same old same old...ish

- Lots of work, which included:
About 6 games of dodgeball, breaking up angsty teenage fights, pulling the little ones off my ankles, and lots of yelling instructions..... specifically of the "stoooop taaaaalking"  and "siiiiiit doooowwwn" kind.
 Oh summer camp. 
(For Christian, it included early mornings and lots of running around the back rooms of Target.)

- A normal, blissed out summer night.
Filled with burgers, warm weather, swimming, and a dip in the hot tub.
(maaaayyyybe that's where I spent the majority of the time... I can't seem shake my warm blooded tendencies. Arizona forever!!!!)

- Playing the LOST quote game with my brothers as they drive across the country. 
The rules:
They text me a LOST quote and I'm supposed to guess which character said it.
I'm inclined to answer Sawyer and Hurley for every quote, but I'm quickly learning that is the fastest way to losing, so I'm trying to branch out.
Also, I'm so happy my family is still as obssessed with that show as I am

- Running.
Christian and I are currently training for the International Peace half marathon in D.C. in September.
As fast and tough as he is, I'm BEYOND thankful he is my running buddy. He pushes me through all my cramping, head-achy, sweaty glory.
Also, I ran on the beach for the first time ever this week and WOW.
As much as it STANK for my poor flat feet and blistered toes, it was amazing.
Such a serene, beautiful place.
Also I'm getting these shoes this week.

Half the reason why I love running so much, let's be honest.

- Watched my adorable sister in law Maddie perform as Jane in the musical Mary Poppins.
Let me tell you, that girl was BORN for the stage. 
Watch out world, Madison Carter will be a household name one day, I tell you!

- Relished in Christian's continued growing appreciation... and dare I say LOVE.... for country music.
Mayyyybe we have listened to Kenny Chesney on repeat all week. And maaayyybe I loved every second of watching him sing along. 

And in the forecast for next week, we're seeing:
- Lots of fireworks on Wednesday. Slight chance of a picnic, more country music, and an outing with family and friends predicted as well.

- A high chance of seeing my wonderful family from Fri-Sun in their new home of Coral Springs, FL.
Weird weird weird..... but my selfish side also thinks it's so awesome that they will be so close!

- And finally, 100% chance of spending more time with crazy kiddos, wonderful coworkers, a dear familyu-in-law and my cute hubby.
It isn't a perfect life.
It isn't an easy life.
But gosh darn it, it's a good life.


(important and nonsensical) things I learned this week

- lunch boxes like REAAAALLLY gross me out. 
The smell especially. 
Old peanut butter, sticky capri suns, dry carrots....
Hang on a sec while I suppress my gag reflex....
And you know what's worse? Lunch boxes that belong to 5 year olds. Because they are never, EVER all the way clean. Anyways, moving on.... Before I lose it.....

Except for the mosquitoes.
This is what happened when I asked Christian to pose for a picture.
Yeah dudes. They were swarming.

- I really, really, really don't like it when little kids breath on me and climb on me while I'm trying to eat lunch. 
Like "Oh hi child, you definitely had pretzels with your lunch because now your breath smells like feet. Also did you seriously just wipe your Dorito lips on my pants?"
Is a small break during an exhausting 8 hour work day too much to ask??

- I didn't just learn this this week, it's more like a constant thing, but yeah.... 
Marriage is teaching me more about myself than anything else I've EVER experienced. 
Especially about my weaknesses. 
BOY am I painfully aware of my weaknesses.
Anyone else feel like they experience this a bit too often  (for my own liking at least) in marriage?

-  I also learned, or was reminded rather (seems I have to learn this lesson a lot), 
not to judge others. EVER. First, seek to be understanding and get to know them.
I solidified a really fun friendship at work this week because of this principle!

- I also learner that just when you feel like life is slipping into a depressing am uncontrollable landslide, things ALWAYS get better. 
Proverbial example (stress on the word proverbial):
 sometimes a wife will be sobbing in bed after a day of being sick, exhausted, and stressed
 and a husband will find out he landed his dream internship in Washington DC for the fall.
 Also he will give wife hugs and let her soak his shirt with tears. 
Peace and BLESSINGS yall.

