wellness wednesday: may music

Top 3 Favorite Workout Songs
- May Edition - 
It's summer! Which means it's time I bust out some nostalgic tunes, a la the 90's, the inspiration behind my favorite work out songs this month.

Best warm up song:
Mo Money, Mo Problems- Notorious B.I.G.

Not much needs to be said about this song. It's just the ultimate summer-pump-up jam.

Best power song:
Eve 6- Inside Out
If you are going to torture yourself by listening to 90's music while you exercise, this is a great one to include.
At least it's not Creed right?

Best cool down song:
Never Let You Go- Third Eye Blind

One of my all time favorite songs in the history of ever. 
And a great way to end a workout. 
Dance all the way home, whydontcha?

There you have it.
And y'welcome.

* Also if you are looking for some new wonderful indie-inspired music, look no further. 
The latest Noah and the Whale album is pure gold. Listen to it. Now. You won't be sad you did! *


thoughts from the weekend

- The past few nights before I've fallen asleep, I've had swimsuit pattern ideas running through my head. 
This is weird because I have never designed, or sewn, any item of clothing in my life.
(Unless you count when I was 13 years old and we made pajama pants for girls camp . 
Which I don't)
Here's something interesting about yours truly: in the minutes before I fall asleep, I receive a lot of inspiration. Like once I was in this math class and I had been working on a problem for literally 3 hours and I couldn't figure it out. So I went to bed, and lo and behold, the right formula popped into my head right as I was falling asleep. 
First thing in the morning, I woke up, used that very formula, and got the math problem right. 
This happens to me ALL THE TIME. 

- About a month ago, I got the WEIRDEST breakout in the history of ever. 
First, it didn't even coincide with my hormones. WTF body?
Second, it was on my forehead, and in all my acne-stricken years, I've NEVER had problems with my forehead.
Well, praise everything that is good and wonderful, I am finally in remission and my skin looks a little less like chicken flesh and a little more pristine.

- We went to the public pool on Saturday, and I was very surprised at the number of bikinis and fake boobs that assassinated our view. I mean, I thought the beaches in South Florida were bad.
Sometimes Utah county just grosses me the heck out.

- Also... GUYS.
I have never been one to spend a lot of money on shoes. A pair of target flats that costs 20 bucks is steep for me. Well, Christian (in his never ending sweetness) bought me a pair of flats from JCrew as an anniversary gift and it completely changed everything I've ever known about anything.
They are by far the best pair of shoes I've ever owned.
 I am no longer holding myself to only spending 10 bucks on a pair of shoes, because I've been missing out!

- Being in our apartment is the literal worst thing ever these days
As glamorous as our window wells are (NOT) they let in approximately -2% light and even though the weather has been amazing, it still feels like a dungeon. 
Cold, dark and miserable. 
So we do things like spend 8 hours at the gym and make two trips to Walmart in one day, and drive around Orem just for the heck of it. (Cause you know, the scenery here is like the best ever)
Guys. I HATE Walmart. You know things are desperate when we go there twice in one day.
Any solutions for brightening up a basement??
Help a sister out.

- We watched The Man from Snowy River yesterday and as a first-time-watcher, here is what I thought:
First, not an accurate title for the movie. The boy looks like he is 12. It should have been called 
"The Prepubescent Child from Snowy River"
Second, the girls face looked like it was dirty THE WHOLE MOVIE.
I mean, I just wanted to take a makeup wipe to her or something!
Third, I really like horses.
Fourth, Christian and I called each other a "duffer" all night.
Fifth, I think that will be the one and only time I ever watch that movie.

- We are going to Arizona this weekend, both for Nicole's baby shower and as a little anniversary getaway. 
I've never been so excited to bask in 110 degree weather.
(I'm sure my overly-sweaty self will be heartily disagreeing come Friday)
Activities will include: Bryce Canyon, a 25 mile bike ride, sunrise at the Grand Canyon, hiking, swimming, food-ing, not sleeping, and a whole lotta lovin on my best friend and husband.

- And finally, I am really thankful for Christian. 
He makes me laugh, he makes me madder than anyone else.... 
And mostly he just makes me happy. Marriage is strange and hard and wonderful and I'm so thankful that Christian is my partner through it all!
To the man who is obsessively clean, makes the best pancakes, and does an amazing Sean Connery impersonation.....
Love you, ya Duffer.


here's a story

Last night I had a dream that I was married to the prince of Finland.
Two problems with that. 
I didn't know his name, and I DEFINITELY didn't love him. 

