Not tryin to eat this every day

It's funny how things work.
Take this common occurrence for example.

I like to think of life as a pie eating contest.
So there you are, eating the most fantastic peach pie, and it's just REALLY good. 
I mean the best peach pie you ever did eat.
And you are happy.
And the pie is good for you too, like you aren't worried about the amount of sugar or preservatives because it just feels like the perfect thing to be eating at the moment. And you just somehow know it is exactly what you should be eating.
And then, right when you least expect it, the chef of life, also commonly referred to as the Heavenly Father, hands you a big ol' slice of his best humble pie. 

Yeah, you know the kind I am talking about.
And you have been so stuck on eating that wonderful peach pie for long enough, that you just can't stomach the thought of that humble pie. 
But you know that in the end, the humble pie will probably make you feel better than you can imagine, because everyone know humble pie has a lot of hidden benefits right? And seeing as how the Lord is the chef and has probably included a lot of REALLY great ingredients, it will be good!

But unfortunately it doesn't negate the fact that while it's going down, it's going to suck. (scuse my french) Because remember that peach pie you had been eating was a really wonderful thing too. And sometimes peach pie is hard to give up.
Especially when the taste of those wonderful peaches lingers for a while.

So you sit there.
And stare that humble pie down.
Willing it, with all your heart and soul, to erupt in a glorious flame of smoldering pie-death.
Either that, or you just wish you could run in the opposite direction.

Ultimately you just long to keep eating that peach pie. 
Because that would be the easy thing.

But sadly, that isn't how life, or the Lord, works.
He gives you the humble pie and waits for you to eat it.
And eventually you do. 
Because you trust Him.
And it does give you a stomachache for a while.
But in the end, the Lord knows best.
And boy, that humble pie changes your life for the better.
Even if you can't see it right from the start.

"Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ prepares us for whatever life brings. Faith in Christ prepares us to deal with life's opportunities-- to take advantage of those we receive and persist through the disappointment of those we lose. In the exercise of that faith we should commit ourselves to the priorities and standards we will follow on matters we do not control, and we should persist faithfully in those commitments whatever happens to us because of the agency of others or the timing of the Lord. When we do this, we will have constancy in our lives that will give us direction and peace. Whatever the circumstances beyond our control, our commitments and standards can be constant... Do not rely on planning every event of your life-- even every important event. Stand ready to accept the Lord's planning and the agency of others in matters that inevitably affect you. Plan, of course, but fix your planning on personal commitments that will carry you through no matter what happens. Anchor your life to eternal principles, and act upon those principles whatever the circumstances and whatever the actions of others. Then you can await the Lord's timing and be sure of the outcome in eternity."
Bring it on, Humble Pie


5 hours in the library and one trip to the malt shop later...

That may or may not be a reference to my evening. 
Normally I would feel pathetic.....

Scratch that. I DO kind of feel pathetic.
But the good kind of pathetic. 
The refreshed kind of pathetic.
The kind of pathetic you feel after you just ran a long race or finished a big test. Where you just want to do nothing and feel nothing.
(Is that even a real kind of pathetic? I feel like it is..)

I also may or may not have just taken a bath, and am now preparing to paint my nails. 
While watching Little Women.
And let's not forget the fact that I am also blogging about all my cool activities at the same time. 
I don't think I need to expound anymore. 
It's simply time for some Christian Bale lovin.

p.s. just for the record, even though I am 108% lactose intolerant and sort of broke, dropping $4.75 for an Oreo Cheesecake malt after my study sesh was so worth it.


The last unicorn, and other things

For the last week or so, I have been in ultimate Josh Groban mode. It's funny when that happens because Josh Groban was my LIFE when I was younger, so I always get super nostalgic. Listening to him for the last few days keeps taking me waaaay back. Which has, in turn, been making me think of other things that take me waaaay back. 
So la di da, here they are.

1. I loved Mary-Kate and Ashley. Like beyond normal loved them. I even had the barbie dolls. In 8th grade. And yes I played with them, all the time. Nicole may or may not have participated as well.

2. I am was OBSESSED with anything animal related. My friends will still tell me that I would MAKE them play animals all the time growing up. I even remember doing things like that at recess in elementary school. How was I NOT the coolest kid on the playground?? Speaking of animals...