- I also learned not to wear jeans outside all day. People question your sanity.
Also, YOU question your own sanity.
 Also also.... maybe I should unpack the rest of my clothes so this isn't a dilemma....

- you know you have a loving and funny family when you come home , FUMING about an unexpected and painful charge on your bank account, and 10 minutes later you are doing this. 
I'm so thankful they (especially Christian) can snap me out of things so effectively!

- I'm like SO excited for my family to get here in a few weeks. 
Like.... SO.

- this is probably mean buuuut.... There are a few blogs in the blogosphere that I just completely loath. Horrible writing, silly topics, grammar mistakes, waaay too many giveaways, etc etc. 
(like I should be talking, write?! Haha I'm so ironic....). 
Anyways, as much as I hate these certain blogs, I can't stop reading them.
 I get a sick joy out of it. 
Maybe it's to make myself feel better about my life? 
I don't know. 
Probably you can judge me for this.

- Finally, I learned that sometimes, writing notes is the BEST way to cheer someone up. 
Christian and I started this little.... "game" if you will.... before we got married where we write love notes back and forth to one another in a little journal, and then we hide it.
This is the one I discovered this morning.
It's the best thing ever.
I want to get better at doing this for other people. Thanks for reminding me of this, sweet husband.

The end.

*disclaimer: you might think that because of my numerous complaints concerning children and my job that I hate the aforementioned. This is false. I just have a very sensitive stomach.*


tales from my childhood: knee problems

I ran cross country when I was in high school. 
And by "ran", I mean jogged most of the time, but then ran the last 5 minutes of each race. 
But who's keeping tabs right?

Anyways. I've had knee problems since about 6th grade, due to my exceptionally flat feet. 
(This girl wouldn't have ever been successfully drafted in the army, HA!)
So at the beginning of my cross country season, my doctor gave me orthopedics for my shoes, as well as knee braces. Yep. One for each knee.
This was also about the time i considered changing my name from Brooke to Gertrude. 
Old lady to the max. 
Also, these weren't just any knee braces. 
They were bright cobalt blue
With velcro
Classy as they come guys.
 And I decided that I needed to wear both of them to my first day of practice. After about 15 questions and lots of stares, I decided that I would never EVER do that again.

Poor Christian also has very flat feet, aka our children are doomed. 
Sorry in advanced, chilluns.


this week

- Finally got Christian to watch Jane by Design with me.... 
the little bugger enjoys the show way more than anticipated. Bonus for me.

- House sat for some wonderful people in the Carter's ward, and enjoyed feeling like adults despite our current living circumstances. 

- Started running again! My body (and energy level, and mental health, and appetite, and happiness...) is thanking me. And WOW have I missed my running playlist!
It's been super fun, even though running with Christian is like acting out the tortoise and the hair every day, except the tortoise doesn't ever win. Boo.

- Had waaaay too many funny conversations at work. The following is an example:
"Miss Brooke, did you know that when I was 4, I used to be a tiger? But then someone ripped out my fur and stole my tail, and gave me hair and made me a little boy!"
And just a note, he had to take me outside of the room to tell me this. 
For fear of his secret being discovered, naturally.
What a six year old won't do for attention!

- Drove down to Coral Springs to spend the weekend with my dad, to celebrate both his birthday and father's day. 
Couldn't leave this handsome guy down there all by himself, now could we?

Also... my family lived in Coral Springs 8 years ago when I was a freshman in high school. 
And now they are moving back there in about 2 weeks, just by happenstance no less.
Our life is just one big ridiculous coincidence. 
And wow did it feel weird to go back to my 14 year old ward.

- Sent my sister-in-law Elise out to BYU for summer semester!
I never thought I would say this... 
But I'm so jealous! Provo in the summer is just dreamy. 
And what I wouldn't do to relive my freshman year.
Just..... WOW.