(I know this because I kept sneaking off to make out with Christian when my Finnish "husband" wasn't around. Even in my dreams I loved it!)

Anyways, all the sudden I realized that Christian was the prince of Holland
And I too could be royal if I divorced my Finnish husband and married Christian instead! Well, since Christian is a hottie and a much better kisser, I decided to go for it.
Then we became excellent friends with Will and Kate, because ALL royals should be friends, right?
Proof of friendship: she let me help her pick out the bassinet for their baby.
Also she was wearing a glittery sequin mini skirt. 
Get it girl!
Then we moved into our castle (naturally), which was decorated with lots of mahogany and scarlet and velvet, and we lived happily ever after

This is a regular occurrence. 
(The hug, the swoon, the smiles, you get it)
And proof that this man truly is my prince charming. 
Even if he's not from Holland.


smile, it's thursday... which means it's almost friday

I don't feel like posting today, so here's a picture to make you laugh. 

Kudos to you if you get it.

The end.


wellness wednesday: a rant and a story about my shoulder

I'm a stomach sleeper, through and through.
However sometimes, I defy my normal routine and find myself sleeping on my side. 
I tend to scrunch my shoulders in a lot when I sleep like this,
(I think maybe because I only sleep with one, very flat pillow?? Anyone else??)
 and over the last year, it's totally KILLED my right shoulder.
 Like, "it crunches when I move it and my alignment is off" kind of killed it.
This dumb carpal tunnel also affects it so...... yeah. 
Basically I'm 100 years old, and it bothers me.
A lot.

I've been struggling to figure out the best way to help it because let's be real,
 I haven't got the monies for physical therapy and I'm only 23 for goodness sakes!

Well guess what. 
My die hard obsession with weight training is paying off.
Over the last 4 months, I've strengthened my chest, upper back, and shoulder muscles just enough that I can feel my shoulder joints being pulled in nice and tight. And for the first time in body pump on Monday night, it didn't bother me at all
Time for me to get into body building much??

I'm telling you guys. 
Weight bearing exercises are my fountain of youth. 
I swear by the power that's behind strong muscles, both literally and figuratively. 
If you can handle weight lifting, I HIGHLY recommend it because it's so so so good for you!
(Bonus if you can find a good class to go to because I can guarantee you won't ever push yourself as hard as you will in an hour of Body Pump.
Also, you will get super tight bunskies. And who's not all about that, amiright?)

And with that, I end my rant.

 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

update: I'm going to be a weeny for a minute and complain about my dumb body, because well.
I just am. 
This morning I went to Zumba and my legs felt like straight up bowling balls.
Also because I have flat feet, they basically ache ALL THE TIME while I exercise, which is probably a bad thing.... but oh well.
On the upside, at least I won't ever get drafted!
Also, my new wrist brace is off the chain. Except for the fact that when I take it off, my wrist and hand pop and crack for like 10 straight minutes. Also it looks ridiculous, and my boss has taken to calling me CT
(for "carpal tunnel" of course!)
which is cool and kind of ridiculous I guess.
ALSO I have shin splints because of.... my feet? Over enthusiasm? Bad knees? All the above?
Basically I'm just really tired this morning, the past few days have SLAYED me and I don't have the energy to be happy or mad or anything.
I'm just...........
Really complain-y. 
The end.


the littlest suddenly lost his "little"

This nugget turned 15 on Sunday.
How in the?!

It seems like just yesterday when he was obsessed with VW beetles
(or "a lady bug car!")
 and when he thought dog food=cookies.

Happy birthday sweet brother. You are the smartest, most hilarious and witty 15 year old I know. 
I love you 1 more than you'll ever say!


a few things

- Christian and I went on a bit of a Provo food crawl this weekend, and I just HAVE to share these gems. 
First is a little hole in the wall called El Salvador Restaurant. They serve a variety of food, but we went for the pupusas. They were beyond cheap
($6.50 for a hugely filling meal for both of us!)
And they were unbelievably good. This place is about as authentic, cheap and tasty as it gets.
Eating out is probably my favorite thing to do. 
Obviously. Look at my face.
Maybe we also visited Blue Pablano twice this weekend....
and the Al Pastor is probably my new favorite thing. You can't ever go wrong with fruit on a taco!
Also why had I never been to Yuki before?!?!
The cucumber mint shave ice was unreal!

