It Still Remains" and "Retrograde". Eeep.

What's that? You want me to talk about music some more? 
(Don't fret, I will be brief...)
So you know the song "I'm so Paid" by Akon with Young Jeezy and Lil Weezy? Yeah well it's my jam right now. Also makes me want to run lots of miles. And live a thug life. Tupac would be proud. Also, my friend Chase. I'm pretty sure he has a man crush on Akon. And probably Jeezy and Weezy too.

And "Beautiful Lie" by 30 Seconds to Mars? WOOOAAAHHH Jared Leto just blows me away. I love this band so much.
Also, the new KOL album is mind blowing. Literally, brains all over the wall, every time.
Ok I'm done, swear.

So now a not-so-great thing... I am pretty sure I am getting ill.
And it feels a little like the mono monster.
I am kind of freaking out.
But then, I webmd'd it, and apparently symptoms don't come back full-fledged, only half-fledged. 
So BRING IT, mononucleosis!!!!

Welp, that's about all the news this week.
Ce la vie, folks.
And a good one it is!


a few items of business

So I TOTZ realize that my last few posts have been lists, like such as. Also, zero pictures. 
However, no me importa, so Ima keep making my lists! (that was probably the worst sentence I have ever written. Or at least since I was in first grade. Good thing I's so good at English!)

-Aaron Copland's "Fanfare for the Common Man" makes me feel like I can take on the world. Basically the whole James Horner Pandora station does actually.

-I GO HOME TOMORROW! I don't even care that I have to wake up at 4:15 to make my 7 a.m. flight. 

-Every time someone talks about Harry Potter lately, I kind of have a not-so-mini-stroke. Like last night, I was at my sweet friend Paige's for dinner and someone mentioned the midnight showing. I almost started yelling out of excitement. (CORRECTION: I DID start yelling. But only a little bit, I swear. I am not thaaat crazy...) I am glad the people in my ward kind of semi like me, otherwise they would probably think I was a nut job.
fun fact: this is the picture that was on the computer games, circa early 2000's. I LOVED THOSE GAMES. Also other fun fact, we still get the Harry Potter xbox games every Christmas HAHA.Way to be rad all the time, family!

-Did you know there is a MIDGET CHOCOLATE FACTORY in SLC?! 
I am 100% not lying. 
My roommate has even been there. 
And just to prove my point, last night (also while I was at Paige's) a group of us were discussing this, and I decided to check ChaCha just to validate myself. I got the following response from them and almost died laughing:
Brooke: "Midget Chocolate Factory in Salt Lake City?"
ChaCha: "No, I can't find anything that says that. I don't think that "little people" would lower their standards to take on such a job. Just watch Willy Wonka if you wanna see midgets at work."
The best part is that is seriously word for word. 
Touche, sassy ChaCha, TOUCHE.

-In the past 4 days, I have found the movies Halloweentown, Homeward Bound, and Dinosaur on YouTube.
If that doesn't make you slightly happy, get yer head checked.

-It's SO cold outside right now. It's this time of year that I start wondering why I don't just stay home and go to ASU all year long...
LIE. I would never do that. But the thought is slightly tantalizing, especially as I stand in my freezing shower with cold air pouring in from the OUTSIDE because we have a hole in our ceiling for a vent, every morning. 

Just sayin.

Welp gang, over and out until next week. Because OH WHAT? 
I am going home. 
In case you done forget already.


Tryin to feel like a superstar all the time?

Awesome. Me too.
And I have figured out the best way to do so.
In case I haven't made it clear enough, I am a bit of a music freak.
And most of the time, I listen to my ipod whilst I wander from class to class to work to home during the day.
And I have a great list of songs that make you feel like you own the world if you listen to them while walking around.

Like Im so serious. 
I know this because I do it every day.

So without further adieu, here they are. 
Bum bum bum.

