she's baaaaccck

Let me begin with a story.
So most of my life, I have moved around a lot.
For example, I went to three different high schools.
Not ideal, but I am okay with it in retrospect.
However, one downside to moving so much was the fact that I was having to make new friends all the time, which theretofore never allowed me to have very long-term friends.

Except for this one girl I met when I was ten.
aka my girl Nicole Marquez.
We lived in the same ward in Gilbert, AZ and our brothers were all best friends... so naturally, it worked for us to be too. Basically it was love at first sight, and even through all the moving around, we have stayed very close over the last ten years.
We even lived together our first year at BYU.
Impressive right?
Well for the last two months, she has been doing humanitarian work in Uganda,

Don't even think I am not excited.
Because it is summer time, and I am ready to play with my dear friend again.
*WARNING: this post is about to be assasinated by pictures*

were we not sooo cute at the age of 13? Yes I am 13 here, not 40. Also, cool necklace Nicole

serious pictures every day

not going to lie right now. Nicole and I are tubing champs at Lake Powell.

don't mind my face. or nicole's mullet.

we used to love this man. also, in honor of nicole, i have to mention how short my bangs are. I mean... HOW MUCH SHORTER COULD THEY BE?
why yes, this IS the best friend's pose
Basically this women is hilarious and beautiful and I am so happy to have her back.
I heart you giiirrrrrrlllll!

P.S. I just have to say this. So I am probably the biggest frozen yogurt freak to ever walk the land. I am actually on a mission to find the best place in town. So far, Yogurtland has been winning, but yesterday I discovered an awesome new place.
And I hate to say it, but they are going to give Yogurtland a run for their money. Good luck team, the competition is getting heavy.


etc. etc. etc.

Found on this website.
I ultra love it.
Not like I am trying to sit topless in a field of flowers all the time, but I never said I wouldn't want to.

p.s. The Kings of Leon "Black Thumbnail" is soooo the party song of the day. Mmmhmmm love me some Followill men.


also, Feliz Cumpleaños Kaylie Anne King

So this beautiful woman had a birthday yesterday.
Welcome to your 20's Kaylie Anne, they're peachy :)

In light of the celebration here is a list, aka the Cumpleaños Quatro, of things I simply adore about one of my dearest friends Kaylie King.

1. She is soooo talented. I'm talking staring-in-the-spring-opera-at-BYU talented. Trying to hear the voice of an angel? Just listen to her sing, you will be satisfied.
2. She is hilarious. Always making me laugh like it is her job. Plus, I tease her a lot a lot and she just goes along with it like a champ. That is the mark of a good friendship I think.
3. Speaking of good friendships... she is the best at them. I am pretty sure I can talk to her about anything, no reservations. She wouldn't ever laugh at or belittle someones problems, just listen to you and then try to help you cope. She is honestly one of the best friends I have ever had.
4. She is determined. When she decides to do something, she will do it. For instance, she just ran her first half marathon. And is doing another one in the fall. And probably many more to come. And that is just one of the few things she has resolved to do and been successful at. She is a great example in that regard.

So Happy Birthday, my sweet girl! I am so lucky that you don't mind being my friend, because you are the best of the best!

fist pump, it's the weekend!

That was the theme of friday-sunday, because the weekend was sooooo exciting.
Alright maybe not that exciting, but it was pretty delightful... with lots of activities aka this post is about to be a novel. Oh well I don't mind.

The activities included:
1. a death-like journey up Camelback Mountain Friday morning
2. a nannying palooza
3. LOTS of caffeinated beverages
4. pool time
5. pita jungle and yogurtland
6. great deals at urban, which resulted in the loss of all my nannying monies.
7. my first, and last, official dance party
8. a dinner party fiesta, with lots of good eats and friends

Firstly, Camelback.
I am not sure what inspired this, but I am really into hiking right now. So naturally for our first hiking adventure of the summer, we decided to hike Camelback Moutain, aka the most difficult thing you could ever make yourself do in the city of Phoenix.
Despite the required early morning waking time (4 am to be exact. dedicated right?), the heat, the boulders, the strenuous hills, and getting passed by the same black lady about 3 times, it was really fun. My girl Shawntae and another friend Dan proved to be excellent company. I was laughing probably the entire time. So much that a man stopped us on our way down and claimed that we were having too much fun for hiking Camelback.
Yeah well try hanging out with such great people all the time, sir.
You would collapse to the ground in laughter too.