- BSB has a new album coming out this summer, AND a U.S. tour.
I'm seriously beside myself. 
 Oh AJ. 
Always rockin the douche-tastic shades.

- We are going to Arizona next weekend, and 
Christian, being the darling man he is, has planned our drive and Mesa itinerary down to the minute. 
(Dare I say he's more excited for this trip than I am!)
I am so thankful we live so close to such a beautiful place. Even though my family doesn't live there any more, Mesa will always hold a special place in our hearts.

- Last week, I was talking to Jack
(one of the 3 children we babysit. more on that.... at some point ha)
I was asking him if he wanted to make his mom a mothers day card, and told him he could draw some things that she likes on it. 
His response: 
"Yeah like zucchinis! She loves zucchinis"
Ohhhhh children.
This is why I love babysitting those hooligans and being a primary teacher. We are never short on laughs. 
That's Jack on the left.
He didn't want to stand closer to Christian for the picture because they were playing monkey in the middle, and he was afraid the ball was going to be stolen. 
Notice how Christian is also holding Ashton back, preventing potential aforementioned ball stealing.
This is all completely typical.
Little rascals.

Anyways. That's all.


josh groban diaries part II

I pulled out my old journals again today and guys. 
I've got another gem for you. 

The ever-so-evil-Amanda

"Sunday February 2, 2003

So I was on the web* today and I was reading more things on Josh Groban. He apparently had a date to the AMA's!!!! :( It showed a picture of them hugging!!! :( I about cried when I saw it. He's supposed to be single!!!! Her name is Amanda, and I guess she sings too. Do you know how many people on his forum* want him and her to do a duet together?!?! They were all trying to be nice and supportive about it, but me, no!! I'm just thinking "I saw him first Amanda. Buzz off!" Now I know that is mean.... But I love Josh for pitys sake!!!! There was also a thread on a Groban forum about everyone's favorite Josh songs and if you will turn the page..... (page turn)....."

This is followed by another full page of explaining my favorite Josh Groban songs and why. I will spare you. 
You should know, however, that I signed this entry as GROBANGURL, surrounded by a gaggle of hearts. 
You should also know that a few entries later I get even classier by signing

Heaven help us if our teenage girls are anything like me.

*apparently I didn't know it's actually called the internet
* what website was I looking at that was purely forums?! Such the noob.



I've been inspired by some of my favorite bloggers  (like 4 months ago. I'm late to the game, but I'm suffering from a mild case of bored-isis) so here goes:

- I listen to the Little Women soundtrack when I'm sad.
Or when I need to feel peace. 
Or when I need to calm down.
(Read: when being hyper at work isn't appropriate)
Or when I need to think of Christian Bale
Basically it fits every occasion.

- I really love country music. 
(my teenage self would be balking at that statement.
I used to be a self proclaimed country hater. I know.)

But here's the thing.
 I cannot STAND Luke Bryan. 
Seriously, he is the literal worst country singer ever.
Christian and I make so much fun of him that I feel bad sometimes.
Then I listen to "Country girl shake it for me"....
And I stop feeling bad real quick.

- I have this thing where I can't finish food all the way. 
Unless it's fish tacos. I don't mess with fish tacos. 
Anyways, pretty much every night I give Christian the last part of my dinner. 
If I have carrots in my lunch, there are usually 2 or 3 half eaten ones left over. Sick right.
And as much as I love pickles, I cannot make myself eat the last one in the jar if other people could possibly eat it instead.
I just feel like I'm robbing them of their pickle eating potential!
And speaking of tacos.....

-They are probably my favorite food ever. 
And finding out about a new delicious taco place?
(Ps. We are trying Blue Pablano in Provo tonight and I'm stoked. Tacos ftw!)

-I am beyond petrified of losing Christian.
If I ever get mad at him, and then go a while without seeing him because of school or whatev,
I imagine what it would be like if he died
(sometimes I'm a little morbid)
 and I usually start crying and immediately stop being mad about whatever I was mad about.
It's incredibly stupid, but hey there's more than one way to skin a cat right?!

- I adore Art Deco and anything with a tropical-spanish-southern vibe.
Hence my deep abiding love for Mexican food (TIA ROSAS FOREVER!), Zumba, flamingos, Florida, the Caribbean and anything that's tropically colored or decorated.
No matter how flamboyant it is. 