3. I loved Zaboomafoo. Remember that show with the Kratt brothers and that stuffed lemur that talked REALLY loud and was super ADHD? I would spend every morning during the summer rushing to get my chores done so that I could watch Zaboomafoo, followed by Arthur of course.What happened to good television?!

4. I was also obsessed with Britney Spears. I remember when I got her first album for Christmas in 4th grade, I sat in my room for like 5 hours straight doing a puzzle and listening to it on repeat.

5. I had this weird fascination with Titanic. I never saw the movie, but I remember being so broken hearted when I couldn't see it that it sent me in to this frenzy where I felt like I had to love Leonardo DiCaprio more then everyone else just to prove that I didn't need to see the movie to be obsessed. Once, the Titanic exhibit came to the Arizona Science Center, and my family and I went. Naturally. At the end, I bought a Titanic board game. 
Yes I still have it, and yes it is super fun to play.

6. I was an artistic genius. *insert sarcastic laughter* Not to toot my own horn, but I was a bit of a prodigy. I actually placed in several national art competitions. The point of me saying this is as follows: I used to sit in my room for hours just drawing people and making up stories about their lives. And I am pretty sure I talked to myself while I sat there drawing. Which takes the goofiness of this obsession to a whole new level.... ANYWAYS...

7. I also had this minor obsession with the pioneers. I read the Work and the Glory series when I was in 5th grade, and that whole summer, I would make my brothers play school, general store, square dance party and crossing the plains with me on a daily basis. The funny thing is I am pretty sure they enjoyed it just as much as I did. They really got into the square dancing part at least.

8. The Kenny Loggins album "Return to Pooh Corner" was my soundtrack from ages 6-now, roughly. As goober-ish as it sounds, I still ultimately love it. Obviously seeing as how it is still my soundtrack.

So now that I have thoroughly embarrassed myself and exposed all my secrets, in other news.... aka thingsIamthinkingaboutmusiclately, because it's been a while since I said anything about music.... Minus the beginning of this post when I talked about Josh Groban, and then later when I talked about Kenny Loggins...

Iron & Wine put out a new album this week,  and I am so intrigued! It is really different from their other stuff, but it's still pretty good. I am interested to see how I feel about it as I keep listening.

Also. Check this guy out.

His name is Devendra Banhart. And he is a semi-weirdo. But I really love his music, 'specially the song Santa Maria de Feira. 

I am also way in to the Boston Pandora station today. Brad Delp never fails to make me happy. Except for when I remember that Boston is no longer together, and then I am sad. But that doesn't happen very often, so I'm not going to fret. 
But actually I will fret a little because the fact that they are no longer together means this girl will never ever see them live. BOO.

It's a good day, 
the sun is shining, 


this really did make me smile

This definitely happened to me this weekend.

I was at Olive Garden, and our waitress had the most RIDICK voice ever. 
As in I felt like I was at Disneyland conversing with Minnie Mouse rather than at a nice Italian restaurant.
It was really funny. 
The best thing about it though was that she was uber nice, so it's not like we could look at the people sitting around us and be like:
"WOW she sucks right?!"

It was more like:

"WOW her voice is nuts, but she is super nice and has brought me 7 raspberry lemonades, so I probably shouldn't make fun of her too much but MAN her voice is weird!"

Just like that.
 People are funny.

Also on a slightly unrelated note, and hypothetically speaking of course, I bet it is really nice to have people you love sitting with you when you just lose it and have a melt down at the dinner table. 
In public, no less.

C'est la vie, no?


hi family. and christmas break. i miss you.

It's 11:30 and I am tired of graphing polynomial functions
And I may or may not be missing my bedroom, dog, parents and siblings as well. So here we go. 
Eye candy for the heart

Viva Arizona. I miss you Boo.



"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"
-Leonardo da Vinci

Just reading that is like a breath of fresh air. 
I guess I know what the goal of the week is!


today i am thankful

What the thanksgiving blog post?
Sorry, it's true. I am just bursting with too much joy, it'd be silly not to share.

1. There is no class today. Which I am actually a little sad about because I am missing econ!  
shhh don't tell, but I really like that class
2. It will be almost 50 degrees today. That means a nice walk with a favorite friend, which makes me 150% happy. 
3. I have the best roommate, possibly ever ever ever
4. I am grasping, and actually really enjoying, my math and accounting classes. Never thought I would see the day!
5. Ward party tonight. Which always equals tons of fun and lots of laughter, with a bunch of goobers.