before we were hating being alive. aka the beginning of the trek.

halfway view. I HEART AZ.

right about the time a grandpa came and told us the number one rule is "not to sit down". Thank you grandpa, let me ponder that while I relax on this boulder.

don't even tell me we didn't conquer that mountain. also, how great is dan's nacho shirt?

So then we went to breakfast at Crackers, probably completely negating the effects of the hike. But ask me if I care....... nope. It was delicious.
After a much needed shower, I had to go nanny for the rest of the day, night, and next day. It was quite the adventure, one that included cupcake making, swimming, robin hood watching, game playing... the works. Then Saturday afternoon when I finally made it home, I showered again
(I am really good at being dirty all the time during the summer)
and then the evening party began. Dinner at Pita Jungle with Shawntae and Kara was DIVINE, of course.... But for some reason my falafel was the size of my head so I couldn't finish... for once in my life.
Thankfully that did leave enough room for some Yogurtland lovin, so what did we do? Went and loved all things frozen yogurt of course! Except they didn't have any gummy worms OR animal cookies and I was a little upset about that.

I did not eat three cups. Only a very large one. Also, don't mind my semi-ridiculous face.

Then we hit up Mill.
Oh how I love Mill.
For example, Gandolf was there painting murals for people. I wish I had a picture to prove it, it was a little scary but really funny. Just one reason why it is good to have a boyfriend with you when journeying up and down the street. Too bad no one is cool enough for that position at the moment :)
Also, urban is having the sale of the century right now. Mistake going inside, because naturally when everything is like TEN BUCKS, I have to get the top 7 favorite things I see.

Oh retail therapy, you will get the best of me one day.

Then at this point we decided we shouldn't spend any more money and so we headed to the party of the century. Aka my first legit legit legit dance party.

Let me just say... I love dancing.
But not in 150 degrees.
Not with 400 people
Not getting molested in a dance-like way.
In short, I am not all about dance parties.
And as a result, we left after about 30 short minutes of socializing and trying to stay cool.
Good thing we had QT and Las Sendas hill to keep us company :)

Now to Sunday.
Don't worry, I am alllmmoooosttttt done.
So we do this thing in my singles ward where someone hosts a dinner every month, and you sign up to go to whoever's house you desire. The point is to mingle with other singels in hopes of getting married probably. But I am not trying to do that every day, so I just go for a good time and lots of laughs. Which is almost guaranteed. Well last night, it was at my dearest Amy's house, so naturally I was assisting in every way possible. Aka I made salsa (which was pretty freaking good, i should add. Sorry to toot my own horn, but toot toot :), bought ice cream and made cookies.

Sometimes it is so fun to be domestic.

Then the gathering began. Basically I love my friends. They are so funny and adorable, I could smooch them all.
They actually make it tempting to just stay here in Mesa and attend ASU for the rest of my days.
That is like a huge deal.
So good job team, you make my heart super happy.

don't mind us, we just try to smoke everyone out of the house.

el gang

oh hi maternity dress

and the lovely hostesses.
*photos courtesy of amy lee berry, the bombshell in the middle. spanks :)*

So, as it turns out, I spent the last 4ish days pretty much NOT at home.
Which I am still coming to terms with because usually I am thheeee biggest home body.
I guess my family doesn't mind all that much, because when I rolled in the door last night at 9:30, I recieved zero ridicule.
Which is cool because I am really enjoying all these fun summertime activites.
Thank heavens for family
Thank heavens for friends
Thank heavens for the desert
Thank heavens for swimming pools
for sweet treats
for long drives
and fiestas
and life.
It's all pretty fun, if I haven't made that apparent enough :)


too bad I am such a muggle

I may or may not be a slight Harry Potter freak.
Nicole and I play Harry Potter trivia all the days of our lives, and we win every time because yes, I am just that smart at all things Harry Potter.
So naturally, I am trying to make as much of it real life as possible.
Aka while I was eating Jelly Bellies at work today, I thought that it would be such a good idea to look up all the Bertie Botts flavors.
The results really made me laugh

The worst one I ever tried was rotten egg. I almost threw up all over everyone, not lying.
Sometimes it stinks being a Muggle.