And finally
I can only fall asleep on my stomach.
I cannot raise one eyebrow independent of the other. 
I am addicted to Cholula hot sauce.
I am obsessed with the Backstreet Boys.
I am terrified of the dentist.
(We're talking "haven'tbeenin5years" level of terrified.
And I'm still cavity free. Whad up)
In the last week, I've watched every single video associated with Cinderella on Broadway.
I've never been stung by a bee, or anything else with a stinger.
And my biggest fear is vast, deep ocean water and getting attacked by a shark while swimming through aforementioned ocean water.
(I don't know how I would ever end up in that circumstance.
All I know is I would be freaking scared if I did.)
And now you know about 75% more than you could have ever hoped to know about
Brooke (no middle name) Showalter Carter.


wellness wednesday: and so it begins

On Monday, Christian and I started training for the triathlon we will be doing in August.
I always get WAY pumped when I'm on a training schedule, but to be honest, I was a little bummed to be switching up my work out routine this time. I was loving all the classes I was going to at the gym. Thankfully, I found a good, but moderately paced training program for us to follow so we can still go pump the iron at BodyPump and I can go to Zumba twice a week without killing myself.

(You CANNOT take me away from my beloved Zumba!!)

Would you like a peek at what the next few months will be like for us?
Month 1   
112-Swim24-Bike20-Swim & Zumba12-Run40-Bike20-Run & WeightsOff2h 8m
Weights & Zumba128m
213-Swim26-Bike 22-Swim & Zumba13-Run44-Bike22-Run & WeightsOff2h 20m+10%
Weights & Zumba140m

We also started eating MUCH differently in order to help make the training as effective as possible. Not that we were horrible before, but all of our meals now are solid vegetables and protein with some carbs and fruit mixed in.
As a girl who loves her sugar
(No like.... I don't think you understand....)
this is a slight adjustment, to say the least. Diet Coke is helping as I wean myself off the one-or-sometimes-more-than-one-treat-a-day regime, but for some reason soda doesn't seem like the best alternative....
What can I say.
YOLO, right?


tuesday thankfuls

- I'm thankful we aren't in school for the next few months. 
It's ridiculous how happy we've been around here the last few weeks. 
Christian and I just keep looking at each other and saying
"Summer is SO AWESOME!!!!!"

- I'm thankful for good books. 
I'm reading an excellent one right now, and it's amazing how much more alive, and like myself, I feel when I'm filling my mind with literature. And let's be real, nothing is more peaceful than ending the day in bed with a candle and a good book.
(Speaking of candles, this is the one we have in our room right now and WOAH NELLY. It's straight up heaven in a jar)

- I'm thankful for swimming pools.
We went and swam laps last night and it felt SO STINKING GOOD. 
To quote my adorable swim team lovin' brother
"Being in the water makes me so happy I could cry."
For reals, Mckay.

- I am thankful for cooking.
We've been cooking up a storm the last 3 months, and I didn't realize how much I missed that while we were in Florida. We made spicy mango shrimp with coconut sauce last night, and it was fantastic! 
Plus Christian is the BEST sou chef around. I love that he loves to cook with me.

- I'm thankful for the sun. 
Given that we live in a basement, the first glimpse of the sun doesn't come until we are walking out the door in the morning for work. But no matter, it makes my whole morning better.

- Finally, I'm thankful for this guy. 
He is hilarious, he is beyond smart, he is kind and patient and he is just plain amazing. 
This last year of being married to him has been the best of my life. I can't wait for many more to come!
 Also, this is the face he made when I told him to act like he was scared of the alligators on our airboat ride a few weeks ago. 
Captain Gooberpants.


the biggest thing I learned in my first year of marriage

Disclaimer: This post is about to assassinate you. It's long, it's tedious, maybe I will sound  like an inflated know-it-all, and maybe it won't make any sense to you.
Also, I'm completely aware that I'm still an infant when it comes to this whole marriage thing. 
However, I feel very fortunate in the things I've been able to experience this past year, both for myself and with Christian. 
I've learned a tremendous amount about myself. 
About relationships.
About my testimony. 
About love.
And about life in general. 
And I want to put it into writing, both for myself, and anyone who can potentially benefit.
(Which is probably also mostly myself ha!)
You've been warned!
When we got married, I really lost my sense of self.
It's like I went to bed one night, and woke up the next day, looked in the mirror and thought
This sounds so sad, and in reality, it was a very hard adjustment. I had spent 22 1/2 years knowing who Brooke was as a single girl. And you know what? I really had it down.
I really really KNEW myself: what I liked and disliked, how I handled various life situations, what made me happy and sad, the strength of my testimony, my capabilities, etc.
And then this wonderful curve ball called marriage came along........

