an ode to my single life

It's weird that today is my last full day in Provo as a young 
SINGLE adult.

Call me queen cheese ball, but it makes me very nostalgic and kind of sad.
(NOT sad to be getting married. Just sad to end this chapter of my life. The only chapter I've known for a lot of years now)
So I have some things to say.

To Southridge, my utterly ghetto-but-still-homey apartment of the last 2 years, I love you.
To my wonderful ward and the people I have unrelentingly learned from and laughed with, I love you.
To my job in the Hinckley building, where I spent countless hours doing cool alumni things and having a little too much fun given the nature of my job, I love you.
To my friends, who I shared many a laugh, a cry, a sonic drink, a girls night, and a time-wasting 
sunny day with, I love you.
To my single self, the one who indulged in a little too much irresponsibility, too many late nights, too much eating out, too many shopping trips, and too much fun with your friends, I guess love you....

And finally to my dear fiance, who stepped back into my life last summer and completely changed it for the better, helping me realizes things I needed to make different in my life, and then see the things that I should be okay with. You have been with me my entire college career thus far (even if 2 years of it, you were just living in letters!), from our time of 18 year-old goofy single-dom through our engagement, and you will be with me through the remainder of it, as well as through the rest of my life... I really love you.

A lot has happened, and a lot more is yet to come. 
And all I can say is boy I am thankful for my life!


trippin, of the road sort

As Christian and I prepare to head south this Thursday (!!!!!!!),
I have compiled a list of road trip essentials.

- Pit stops. I have a little problem where I drink a TON, and thus I have to relieve myself a TON. 
It's great when you have a beautiful place to stop like Lake Powell. 
*No, I'm not insinuating that I pee IN Lake Powell. Although, it might be kind of nice.... Anyways....* 
- You must have boy band cd's, and a man who will let you listen to them.
Because let's be real, who's not trying to enjoy Justin Timberlake and Nick Carter in their glory days?!

- Beef jerky
This is self explanatory.
Also, sometimes when we drive through the rez in northern Arizona, I'm tempted to pull over and purchase some homemade jerky. Is this too sketchy? Or is the deliciousness worth it?

- A good book.
Since Thanksgiving, every time we have driven home, we have been reading "Outliers" together during the long hours. It passes the time, and provides LOTS of great conversation topics.
And over the next 3 weeks, we will be driving for approximately 59 total hours sooo.....
perfect reason to listen to the Eragon series and the Total Money Makeover to pass the time!

- Sunglasses.
So you can look into the sun and not feel bad about it!!!!

- A sun roof.
This is only applicable if it's April or later, you are driving to Arizona, and your car is cool enough to have one. Check, check, and check.

-Salt and vinegar pringles, subway, peanut m&ms and twizzlers.
We are foodie people.
Thus, we must be accompanied by our favorite eats!

- And of course, you must have a clean car, with a new air freshener, and a cute dude who you just so happen to be marrying NEXT WEEKEND.

It's going to be a good drive, I can feel it!


tales from my childhood: I'm athletic and stuff

When I was 13 years old, my parents got me a gym membership.
Something about wanting to teach me the importance of staying healthy or something??

My dad used to wake me up at the buttcrack of dawn and haul me to cycling classes.
I never really felt out of place because let's be honest, when I was 13 I looked like I was 21.
Also, I am a natural born athlete. 
Also, what 13 year old is actually cognitive and paying attention to things at 5:30 in the morning?
That's the most important question.
Needless to say, after many hours of painful classes and a very sore tush, my parents instilled within me a love for physical activity at a very young age.

Also, one of the few times I was allowed to go to the gym with a friend WITHOUT adult supervision, 
the number 3 funniest moment in my life happened. Allow me to paint the picture:
I walked into 24Hour Fitness like I owned the place. 
Promptly decide that the stair master looks like a good idea.
After about 3 minutes, I became ultra bored with my meandering pace.
What goes through my head?
"I will turn it to the highest level for optimum workout success!!"
Or something like that.
In no time, I was sprinting and feeling awesome.
There was just one problem.
I was now moving so fast that I couldn't get close enough to the buttons to slow down.
Aka I was trapped on the stair master.
For a good, and very frightening, 2 minutes.
Thankfully, my friend was on the ball and reached over to stop the machine before I was exercised to death.
That would have been awkward.

So there you have it.
Thankfully I have mastered the art of going to the gym without it being a troubling experience.
And it only took me 10 years to do it.

 Also, if you really wanted to by me this retroawesome Cannondale, I wouldn't even be mad about it.
That's all.


it's the end of the semester as we know it

In 16 days, I will be a married woman.  
I don't even have words to describe how this makes me feel, so I'm not going to try.

Also, when I reach pivotal times in my life like this, I get very reflective.
In doing so, I realized that I have hardly disclosed information about the boring details in my life this semester.