A bizzare post for the middle of the summer but....
I simply can't wait to go back to school.
To be back in Provo.
To be back at my lovely BYU

Do do things like this.

                            And for this

And to be with people like this

I am far too excited for my own good :)


history does NOT repeat itself

Today's items of business:
1. My job
2. My hair
3. My teeth
Sorry that each of those began with "my". I am just soooooo self centered.

#1. My job
Alright so I was driving the 40 minute trek to work this morning and something occured to me, mostly because I was running REEALLLLLY late.
"Why were you running so late Brooke?"
Oh well it's all because I went on another epic bike ride this morning, but I left far later than usual aka 5:50am. Then my shower was longer than usual, I ate breakfast longer than usual and goofed around with mom (NOT longer than usual because that always happens.) Then I had to gas up aka give away my life savings to fill up my lovely car. But since I was at Circle K, I had to go inside and get a diet dr. pepper. I mean, it was 8:20am already. So then I finally got on the road, and of course all the slowest drivers in America decided to be driving on the 202 at the same time. Awesome. I was such the speed racer this morning.
So then as I was driving like the said speed racer I thought "Brooke, why are you so stressed about getting to work on time?"
Ok, let me describe last year when I was home. I worked at Courtesy Chevrolet for about 7 months in between my adventures in Provo and Rexburg. And let me just tell you. If you are looking for a surefire way to have a heart attack or a hernia or both EVERY DAY, get the job I had. I know I get stressed pretty easily, but it truly was the most stressful  job of my life.
I loved it in the end, but everyone was crazy. Literally crazy.
SO. Fast forward to now.
I am working at Courtesy Chevrolet again, but this time it's in a new department, with a new boss, new people, new schedule, new everything. Including a new level of stress.
Aka..... NONE
No stress! It is the most chill job on the planet! (Hence the reason why I can blog every single day while I am here.... shhh don't tell...... it's because things are that un-busy!)
It has taken me forever to get used to this because I am not accustomed to not having a panic attack everyday. I feel like it is neccessary if I work here or something. But as I realized all of this on my drive this morning, I decided I am going to quit stressing about being late sometimes.
I am going to quit stressing about taking my lunch and my breaks.
I am going to quit stressing if people see me talking to other people.
and history is not repeating itself in the case of my job.
Ah I am so pleased with myself for finally getting smart :)

Ok #2. My hair.
So I like dying my hair.
A lot.
Like maybe I am in love with it.
And I am okay with that because it makes my heart happy.
Exhibit A.
 (Don't mind me, the fumes were obviously damaging the part of my brain that says "be normal for this picture Brooke". NBD)

My mom is usually less than thrilled with what I do with my locks. I mean it's not like I have ever been super black, or platinum blonde or anything. She just prefers my natural hair color.
(which is "dead mouse brown" by the way)
So it is always touch and go when I color my hair, whether or not my mom approves.
Well, alert the pope because the other day, this conversation happened:

Mckay: "Brooke, I really like your hair color right now"
Me: "Thanks Mckay". Happy to have his approval.
Mom: "Yeah I really really like it too. It looks great."

WHAT THE?!?!?!?!?
Huge deal in hair-dying-history. Mom likes my hair. That makes me happy. And this long and pointless paragraph was simply to notify the world of this.

#3. My teeth.
Such the dilema.
All I have to say is I really need to stop drinking a gallon of diet soda every day if all the money I spend on white strips is going to be worth while. I mean hello brown teeth? Not cute.
(For the record, my teeth are not brown. Don't tell people that, whoever you are.)

And one final thing. So I had mono from about March-May.
Yeah super awesome.
Anyhow, my tonsils came out to play like no body's business, and one day my mom came up with the awesome idea of documenting it. Aka she took a picture.
And I found it the other day.
Check this out
so epically gross, I don't know how I was living with myself.