And I suddenly had to re-figure out who I was with this new person in my life, along with his family, and what it means to be a spouse, to be one with this other person, and not just be an individual. 
It really threw me for a loop emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically....
Basically every way imaginable. 
Over the last year, I've often thought of this analogy. Bear with me, as it may sound goofy at first.

Life is like a video game.
I'll wait for a moment while you giggle ;)
Prior to my marriage, I had spent my whole life learning the skills necessary to get me through the first several video game levels.

- I knew what monsters I would have to battle, and HOW to battle them.
- I knew the boulders I'd have to climb, the bridges I'd have to cross, the fires I'd have to fight, the bullets I'd have to dodge... because I had spent so many years repeating each level over and over and over and basically became a master of those obstacles.
I had honed those skills so well that I could practically complete the levels with my eyes closed.
I had gotten so proficient that there wasn't much more for me to learn**

One second, I was the master of every level, and the next I'm basically an infant who can hardly crawl through the video game, let alone complete this new level successfully.
All of the sudden, I was faced with new obstacles and monsters that I had never even seen before.
And how is this fair? I've spent my whole life developing skills that were really beneficial in the prior levels, and now they hardly help me at all!
Sure, I could scale boulders and cross bridges, but how is that supposed to help me as I climb that Everest-size volcano and swim through lava?!**
(hint: you've spent a lot of time developing strong leg muscles because of all that boulder-scaling. That will help you conquer that volcano, you just have to train your strong muscles to work in a different way.
Funny how things like that work, huh?)

The first few months of this were SO. HARD. 
We were moving around a lot, and living with Christian's family, and these circumstances combined with my emotional state made me kind of koo koo ha.
I felt depressed much of the time, which put a huge strain on my emotional state and made me feel guilty, like I wasn't being the kind of wife Christian wanted, needed and deserved.
(Bless that wonderful man for loving me through that!)
I had to learn a great amount of patience for myself, for our situation, and for the Lord's timing.
Many days, it felt like He was specifically slowing down my progression so I could learn as much as possible, that I would not rush through the "level" too quickly and miss some key experiences.
Sure I was being pelted by acid rain, and boulders were landing on my feet left and right.
But I had a caring Master, leading me through every part of the level and showing me what I needed to be learning, and how to apply the things from past levels to this entirely new world.

Through this, I saw that Heavenly Father can spend a ton of time teaching us MANY things.
And one day, a new challenge will come along and we are expected to use those things we learned to carry us through this new challenge.
HERE'S THE CATCH: Just because you were proficient at the things you had spent so long learning doesn't mean this, or any new challenge is going to be a breeze.
It also doesn't mean that you will cruise through it quickly.
In fact, in order for you to gain the knowledge you need from this new challenge, it's likely that it will be drawn out and painful, because that's what a refining fire is right?
(There's this thing called humility I guess I need to work on...)

I guess the biggest thing I've learned is that life will throw us huge curve balls that require us to reevaluate who we are and what we're capable of, and that not all of the curve balls come in the form of marriage.
Some of us will be capable of learning these things in a short amount of time, maybe even just a matter of days. Others of us may take a year (or two! or three!) to relearn the important things about ourselves, to reevaluate our priorities, and reassess the stuff we're made of.
What's most important is that we don't shrink in the face of these difficulties. 
When faced with things that make us question our sense of self, it's VERY easy to feel so scared and confused that all we want to do is run away and not address the problem.
Because gosh darn it, sometimes it's a daunting task!
But if we can face that challenge, make it through that next crazy level of the video game, all with the help of the Savior, I think we will be amazed at the things we can accomplish!

About a month ago, Christian and I were privileged to speak in church about the atonement. In doing so, I learned something SO AMAZING that we should all apply to our trials. Elder Maxwell gave a talk once about the atonement, and he said this:
"Not shrinking is much more important than just surviving!"
Oh how I love this principle! In the face of difficulties, it's very easy to just go into survival mode, shrink, and forget about any kind of progression. We can often have the mentality of "If I can just get through this....."
But what if we were able to not only "get through it", but actually come out more refined!
Better able to help others!
All of this is possible if we decide not to shrink, but instead to use the help of the wonderful atonement and our loving Savior. And isn't that just the most wonderful thing?

I have spent the last year slooooowwwwwwllllyyyy learning and relearning how to handle this new phase of life. Marriage really isn't that difficult, but there are so many little things that can happen that just make you go
I just don't know how to deal with this!"