- Crawl, Kings of Leon. NATURALLY.
- Radioactive, KOL
- The Immortals, KOL
- Arizona, KOL (note the trend?)
- Black Thumbnail, KOL
- Red Morning Light, KOL
- Paid the Piper, Young the Giant
- Closer to Love, Mat Kearny (this sort of makes me feel like I am actually in a chick flick... but I still love it)
- Kings and Queens, 30 Seconds to Mars
- Crooked Teeth, Death Cab for Cutie
- Last Nite, The Strokes (pretty much anything Julian Casablancas sings makes me feel soooo rad. Like sometimes I just want to take off my headphones and make everyone else listen to him sing, because I feel so cool strolling around campus with him in my ears.)
- Shove, Angels and Airwaves
- Hysteria, Muse (this actually makes me feel like I should be in a car chase scene from a Bourne movie, but whatev)
- Invincible, Muse
- Falling Away With You, Muse

Of course I could keep going, but these are my favs
Also on a happy note
Young the Giant is putting out their first full-length album TOMORROW. And you can stream the whole thing on facebook for fuh-ree!
Of course I have done it already, and I can attest to their pure unadulterated talent. They blow my mind. And the lead singer has the hottest voice EVER. I am so pumped about that cd!!!!

p.s. I really hate when I have dreams that I am married. First, they are usually really vivid and happy and fun. Which makes them seem incredibly realistic. Second, since they are so realistic, I wake up thinking it's true, only to realize that I do not have a husband, and I am still sleeping alone in my stupid bunk bed. 
kind of a depressing and pathetic start to my week. But hey, at least I have a creative imagination right?!


Come Around Sundown

Gold star if you can figure out what that means.

Just another lovely day in Utah. 
And some great stories to share.
Actually mostly just one, but it's a goodie.

So this morning, my dedicated friend Nicole and I were going to go to the gym. Correction. We DID go to the gym. But silly me, I set my alarm for an hour later than I meant to. So when she called me at 5 a.m. to see where the heck I was, I had just been woken from a crazy dream. Which goes as follows:

I was on some tropical vacation with my family, playing in insane waves at the beach. For some reason though, I had my cell phone attached to my ankle (new fad. watch for it). When I picked it up after coming out of the water, the background had been changed to Finding Nemo! RADICAL! So here I am dreaming about my phone when my phone actually started ringing. So I jolted awake, picked it up and said outloud "This isn't my phone! Where is the Finding Nemo background?" before answering and talking to Nicole hahahaha. My pobrecito roommate! Here I am talking super loud at 5 a.m. about how my phone really ISN'T my phone, all while my Kings of Leon ringtone is blaring at top volume. It was really funny.

Also, I have wonderfully exciting news. I GET TO GO HOME NEXT THURSDAY! I am surprising my brothers, and I get to see Mckay play in his last football game of the season! And my birthday is the following Monday, so I get to have a little celebration with the fam while I am there! Tired of all my exclamation points?!!!! You should be! Because I am! But I can't help it, I am so excited to go home and see my sweet family woooooooooooo!!!! (and the overly obnoxious blogger of the day award goes tooo...)

Finally in other great news, my lovers the Followill boys from KOL (for all you noobs out there, that means Kings of Leon. Welcome to the 21st century sheesh) put out a RAD new album today. How do I know it's rad? Well I listened to all the 30 second clips on iTunes of course! Don't even think I won't use my itunes gift card that I WILL get for my birthday (yes I already asked my parents for one...) to buy the whole album, because I totz will. AND it comes with the full Radioactive music video, also a making-of the music video. I can hardly contain myself, I am so excited. Caleb has the hottest voice EVER. And the whole gang isn't so hard on the eyes either. Obsessed much? 
Whatev :)

Well that's about all I got. 
Happy day of Tues!


Hey Monday

That's a band from arizona. 
And here are my sentiments about today. 
Monday didn't used to bother me very much. Maybe I am turning into a grouchy old lady. Regardless, I HATE Mondays lately, and today is especially drab. It doesn't help that it's overcast either. Even the weather is bummed out! 
Anyways, I'm thinkin that maybe a little happy list will help. I guess we will find out eh?

Happy list of the day

1. I am listening to a really great Mae song, the latest in their 1-song-a-month installment called "Bloom". Have I mentioned that I am so excited to see them in a few weeks? No? Well, 

2. The leaves are INCREDIBLE right now. It's like fall came full-blown over night. Campus smells and looks exceptionally beautiful, and thankfully it makes trekking to class much more enjoyable.