Anyways, on that awesome note


Parcheesi is a game for heathens.

**Disclaimer: this is going to be a pretty lardy (aka super long) post. So brace yourselves. Whoever it is that decides it's a good idea to read this besides me HAHA.**

So this weekend was really a pretty great one. I mean, which weekend ISN'T great, but this one had an extra dose of greatness drizzled on top. 
Here is why.
First, every one in my family decided to ditch me on friday night so I had the WHOLE house to myself. MWAHAHA. Kidding I am so not a devil child, but it did give me the chance to do whatever the heck my little heart desired.
Which included:
1. A little retail therapy trip to Anthro. Don't even ask me how much I spent. Also while I was there, I saw this chair in the flesh and I heart it even more than when I saw it online. Kill me now, I want it SO BEEYAD!

2. Even more retail therapy with my girl Shawntae Ridenhour at Target. Showing a little more restraint, I only spent $13 yay AND got a great shirt. AH i love shopping a leeetle too much.

3. Party at yogurtland with aforementioned girl Shawntae and our new, slightly hilarious friend Dan. I may or may not think he is the greatest thing since sliced bread.
Also, I typed that as "beard" as first. Sliced beard HAHAHA.

4. More party, this time back at my house with lots of chips, salsa, starburst and rockband. After Dan left around 12:14 am, Shawntae and I assumed our posts as we waited for lover Amy Berry to get off work and show up for the fiesta. Which she finally did around 1:45 am the poor dear. What happened between then and about 4 am when we finally fell asleep pretty much I don't remember because I was so tired, but we laughed. A lot. Good thing my friends and I are all so funny. It makes life more exciting :)

 This was not friday night, but the point is this. Aren't they so lovely? I mean for reals.

So then Saturday my adorable brother Mckay got home from scout camp wahoo and we decided that we should go visit the parents, aka swim in the sweet pool, at the Hyatt in Scottsdale where they spent the weekend. It was BOMB. Got a little sunkissed, drank legit drinks minus alcohol, lalala the works. I love my family, they are really funny and great to be with. Especially horsing around in the pool :) Then we came home just in time for Ty getting home from his scout camp, ate leftover Thai food (my lips are still on fire when I think about that. Sidenote about myself: I do not do spicy well. AT ALL.), and then watched I am Legend. I still cry when the dog dies and when Will Smith is talking to that mannequin in the movie store. Another sidenote:
Then after that palooza, we were all too tired to do anything else so what do we do? Oh hey, watch another movie. We are really good at marathon movie watching at my house. But it's ok, because it was an AWESOME one. Men of Honor with Cuba Gooding Jr. I am not sure what it's rated because we recorded it on t.v., but I highly highly highly recommend it.

Then sunday of course was Father's Day. I already compiled my great birthday post a week ago, but I will say it again. I love my dad con todo mi corazon, enough said. After going to my favorite singles ward, we did the standard blast M. Buble, grill, set the table, eat dinner, dance around dishes party. Then we opened dad's gifts, shared our favorite things about him and decided to play a game.

Here is where things get interesting.
Ok so I am really curious to know if this happens everywhere or if it is just my family. So we love the game Parcheesi. But about halfway into every game we ever play, it turns into a death match. Aka everyone gangs up on another person *cough* me *cough* and just thinks it is the funniest thing ever because I take it like a champ.
But really it is a super fun game, and even though everyone gets frusterated and basically yells the whole time. we all laugh and have a grand ol' time. It's pretty weird. I don't know why we still play actually but whatev.

So that brings me to this morning. I am not going to recap everything I have done because my Monday's just aren't that exciting.
I did go on a slightly epic bike ride this morning. And I may sound like a broken record, but SHEESH. I love being out in the desert in the morning, just speeding up and down hills, and around corners and such like I own Las Sendas. 
Which I kind of do. 
The point is, working out at 5am is probably the greatest way to start the day.
I usually disagree with myself when the alarm rings, BUT I have discovered the perfect way to make sure I get up in the morning. 
A full bladder ensures rising extra early, which makes it much easier to simply stay out of bed, put on my gear, and go sweat my brains out.
Good thing I am the smartest girl in America.
Let's just see if that trick works tomorrow. 