There is lots more to be thankful for, but that pretty much sums it up.
Happy Monday!



I will be the first to admit that when I find something I really like, I go waaaay overboard. 
Food? I then eat it 24-7 for weeks straight. 
Songs? The repeat button becomes my best friend.
Clothes? To heck with the fact that I already wore it this week! 
People? Let’s talk. ALL THE TIME.

Ok whatever.  
So when I like something, I reallllyyyy like it. I am 0% embarrassed.

A few months ago I saw these videos called “Kid History”. And I may or may not have watched them about 6 times a day for 4 weeks straight after seeing them for the first time. They make me die laughing, so NBD.

So upon our return home from the library last night, fellow kid history lover/dear friend and I watched it together. And the obsession is back folks. So without further adieu, here you go.


I used to be SAD

False. But really, I do legitimately struggle with SAD (seasonal affective disorder. Appropriate right?) during the winter. I’m sure I am not alone, I mean this is the bitter tundra after all. But I have noticed something lately. When you make an effort to surround yourself with beautiful people, beautiful music, and you do beautiful things, it doesn’t matter what the weather is like outside. Your soul feels like summer.

Even under winter’s oppressing grip. And then all the sudden, I am not dreading the next 4 months nearly as much.


my dear aquaintance (and a happy new year)

That was the name of some random, and free, Regina Spektor song provided by itunes this time last year.
So, In case anyone missed the memo, it is now 2011. WHAT THE? Last year flew by! Like light speed, with a jet pack flew by! And as I have been pondering the whole thing, I realize A LOT goes on in one year. Like, A LOOOOT.
So here you go.

Happy 2010, and welcome 2011.

Began my stint (aka 3 1/2 months) at BYU Idaho. Experienced what a truly frozen nose feels like, which is ultimately WEIRD.
Decided after 3 weeks that I missed BYU too much, and to go back in the fall. BEST. DECISION. EVER.
Drove to Provo to visit loves Nicole and Kaylie Anne. Experienced the malt shop for the first time and died.

Became bestest-estest friends with my roommate Share bear. The start of many interesting escapades.
Fell in love with Middle Eastern Studies and Mass Media classes.
Watched a lot of olympics, especially with my favorite friend who was also a boy. Note strategic word placements.

Rexburg duck pond adventure, followed by random visit to the animal shelter. Aka really fun roommate outing.
Visited Big Juds, only later to realize that it was featured on the food network once. We are so famosa.

Bye bye BYU-I, hello mono. (i am so punny)

Still hanging out with my buddy mono.
Trip to Utah for cousin Heidi's wedding.
Began working, yet again, at my favorite car dealership. No but really.

Ate at Baja Fresh and went to World Market on a weekly basis, with my dearest friend Tiffy Diffy.
Hiked Camelback and LOVED every sweaty painful step of it.
Annual San Diego lovin.

Trip to Hawaii with the fam. Swam with sting rays and reenacted the scene from Titanic where everyone is in the water going crazy and trying to drown one another.
Read a lot of really great books, including the dear "I Capture the Castle", a book I have decided is as much of a staple in the woman reader's diet as Jane Austen. Yeah, that just happened.

Job hunted till my fingers bled, and then decided to move up to Utah a few weeks early.
Met the dear sweet roommates I would later be in love with.
Began my junior year of college. EEEP.

Changed my major for the umpteenth time, and we are still happily together. I hope the Marriot School is ready for this!
Fell in love with Provo, Spanish, Football, and my friends all over again.

Developed a full fledged obsession with autumn and cooking. And autumn cooking. Aka pumpkin EVERYTHING.
Annual Fall Fest in apt. 33
Surprise visit home for football games, all hallows eve and my birfday.

Saw Mae for the 4th, final, and most epic time of my life.
Friend love-a-palooza at Pizza Pie Cafe.
Thanksgiving with delightful friends and family
Began a really dear friendship

Pwned Spanish (sort of)
A best friend and a cousin wedding
A really epic road trip
aaaaand a wonderful holiday with my family, friends, and awesome sauce dog.

If things keep up at this rate, I will probably blink and 2011 will be gone.

So here's to taking it one day at a time. Here's to working hard, and being a good friend. To making sure no time is wasted. To achieving goals, and making new friends. Experiencing new things. Learning, and doing A LOT of it. And most of all, enjoying all the ups and downs as they come.
Bring it, 2011. 

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