breathing again

Today I feel more alive then I have in a very long time. 
Especially since coming back to this gosh-forsaken winter bummer-land. 

Anyways, you're probably wondering why I'm feeling so alive. 
I think it can be attributed to 1 of 3 things. 
First, I used N.O. xplode for the first time in months this morning, pre-workout. 
I will swear by that stuff until I die. 
My during-workout focus is unparalleled. 
And the post-workout buzz is so great. 

Second, I hard core cycled this morning for the first time in over a year. 
Guys. I love cycling SO MUCH. 
Like...... SOOOO MUCH. 

Third, I am currently streaming JG's new album. 
And losing my mind with happiness! 

So maybe actually it's all 3 reasons. 
Not just 1. 
Regardless, I'm a happy woman today. 


life-changer. no but really.

It's late, and I really should go to bed considering the horrendous headache I've had all day.


Here I sit. 
Eating chocolate chips. 
Aaaaaand contemplating my future. 

Some of you know that I recently applied to the advertising program at BYU.
In short, it's taken me 3 years to fiiinnnnaaoaalllllyyyyy get to this point.
I am done with my generals AND my minor after this semester. 
So this is like.... a MEGA deal for me. 
I really really really want to get into this program. 
And if I don't?
Well let's just say I will need more than the 1 bag of chocolate chips currently sitting in our pantry. 
Also, it might be slightly embarassing that I'm about to share this video.
But whatevs. 
Christian and I spent SO much time on the thing, and I'm quite proud of it.
Hideous top knot, exercise clothes, and all.
So here you go.
One of the three parts to my advertising application. 

And yes, we filmed this in every state as we drove across the country 3 weeks ago.


this is beyond rich

In case you didn't know...
I have had a profuse obsession with Josh Groban for the last 11 years of my life.
His 6th album comes out in 12 days. 
And I'm stoked out of my mind.
Almost as stoked as I was at my first JG concert. 
Minus the braces.

In honor of the new album, I am going to share with you a journal entry from those early years.
12 year old Brooke and her new found love.
And I mean.... LOVE.

December 21, 2002

Dear Diary,
       Holy crap!!! I am in love!! N/J! I am seriously in love. (The "o" is actually a heart in the journal. way to go 12 year old Brooke!) W/ who? Josh Groban. Don't be 2 surprised if you don't know him. He just a blossoming young musician. He's also got the most incredible (seriously) voice I have EVER heard. It's absolutely chilling and magnifecant. I think he's really handsome too. My friends would probably think I'm so weird because his music and looks are pretty different from what they're used to (didn't know I had such disdain for my lower class friends). There are only 4 songs on the c.d. that are in English. The rest are in Italian. And there absolutely beautiful. Josh grew up in L.A., and still lives there and I SWEAR if I have to walk there, I will meet him someday. There's going to be a concert of his on Christmas eve and I'm SOOOOO watching it. I wish I knew him!!!! That'd be so excellent! My mom and dad think it's funny (frowny face). It's not! I'm in love (again, with the "o" heart....), for pete's sake!!!!  I wish I could be like, 20, or somethin'. He's 21, you know. Great marriage (sp?) age, except he's not LDS (SUCKS!), so he did not go on a mission (but that's the ONLY reason why we're bumed he's not LDS amiright?!). The chances of me meeting him, let alone marrying him are very slim. But, you know, if you can dream it, you can do it! Oh! I'm listening to his cd right now!!!!! I love (heart) it!!!!!!!!!!!! (heart heart smiley smiley). Josh, if you're out there (which you are), I love (heart) you!!!!!! Be my hubby!!!! Pleeeeze!!!!!

Anyway, I'm so lovesick, and the best song is on now. BYE!!!!

love always,


(I should add that it was from this point on that I signed my journal GROBANGURL. I know.)

So basically I think I need to do a series of posts in which I divulge more of the details of my obsession, because let's be real...... this shiz is just WAY too funny not to share. 
Here's just a glimpse at what you have to look forward to:

- The time I kissed one of his pictures so much, his face smeared.

- The time I wore a locket with his picture in it for like a solid year before I wore it in the shower at girls camp, and I was so sad it smeared ANOTHER picture, and my friends found out and judged me.


And before I overwhelm you anymore with my awesomeness, 


this is a post about the bachelor. sorry, not sorry

It's that time of year agaaaaaiin!
And I love/hate to say it, but I'm so hooked.
Sean is such a doll.

Mostly I'm posting because I just had to share this hilarious tidbit from this week's episode. 
As much as Christian pretends he hates the show, I think he secretly enjoys it because he always ends up watching some part of it with me. 
(It's a win, win. We get to make fun of it together, AND have some quality time!
The Bachelor is quality right?)

Anyways, this week when the last two girls left, this was what he had to say about them:

"She looks like she should work for Nascar, 

and she looks like she should be on a womens soccer team for the rest of her life"


Touche my love. 
Looks like I found my new favorite Bachelor commentator. 


happiness is....

- Having a three day weekend. 
How sad is that I am already over school and work and real life?
Christmas break was waaaay too good to me.

- A sweet husband who says:
"I'm so excited for my cute, wonderful girl to have her Kitchenaid!"
(Seriously, you can swoon with me too)

- FINALLY applied to the advertising program?!!?!!?!?!?!?!?!
Seriously. I just can't.... these three weeks will not go by fast enough. 
Also, you better be excited for me to share my video application with you. 
It's mint. 

- Meeting new friends.
(That's all you Chantel!)
 I have been desperate for girl time lately, and it's so awesome to be back in Utah where so many of my homegirls are!

- These pictures from Christmas break. 
We went on a cruise to Aruba and Curacao. 
And MY WORD it was a blast. 

And boy do I need that beautiful Caribbean weather right about now....

- Going to the gym with Christian.
Call me a meat head, but working out with my bestest friend and lover is like SERIOUSLY fun.
(Also, I'm really hoping that one day I will be able to convince him to join me in Zumba.
A girl can dream right?!)

Anyways, happy Sunday all. 
At the rate I'm going, it will probably be another two weeks before I post again so....
I would say "stay tuned" but I'm guessing you probably don't have THAT long of an attention span.
Whoever "YOU" are ha.


hey friends

We are alive and well.

We are still recovering from the rude awakening Utah gave us upon our return.
After spending a month in Florida where the weather was never below 70, it feels like we've been dropped in a vat of liquid nitrogen.
Aka VERY unpleasant.

We started school yesterday, as well as a new and an old-ish job
Also, how pumped am I to be taking an interior design class?!
Answer: SO. PUMPED.)

Still working on moving into our apartment
(why did we save the task of hanging up clothes for last?! So wretched and time consuming!)
And loving life since we have a fireplace and don't have to sleep directly next to our kitchen table anymore!

Mostly I am just pleased to say that we are happy. 
At the end of our 8 month east coast expedition, it feels good to be settled back down, 
living in quiet Orem,
in a great apartment that we love,
with siblings in town,
and going to school together as marrieds.
Although it is truly horrible to be so far away from our sweet families
(more on our time with them over the break coming soon!)
It's nice to feel like we are at OUR home in Utah.

I NEVER thought I would be so content with such a cliche young mormon married couple life...

but look at me eating a thanksgiving-size helping of my own words. 

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