And I know this is getting super long, but ask me
if I care......................................................

Yeah, I don't
So here are a few more items of business.
I am basically obsessed with a few, really 10, great songs right now, which I would like to share with the world.

1. Turn the Page (100 miles)- Rookie of the Year. It's a really simple song, but there it makes my heart really happy. Like when I pop out of bed in the morning, it's a dance party to this.

2. Mykonos- Fleet Foxes. First of all, anything to do with Greece intrigues me. Plus this song has excellent harmonies. And I am all about harmonies aka singing along with them.

3. You Are the Best Thing- Ray LaMontagne. Actually anything by him is amazing, but this song makes me want to dance at a wedding. Preferably my own, but no such luck as of yet :)

4. The Fisherman Song- Mae. You cannot, CANNOT listen to the lyrics of this song and not feel inspired. Plus, it is so incredibly BRILLIANT musically. I can't get over how talented the boys of Mae are. It is insane

5. Communication- Mae. Yet another amazing work of art. PLUS it 100% percent ties into the Fisherman Song. And that kind of correlation makes me REALLY excited.

6. My Time- Fabolous & Jeremih. Thug life, right? But seriously, this is a great workout song. It makes me feel like I can dominate everyone in the world. Or at least run up intense hills and stuff. Regardless, it is one of the few hippy-hoppy-rappy songs that I know all the words to, and I actually love it.

7. 1901- Phoenix. It's like a semi dance party song. In a weird Indie way. Great.

8. 1983- Neon Trees. This is mine and Mckay's theme song when we play fooseball. The whole Neon Trees album is fab-o, but this song is extra funtastic.

9. What Were We Made For- Saosin. Cove Reber's voice makes me gaga. This song is not so much like other Saosin stuff, but I really like the lyrics. Oh and did I mention I LOVE COVE REBER?

10. Inside Out- Yellowcard. Ok how 7th grade am I? Don't even think I care, because I don't. I had this intense love affair with the Ocean Avenue album while I lived in FL my freshman year of high school, and this song epitomizes all happy things for me. It is SUPER fun to listen to at top volume during a drive in the middle of the day. Super fun.

Ok this is absurd. I am staging an intervention with myself and ending this post right now. BYE.

p.s. remember that awesome summer playlist i created and shared a bit ago? Yeah well it has sky rocketed from 30 to 171 songs. I am probably on crack.


"Hey its Christian"

That is the text message I got last night at 8:41 pm.
Side note: Christian is currently serving a mission in Uruguay.
 I'm thinking that he just has some really clever siblings who like to make me laugh.
Which I did. So good job team.

A few more items of business.
Ok, so I know rated R movies are supposed to be edited before they can be shown on t.v. And I think that once upon a time, that truly was the case.
Last night, we were watching Saving Private Ryan, which we had tivo-d of course, and I know for a fact that the only things edited were a few choice swear words.
Violence? Nope.
Gore? Definitely not.
Needless to say, I was a little irked by the time the movie was over.
Dont get me wrong, it was a fantastic, moving, incredible story and I really enjoyed most of it.
But COME ON PEOPLE. If you are going to "edit" a movie, at least make it legit! Think of the young kids who are probably going to see those things! This world is a little scary, seeing how much it allows these days. I wish I could make myself stop watching movies we record on t.v..... but sometimes they are just way too good to pass up! (Saving Private Ryan= exhibit A)
Ah. Such the dilema.

And one more thing.
I think World Market is probably the most magical home decor place in the WORLD. Don't even tell me my whole house won't look EXACTLY like the store, as soon as I actually have a house.
Because it will.


don't freak out....

.... Because yes I AM going to post one more thing. Just like I will write in my journal as many times as I please in a day, I will do the same virtually. NBD. 
This is lovely anyways.
So I found this little gem while reading Atlas Shrugged.