3. I made sweet potato apple curry soup (try saying THAT ten times fast) and a pumpkin roll yesterday. And both were surprisingly delicious. I must say, I am pretty impressed with my cooking skills. Toot toot.
 mine was almost this pretty. and maaaan... those shriveled things you are looking at are actually baked sweet potatoes, and they are so good!

4. My dad sent me the sweetest text message yesterday. Something along the lines of I am so cute and he loves me. I am probably the luckiest girl alive.

5. I also got to watch Lion King yesterday. That is, bar none, my very favorite Disney movie. EEEEVVVVEEEERRRR. And I enjoyed squishing on the couch with great company at the same time. Pretty fun Sunday activity to say the least.

6. I bought shrimp from Smiths this weekend, in hopes that I could cook something delicious for lunch this week. However, I was a little wary though for several reasons. First, it's seafood. And unless you are on the coast, you run the risk of it being nast. Second, it was packaged. And from Smiths. That seems like a really bad combination. But much to my surprise, it's actually really good! I think I found a new favorite meal!

7. We had guests at our apartment for approximately 8 straight hours yesterday. And the very enjoyable sort. It was a nice afternoon, and I hope this is a trend that continues.

8. I started reading HP 7 for the 4th time yesterday. Just getting myself all geared up for the movie, hollah! I forget how much I love that book sometimes. And fun fact: whenever I think of peacocks, I think of HP 7. Gold star if you know why, because that means you are almost as much of a Harry fan as I am.
Only almost though.

Well, I was right. 
I do feel much better. 
It's still a drab Monday, but my heart is happier!


I hope you're happy... I hope you're happy now....

Nice WICKED reference eh? Eh?
Well since it's Thursday, it's necessary to make a happy list like this. because Thursday is theee best day of the week.
let's be real.

1. I love my job. It's so chill AND we have great food here, all the time. Last Friday, pizza. Tuesday, fruit and brownies. Yesterday root beer floats. Today, cinnamon roles. I hope the trend stops soon because hello. I can't eat like this all the time. But it's been pretty great the last few days.

2. I love my darling Spanish friends Chelsie, Ashley and Rachel. It makes the class much more bearable. Yesterday for instance, we were talking about roadtripping together before Chelsie get's married. Today, we were discussing her bridal shower and what great things to incorporate in the planning. I just really love them. If there is one awesome thing about having to attend that class every day, it is the fact that I get to see those fabulous ladies. 
Because they really are so much fun.

3. Yesterday was my roommate's birthday. Fun fact, we have known each other since we were 7. And we were baptized on the same day. Lauren likes to tell this story because she was so mad that I got to be baptized first even though she is 3 weeks older than me. But I'm like chello! It was my birthday that very day! It's so funny to hear her tell it because she still gets so worked up haha. She is also pretty much one of the most amazing people I know. She is only 21 and she is already in the Masters program for accounting. Brilliant? Yes. She is a sunday school teacher, and an amazing one at that. She is absolutely gorgeous, and she has the best laugh ever. I am so excited that she is getting married in December, but a little sad at the same time because I love living with her. 
She is a stud-ette
lauren and fiance. so adorable.

4. I made pot roast for dinner again tonight. I am not that excited to eat it, just to come home to the smell of it cooking. GAH. Favorite. Thing. Ever.

5. My birthday is in 18 days. Which means Halloween is in 17. And the Mae concert is in 22. I am just a LITTLE excited for that week. But only a little. Here is a preview of what I have to look forward to...
Dave Elkins is my HERO

6. I have the greatest playlist of MY LIFE right now. I am a huge fan of playlist titles being one word, hence the name "leaves" for the aforementioned best playlist ever. Because it's fall? And it's all I listen to? Get it? Oh em gee I am sooooo creative and deep and smart sometimes, it kills me. 
Anyways, it's a masterpiece in it's own right, and that is what got me going on this slow morning. And it's what kept me going today at work. What's that? You want a taste of it you say? Weeellllll.... 
Ok. I guess I can oblige :)

- Sweet Afton, Nickle Creek
- Sore, Annuals
- Modern Nature, Sondre Lerche
- The Boxer, Simon and Garfunkel
- Saved, The Spill Canvas
- Ragged Wood, Fleet Foxes
- Consider the Ravins, Dustin Kensrue
- White Lights, Deas Vail
- Life in Technicolor II, Coldplay
- Rebellion, Arcade Fire
- 23, Jimmy Eat World
- a crapload of John Mayer songs. scuse my french.