So here goes.
I have been going to school part time, taking an English class, a business lecture series,
and LDS Marriage and Family.... naturally.
We are the quintessential young BYU couple. And I don't even feel bad about it.

I have also been working 2 jobs.
One for the Alumni career services at BYU, and the other at a group home for teenage girls.
Let's just say it has been a very interesting, exciting, and emotionally taxing semester haha.

I had also been the relief society president in my singles ward, and was released at the beginning of February
Given the nature of my two jobs, being in school, and being engaged this ended up being  the most TREMENDOUS blessing.

Given all of these things, I have learned a great deal over the last 3 months.
Both with yourself, other people, and circumstances. 
Nothing leads to frustration quicker than impatience.
 Rather seek to love them as the Savior does. Don't even worry about their circumstances, just love them.
Sister Julie B. Beck made me feel especially at ease about this, as she had similar experiences.
Walks. Nature. Church. Frozen Yogurt. Conversation. A pretty tree. Sunshine. Laughter. Retail therapy. Service. Cooking. Scripture study. Prayers. A good tv show. Conference talks. Crying. Classical music. Brothers. Nail polish. Delicious food. You get the idea.
If I am already seeing this, imagine how I'm going to feel when kiddies start coming along!
 Seriously, sleep has evaded me this semester. 
And if there is one thing that always makes me feel better, it's rest. 
Either that, or Zumba ;)
And finally.... THE LORD IS ON YOUR SIDE.  
As hard as things get sometimes, there is always one person who knows exactly what you are going through. That knowledge alone is enough to fill me with joy, and encourage me to keep going.

As cruddy as they feel sometimes, we should be so thankful for our trials. 
Without them, we would never learn so many awesome lessons!


a day

In the last 24 hours, I....

- talked with my adorable sister in law Elise.
 (as I am only 3 weeks away from gettig married, I hereby deem it appropriate to start calling the Carter's their proper in-law names)

- slept 9 hours straight. 
I was really excited about this, oooobviously

- didn't work my normal morning shift (!!!!!)

- watched big cat diaries. Did you know baboons will sometimes chase leopards away from their territory? Who knew they were so violent and cool?!

- shook my tail feathers at Zumba

- bought chocolate milk. 
then drank it.
Great post workout recovery!

- took vehicle to car wash, and MAAYYYBBEEE I listened to the entirety of Justin Bieber's new song while I sat in the car wash.

- cleaned out said vehicle, going as far as busting out the colorox wipes. 
Safe for leather? Probably not. But they worked like a charm.

- mixed 3 of my nail polishes together, (I was feeling creative...) and strained my forearm in the intense process of bottle-shaking.
That definitely won't become a regular thing.

- started packing my room, because OH WAIT Christian and I go home in 2 weeks ahhhhh.

- drove to 2 different gas stations in search of my favorite car fresheners. 
I'm obsessed.
And in case you need proof....
You might think I should take it down a notch.
I think I shouldn't.

I guess after all this, here is what I realized.
Sometimes, a shakeup in your normal routine is super awesome.
Aka not working the morning shift yesterday was the most beautiful part of my week thus far.
I have a feeling that might change tonight however....

Kimber is throwing me a bridal shower tonight with all my lovely lady friends.
Bring on the laughter is all I have to say.


this weekend....

We spent some much needed time together and with family, away from Provo, school, work, and most importantly... 
our gross apartment complex. 

Seriously though, that is one thing I am thrilled for when it comes to this whole getting married thing. 
We can move out of our 70's relic, Southridge, and start living the high life!
(Probably not, but it's a nice idea)

Anyways, I digress.
This weekend, we also got to watch general conference, which was as uplifting as ever. 
I'm so thankful for spiritually filling things like that. 
It's wonderful to be filled with fresh resolve to do better.

Not much else happened. 
Just lots of unadulterated snuggly time on the couch. 
Can't say I minded much, even though lazing around all day and eating so much food made me feel like a FAT LARD.
Guess you can't have your cake and eat it too, right?
(Also, you can't have your cake and then feel skinny after eating it too, in case you were wondering. I tried this weekend after eating a slice of Martha Stewart cream cheese poundcake, and failed. Yes, it was delicious. No, I don't even feel bad about it!)

So here is a fun, but mostly weird, fact: Remember my thing with painting my toenails?
Yeah, well I got dangerously close to breaking my streak yesterday.
Case in point:
*Warning, awkward feet picture ahead*
more fun fact: I have had that toe ring for approximately 7 years.
And probably I have only taken it off maybe 8 times.
My fellow toe ring wearers know what I'm talking about...

Final fun fact: Did you know Christian's favorite thing to do these days is giving me foot massages?
Yeah. I know. He doesn't even judge me for my sad unpainted nails and flipper-like appendages!
That's a good man I've got right there.

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