"...The sense of eagerness, of hope and of secret excitement [...] It was as if normal existence were a photograph of shapeless things in badly printed colors, but this was a sketch done in a few sharp strokes that made things seem clean, important - and worth doing"

If this doesn't epitomize the way that some things in life can make people feel, then I don't know what does.
An emotion-packed film, an encounter with something beautiful in nature, an incredible song, time spent with  loved ones, a spiritual experience, a good book, a quiet morning, an epic run, a gorgeous sunset... There are so many moments that I think can be described as sort of "out-of-body amazing." I have always wondered how to better describe them,
and Ayn Rand did it for me.
Thank you Ayn :)

viva mediterranean food!

So I have probably found my new favorite thing to eat EVER.
Or at least it's now on the top 10 list.
Which is maybe not that big of a deal because mostly I am not a picky eater.
But still.
Anyways, my new found favorite meal *drum roll*:
Tabouli, aka a delicious cilantro-esque sald, with hummus and wheat sandwhich thins.

And if the tabouli is from Pita Jungle, big fat plus because oh wait I don't know how to make it yet HA.
Also, I would probably be addicted to Pita Jungle's falafel too if my budget allowed it.
Alas, I eat too much yogurtland, so my food funds are limited.
I think it's about time I get rich.


Feliz Cumpleaños Padre!

Yes yes, it is my sweet dad's birthday today and I am therefore compiling a list of the things I love most about him.
The Cumpleaños Quatro! Arriba!

1. He is the most kind, patient, gentle, loving man I have ever known, ever ever ever. Nothing satisfies him more than the happiness of his family, and I don't think there has ever been even ONE time when he has asked for something just simply because he wants it. He always has the families best interest at heart, even if he might like something different. And he loves me even when I am grumpy. Now that is amazing :) He also loves my mom SO MUCH. He would do anything for her, there is no doubt in my mind about that. He treats her like a queen... foot massages, favorite meals, hugs, kisses, the works. They are best friends and he shows it, every single day. I will be lucky if I can find someone HALF as amazing as my dad. So.... good luck all potential suitors, he has set the bar real high!

2. He is also and AMAZING musician. He can sing like nobody's business, and he can pick up any instrument and play little ditties like its nothing. It amazes me. In fact, when he was first at BYU, he was invited to be one of their young ambassadors. Which is kind of a big deal. I may or may not be sort of jealous of his amazing musical skills, but I also love seeing and hearing the ramifications because my dad is so very talented.

3. He works exceptionally hard. I have the wonderful priveledge of working in the same place as my dad so I get to see him "in action" if you will. He is one of the big guys on campus, and it is so fun for me to see how intense he works, and how much the people love and respect him! He definitely gives 150% every day.

4. He loves the gospel. He loves the Savior. He KNOWS the scriptures. He has his priorities straight. Often times, he will study the Ensign or the Book of Mormon during his lunch break. This has been so amazing for me to see, and such a wonderful example! Even though he is soooo busy, he still takes time out of his day to focus on the things that truly matter.

I could go on and on with this list, but these are the things that have always impressed me most about him. Basically I have the best father in the world, better than I could have ever asked for. Thanks dad, for being my rock and for being such an amazing man! I love you to bits!

p.s. Isn't he the handsome-est?!
We all think he is a closet model.
So do all the women who ever meet him :)


weekends are for the warriors

And what a lovely weekend it was! Mom came home from camp *YAY!*... It's funny, whenever someone in the family is gone for a few days, it's like a light in our home goes out. It's depressing! Needless to say, I am glad we are all reunited. And don't remind me that Ty and Mckay leave for scout camp in a few days. sniff.

So, not much went down this last fin de semana... Just a lot of movie watching, foozeball playing, golden-spooning, dancing, rockbanding, laughing, cleaning, and fun-having.
The boys (including padre) and I went and saw Prince of Persia on Friday night.
Which I give one thumb down, one thumb half down and maybe a rasberry.
Yes, the spitting kind.
I mean, ok.
I love Jake Gyllenhal's body acting,
and the plot was okay.
But it just kind of felt like a silly movie, on action steroids.
Yes I know it is Disney.
Also did you know I love Disney?
And I guess it wasn't THAT bad.
But I liked Robin Hood better. For the record.