Simply put,
(if I can even say that after all this word vomit ha!)
 it's just about continual progression.
Progressing to overcome your weaknesses
(Sometimes ones you didn't even know you had until you got married!)
Progressing to be selfless.
Progressing to integrate your spirituality with your spouses.
While also progressing to maintain your own.
Progressing to learn more about love.
Progressing in your ability to balance.
Progressing in your knowledge of your purpose in life, both as an individual and as a spouse
(Because guess what! 
Just because you're married doesn't suddenly mean you can't still be Brooke!
Or Christian!
Or whomever!)

And you know what's amazing about these types of experiences?
They happen to everyone! 
None of us are ever alone in these things!
And they aren't all directly tied to marriage!
The most important thing to remember through things like this are patience, and trying to understand what you can learn. Speaking from experience, hiding in a hole and shrinking isn't going to help anything. Your trials will still be there waiting for you, no matter when you surface.
So why not use the help of those around you who love you and WANT to be there for you.
The Savior is also standing right near by, waiting for you to come out of your hole and say
Boy I wish I would have remembered this sooner!

I am very thankful however, for the things I have learned this last year. Like any trial in life, I feel that I have come out of it a little battered and bruised, but I also feel that I've learned enough to help me keep progressing through this video game that is life, one level at a time. 

**I am in NO WAY insinuating that I was so good at life before I got married that I didn't have anything else to learn. I wholeheartedly believe that if it was the Lord's plan for me to stay single, I would have had PLENTY more to learn. However, that wasn't His plan. I needed to get married to Christian. And because of this, I felt strongly impressed that I had gleaned as much from my single life as I was going to up to that point. Just thought I should clarify before you go on worrying that my head is too big for me to carry around ha!**

**I'm also not insinuating that marriage is as painful as swimming through a vat of lava.
For the sake of the analogy right?**


the vacation let-down

Obviously I've been on a bit of a blogging hiatus.
I shut down my facebook about a month and a half ago
(or rather, I had Christian change my password so I've unable to log in, 
much to my dismay during finals week ha!)
And being off facebook kind of shut down my desires to peruse other social media sites, ESPECIALLY while we were in Florida with our families.

But now here I am.
Back to the blog.
And back in dumb old Utah.

Ever since getting married, I have felt a serious case of family cling-y-ness.
Maybe it's my brothers growing up.
Mckay getting ready to leave on his mission.
The fact that my family is no longer just a 10 hour drive away.
That my mom is the most darling and hilarious woman I know,
or that my dad is the sweetest and best advice giver.
Or maybe I've been lucky enough to experience a paradigm shift and I'm slowly learning even more what REALLY matters in this life.
Regardless, leaving Florida was HARD.

 And after spending two weeks airboating through the everglades, watching water polo games, playing with our sweet puppies, going to the temple, trekking through miami, having a "happy everything party", water color painting, endless lunch dates, collecting sea shells on sanibel island, rejoicing in the humidity, getting sunburned and spending hours and hours laughing and talking.......

I'm pretty grouchy about being back to real life today.

(Maybe the fact that I'm jet-laggy AND I had a hot pocket for lunch today isn't helping either.
Let's be real. Hot pockets are the worst.)

Here are some pictures.
And that's all.
The Miami skyline is seriously PERFECTION.
I'm really pushing to get an internship down there next summer (and convince my sweet husband that it's a good idea!). Oh how I would kill to be down there every day!

There are wild peacocks all over South Florida. 
Seriously my family had 5 in their yard a few weeks ago. And you thought alligators was crazy.
Speaking of alligators.......

I love the Everglades so much. 
Plain and simple.

I also love this guy. 
Happy 1 year and 2 day anniversary to us!

This is basically Florida in a picture.
Again, perfection.

The Orlando temple holds a special place in my heart. So happy we got to be there for Elise on her special day! Tahiti is so lucky to be getting her!

Art deco and fancy cars. 
Miami beach is so ballin.

This is what happens when mom, Christian and I are bored at Target. 
We raid the party aisle, and then we have a "happy everything" bash just for the heck of it. 
Seriously one of the best nights I think I've ever had with my family. One for the books, to be sure.


I don't know how I didn't get any pictures of M&D.
(Which is a shame because at one point, my dad was wearing a light-up mohawk.
And let's be real, the back of mom's head while she's alligator hunting doesn't count as a good picture.
Although I do love me some good alligator hunting shots)

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