There's one hundred and four more songs where that came from folks. Pure bliss? Don't even try to tell me it's not.
In case I haven't gabbed enough about music, I AM SO THANKFUL FOR IT.

7. Josh Groban put out a new single on Tuesday. IN PORTUGUESE. If that's not enough to make my whole week, amazing than I don't know what is.

It's easy to see why my 12 year old self fell in love. 9 years later and we are still goin strong!

8. Last night, I had a dream that I was in my New Testament class, and someone put on some cool Hawaiian slash tribal music. Naturally, we all knew the song. So instead of having class, we all stood around the radio and sang and danced. A tribal dance. For the whole hour. And then, the mystery guy I was dating in my dream told me, "Brooke, you light everything on fire"
That's either really romantic, or kinda weird. I still haven't decided.

So basically I have the greatest New Testament class ever, and I am the real life Katniss, girl on fire.

Anyways, I think this happy Thursday list will suffice. And I hope it is.
A happy Thursday, I mean :)


and now for the true/false section of the exam

But I really am in exam mode right now... Hence the formatting.

"Brooke, how are you so cool?"

True: wearing glasses when I read or study makes me feel MUCH smarter. I would know... I did it for six straight hours on Saturday. My theory? The smarter I feel whilst trying to MAKE myself smarter (aka studying) will ultimately result in a smarter Brooke. Sick of that word yet? (meaning the word "smarter", not "Brooke". Don't be silly.)

False: I still hate my Spanish class. Thankfully yes, this is false. It is actually rather enjoyable now. So enjoyable that I am actually doing something for it OUTSIDE of class on Thursday. 
Night of Argentina? Cheyeah.

True: the other day while I was stopped at a stop light (pardon my redundancy), the blinker of the car in front of me was PERFECTLY synced to the song I was listening to for about a minute.
It was so awesome, it probably made my whole day.

False: I am thrilled with the fact that I have to get a new tire put on my car today. And fork over 95 bucks. Seriously, soooo excited!

True: Sundays are, BAR NONE, my favorite day of the week. Yesterday was an especially good one. Picture this: after attending 3 lovely hours of church in the morning, I came home and ate a delicious pot roast dinner with my roommates Lauren, Tashya, Claira and other friends. Then worked on my New Testament reading for a little bit after which talked with my roommates for a while. Then, a slew of wonderfully fun people came over and played games for a few hours, immediately followed by two other friends Miles and Isaac, whom Claira Beara and I sat and talked with for about another hour. Needless to say, I was exhausted from all the socializing, eating, and churching, but it was such a pleasant day. I am already counting down to the next one.

False: I love socializing allll thhheeeee tiiiimmmeee. Like I was not even phased yesterday when I had to talk to the aforementioned 5 billion people after church. NOT. EVEN. PHASED.

True: I really miss my family. All I want right now is a nice brother-hug.
This is probably the truest of all the above true-statements.

The End.


this may or may not be a good thing. most likely good.

I have a new obsession.
All I want to do is cook. ALL THE TIME.

Today's meal? Chicken Divan.
More like Chicken DIVINE! It smelled so freaking good when I put it in the crock pot this morning.

This weekend? Pumpkin Bread Saturday and Pot Roast Sunday.

Next week? Curried Sweet Potato and Apple Soup.  
OH EM GEE I am so excited about that one.

I can't even stop looking at recipes. Like, I spent almost an entire class period today looking up crockpot recipes on my ipod instead of listening to my professor talk about public relations and news releases. An hour well spent? CHYEAH. It's like some unknown force has caught ahold of me and is saying 
"muuust.... maaakkkee...foooddd...allll.... theeee... tiiimeee!!!!"

I don't even want to eat it, I just want to feed people.

Now would be a really great time to show up, potential boyfriend. 
You would have a full tummy, 100% of the time.