Then on Saturday, we did nothing. Okay maybe a little cleaning, and a lot of foozeball tournaments, with some rockband sprinkled here and there.
Let me just tell you. I am like slightly professional at foozeball and rockband. Like why am I not a drummer?
Or a guitarist?
Or a soccer player?
I just don't know.
Also while Mckay and I were having our jam sesh, Maggie decided she wanted to go on a picnic and started hauling our cooler all over the house.
Funniest. Thing. Ever.

how is everyone NOT in love with her? HELLO.

Then later in the afternoon, after playing 9 gruling games of foozeball, Mckay and I went to Golden Spoon
where we saw the drunkest girl EVER. What a joke haha.

Upon our return home and after gorging on Senor Taco (shrimp burritos, naturally) the family watched Invictus.
AWESOME movie.
First, inspirational sports movies always make me cry. As did this one. Automatic thumbs up.
Also, I looovvveeee Morgan Freeman, and his portrayal of Nelson Mandela was BRILLIANT.
Am I going to read his biography now?
Um yes.

Then Sunday. Oh I love Sundays.
They usually go as follows.
Wake up around 11 *probably the best part of my week*
Eat, shower, la la la.
Depart for singles ward while the family attends their ward
Come home
Crank Michael Buble
Everyone makes dinner and sets the table, while simultaneously dancing and singing
Eat on the patio
Clean up

It's not just a simple clean up though, oh no no no.
Every Sunday when it is time to do the dishes, we blast the Newsies soundtrack
And sing like there's no tomorrow. Also maybe choreograph a little bit too

It is the BEST way to do dishes, let me tell you.
Also yesterday mom decided it would be a great idea to smear the ABSURDLY green frosting from the carrot cake we were eating all over her mouth. I can vouch for her. It WAS a great idea.

How much am I Charlie Chaplin except with a green stache?

My mom is the best.

Also, look at my cute brother. AH. If he is this adorable at 12, imagine him in 5 years.
Look out ladies

So in a not-so-nutshell, this was the weekend.
Mostly, I love my family, and I think I am pretty lucky because they are the coolest.


2008 was great

Una mas cosa.
I came across this gem again a few days ago,
and it made my heart happy. Also it made my mouth laugh.

Oh Hansel. Oh Freshman year. Oh Denny's at 1am. Oh best grandma costume EVER.
Don't mind me. I am just making that face because I can't believe
that is my real hair
I love this photo for more reasons than I can say.
Thank you BYU for making my freshman year the raddest.

mamma mia

My sweet mom is at girls camp for the week
Which has left me as pseudo mother for a few days, which I am fine with because I love taking care of my brothers and cleaning and such.
The past two days of my life have gone as follows:

Wake up.
Drive Mckay to football.
Go home and eat breakfast.
Drive Ty to sports camp.
Go home and shower.
Pick up Mckay from football.
Go home and hurry to either unload the dishwasher
feed maggie
or throw a load of laundry in and then
Pick Ty up from sports camp

This all goes on before noon
The rest of the afternoon consists of more driving
to friend's houses,
to walmart
to target
to the neighbors
to voice lessons
to the gas station...

I am aware that the life of a mother is very busy, and includes many hours of being the proverbial "taxi" for the kiddos.
But I really really REALLY love driving, so I would think that task would be to my liking.
But by the end of the day yesterday, I was so sick of being in my car,
as great of a car as it is,
that when I had to get up and make the half hour drive in to work this morning,
I was super NOT excited.
Maybe it's because I used a half tank of gas in TWO DAYS.
Yeah, that just happened

So mostly what I am trying to say is my eyes have been opened *yet again* to the business of the life of my mom.... And most moms out there. I am so grateful for the hours she has spent hauling us around from school, to seminary, softball and football games, piano lessons, cross country meets, movies, friends houses, the pool, etc. It takes a great amount of patience and love to be a mom, and I am SO thankful that I can call this tremendous woman "mom"

What a beautiful woman! She is the kindest, most amazing chef-est, funniest, sassiest, amazing-est person I know. Aka my best-est friend ever.

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