Anyways, now I'm home sick today. It's time to return to watching Netflix with my handsome hubby who just won't stop taking care of me. It's tough.


two peas in a pod

I've heard relationships described in several different ways, specifically in relation to food.
Examples are as follows:

"Sweet and Sour"- in which a couple's qualities are complimentary to one another. a la sweet and sour chicken at Panda Express!
"Salt and Pepper" - in which, well, opposites attract. Or opposite.... colors attract??
"Two Peas in a Pod" - in which you two are basically the same person. Like, weirdly so.
Like, thinktheexactsamethingatthesametime weirdly so.

A few weeks ago, Kimber and I had the following conversation:

K: "You know Brooke, I don't think I ever realized how much Christian is your other half. I mean, the more time I spend around him, the more I see that you two are like EXACTLY alike. You do the weird voices and accents, you're both loud people, you're both like REALLY attractive etc. etc."
(okay maybe she didn't say the last part. but if we're being honest here, she probably SHOULD have....)
B: *smile and nod*

It made me insufferably happy because it's absolutely true. 
We like the exact same things. 
Enjoy the same music.
Have the same favorite movies.
Like the same weird food. 
We have the same sense of humor.
Use the same stupid voices. 
Have the same temperaments.
Grew up in the same situations.
Enjoy the same activities.
Have the same goals.
We even have the same "fashion sense" if you will.

Yes, Christian and I are very much two peas in a pod. 
So many days, I literally feel a connection with him down to my very core, to the inner workings of my soul.
Like our whole lives were spent preparing us to be the PERFECT match for one another.
To be two peas in a pod!
It's pretty awesome.
I'm sure it's great to be a sweet and sour couple, or salt and pepper lovers.
But me? I'm grateful to be married to my carbon copy, in male form. 
That I get to share my pod.....
my sometimes untidy, obnoxious, girly pod....  
with this guy forever!


life and other things

This is what we did at work on Friday.

Dance parties with 200 children get very smelly. 
Also I've decided that I prefer being surrounded by 6 year olds over delinquent teenagers.
Something about getting butter knives pulled on me is less appealing than running around screaming boom chick a boom all day long. 
Go fig.

Also, we went to the beach this weekend with all Christians sibs. The water was warm, the sun was hot (I have an awesome burn to prove it), and I've decided that living in Florida means we never need to go on vacation again. Also living in Florida means thy there are ginormous birds everywhere.
Below is evidence.
Say hello to the Sandhill Crane, aka your worst night mare when trying to get to your car across the street.

So basically things are going well right now. Thankfully Christian and I have been set up with some house sitting so we aren't burdening the Carter's with our presence too consistently, and we have some privacy as well, which everyone knows newly weds need. 
Also, let's be real. No one needs to spend THAT much time with us. 
We are obnoxious enough on our own as it is......
I am working at a day camp for kids, and Christian is in the process of lining his job up. Other than the fact that my family will be moving here in 3 weeks (of all the ironic situations!)
things are pretty mellow. This isn't the most ideal situation, to be sure, but we are learning that we have a million things to be thankful for, most especially the fact that we are close to family. 
(And by close, I mean we all share the same bathroom. So yeah, pretty darn close)

Happy Tuesday, all!


making aware

This is going to be a scanty update....
But an update none the less!
We made it to Florida, spent some time with my parents in Clearwater beach this weekend 
(and stayed in the most amazing hotel.... like serves you gourmet cheese and fruit kind of amazing. Hellooooo second honeymoon)
Christian braved his first country concert, a la Tim Mcgraw and Kenny Chesney, and despite all the drunken fools, blazing sun and adulterous behavior, we really enjoyed it. I can't say the same for my mom and dad, who decided it would be a good idea to buy tickets 1 row from the stage.... aka the sweatiest but also most amazing part of the stadium. Jealous. But also not. Anyways.

And now we are settled in with Christians family.
The last week (or month. Who am I kidding......) has been extremely taxing, mentally, emotionally and physically. It's a wonder Christian and I never got in a boxing match. Or worse.....seriously....
But we are SUPER glad to be planting some roots and settling down close to family, at least for the next 3 months. 
And living 10 minutes from the beach isn't so bad either. 
Stay tuned for more to come!

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