Christian and I have been married for three years!
The longer I'm with him, the more I realize how great this whole marriage thing is. It just forces you OVER AND OVER again to let go of silly things, be vulnerable, and put someone's happiness before your own. While we were away over the weekend, we had a conversation that made me so thankful to have such a rockstar husband. We'd left our hotel bright and early, without showering or doing anything, so we could hike before it got too warm. After a few hours longer than we'd expected being all outdoorsy, my greasy hair, unshaven legs, and broken-out makeup-less face were starting to drive me crazy. I said something to Christian about starting to feel embarrassed being out in public like that, and he sweetly said "Don't feel bad at all. You look beautiful to me, and you don't need to worry about feeling gross or dirty. It's intimate, and I love seeing you like this no matter how you think you look."

It just made me stop and think about how important and special that intimacy is in a marriage. Your spouse sees you at your literal worst sometimes, physically, emotionally, etc. It's so wonderful to know that despite all of that, they still love you and think you are the bees knees. I know it's how I feel about Christian and it's apparently the way he feels about me too, lucky girl that I am.

Marriage isn't a walk in the park, but it is pretty great. Happy anniversary to the funniest, most steady, best breakfast chef I know!

the week of all weeks (of all weeks!)

I am long overdue for an update (March and April were like just like "what is LIFE?!"), but we just wrapped up a super great week SO! Here it is!

Our families were in town from Michigan for our official graduation from BYU. I didn't think I'd care all that much about walking, but it was wonderful to have a formal "goodbye" from the university that I came to love so much. Cliche and cheesy be darned, it completely changed my life!

My parents are like "yeah we are smiling lol"

Saturday, we had an early birthday celebration for Nash with everyone in the family, and it was the BEST. Poor baby has been sick and teething for a few weeks now, so he wasn't as happy as I was hoping (he didn't even try to eat his birthday cake!), but it made me so happy to watch all our parents and siblings celebrate him with us. His official birthday is a week from today, and everyone is gone now, so I'm thankful we were able to squeeze that in!

Nash only poses for birthday pictures with his best girlfriend mom of course!

THEN! Christian and I took off to St. George for 3 days as a sort of anniversary trip/celebration of graduating and surviving the first year of parenthood, etc. etc.


To the point of being completely delirious with happiness the whole time, obviously.

We've been terrible about having consistent dates WITHOUT Nash. It's happened maybe 6 or 7 times in the last year. Getting 3 whole days with just Christian made me realize how important it is to take time for the two of us. You'd think it would be a obvious, but it's really hard for us to find babysitters since we don't have much close family here in Utah, so we usually just end up going out to dinner and bringing our little crazy octopus along. NO MORE! I have a new found obsession with "Brooke and Christian time" and my goal for the rest of the year is a date just the two of us at least 3 times a month.

Now, who wants to babysit?

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