Until then, it's me and my roommates who get the benefits of this great new hobby. And don't even ask me how much money I am saving because I am NOT eating out anymore. I'm sure it's a slightly mind-blowing amount. 

I am dead set on having a Halloween themed dessert party, ON Halloween aka because that is the only fun thing we can do this year because it will be Sunday.
And FUN it will be. Mostly because I am planning on making these bad boys.
Go see Martha Stewarts website for more deets. And try not to die of cuteness overload.


It's here

Autumn, the year's last, loveliest smile.
-William Cullen Bryant
I may be exhausted out of my mind...
But I am also so happy right now.
No, more like, I am so contented right now.
Slightly bursting at the seams with contented-ness

Today is wonderful for several reasons.

First, it's October. YAY.
Second, it really feels like fall now that it's the aforementioned October. MORE YAY.
Third, I spent about 30 minutes in the bookstore this morning just oggling over the adorable Halloween decor. EEEP IT'S ONLY 30 DAYS AWAY. 
Fourth, my birthday is exactly one month from today. MOST YAY (ok not really the most yay. But it's still pretty exciting)

So not to be like the-most-cliche-blogger-you-ever-did-see, but I am really feelin this whole 
"hooray for fall"
thing today. And as such, I am going to compile a list of the reasons why I love fall so much. 
So sue me if you've heard it all before. Because odds are high.
*hem hem*

1. Halloween, obviously. I think my parents did a good job making this holiday feel adorable rather than scary while I was growing up. To me, it's not about skeletons and freaky costumes, but more about cute pumpkin decorations and watching Halloweentown. Remember that Disney movie? LOVE.

2. Candy Corn. And the candy pumpkins. And Halloween colored m&ms. Enough said.

3. Decorating. My mom has the most adorable collection of cute pumpkins, adorable little skeletons and witches, plates, leaves, the works. I love it all so much, and I wish I had the means of decorating my apartment! Boo. (not like a ghost boo. but a sad boo. just clarifying)

4. Fallish food. Carmel apples, anything pumpkin, pies, hot chocolate, oatmeal, peaches, soups, etc. It's all so comforting and wonderful!

5. The leaves. I am so thankful to be living in Utah this time of year. The mountains and canyon are absolutely enchanting, I could eat them up. Swear.

6. The clothes. Everyone always looks so fabulous in their boots, sweaters, scarves, jackets, cords, tights, etc. I am so ready to put away my sandals and shorts because I love fall clothing SO MUCH! (See fall JCREW catalog for deets. Try not to get drool on the pages like I did.)

7. When it starts to smell "cold". Everything gets crisp, the leaves start to fall, and there is just a certain scent to the air that is truly intoxicating.

8. Bonfires in the canyon. AH such a magical weekend activity. And with banana boats? PERFECT.

9. Fall candles. Pumpkin Spice, Warm Vanilla, Apple Cider, WHATEVER. I love 'em all.

10. Driving. It feels so much more epic during this season. Don't even tell me it doesn't.

11. Mellow music. I don't know if it's just me, but when the seasons change, so do my playlists. I tend to lean towards more mellow music in the fall because everything seems so much more peaceful. For example, my current playlist consists of Jonsi, Mat Kearny, John Mayer, Coldplay, Stars of Track and Field, Eric Clapton and Rookie of the Year. SOOO great.

12. Hay rides, corn mazes, and other fun seasonal activities. OH! Like bobbing for apples. (side note, who ever came up with the idea of sticking your face in a fruit-filled cest pool should be shot. GROSS. But a cute fall activity in theory)

13. Pumpkin carving. Smells gross, but fun in every other way.

14. FOOTBALL. even though my cougs are not being so fierce right now, it's still such a fun part of fall. Don't even talk to me about how sad I am to be missing my brothers games. Silly Arizona, being so far away!

15. General Conference. How lucky I am to partake in this tomorrow and sunday! Such a wonderful fall treat!

16. My Birthday. Being the day after Halloween makes for like 5 straight days of partying. Let's hope I don't have a bunch of tests during that week this year...

17. And finally... Thanksgiving. I am pretty sure I don't need to say anything more about that.

So basically, if I haven't made it painfully obvious, my very favorite time of year is now upon us.
And I couldn't be more thrilled today

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