they're heeerrrreeeee.....

Not a poltergeist reference, but rather a reference to...


They are here!
Technically I guess they have been here since about Halloween... but when the sky starts dumping snow on my little town of Provo, and it's appropriate to play Christmas music, and Thanksgiving has come and gone, and school is over in just 2 measly weeks.... 
THAT'S when it really feels like the holidays have hit. 
And they make me a lot happy. So in light of said happiness..
a happy list :)

1. Martha Stewart's website. I mean, chello! Great recipes, adorable decor, and a whole lot of fun party ideas. My online heaven, srsly.
proof of how GREAT Martha makes things.

2. Brian Stokes Mitchell. I have always loved his voice, but it has had me under a spell the last few days. Plus, he is adorable. SEE?!

3. Temple square lights. I haven't seen them yet this year, but the thought alone has me slightly giddy :)
4. Knowing that my mom has pulled out all our Christmas decorations, and that I am only 3 weeks away from seeing them!
5. The fact that I finally got to take my spanish final. Now I just get to conquer the benchmark exam this weekend! buhhhhh....
6. Spending an evening in the library. Since I usually study at home or in the Hinckley building this semester, the times that I do go to the library are extra fun. And as sarcastic as that sounded, I swear it's true. I feel so bonded with the other studious people... like we are all in our own little lonely, learning-infused world, exhausting our brains for hours and hours together. I especially love coming out and seeing the Christmas lights before walking home. It warms my heart enough that the frigid walk isn't so terrible  
7. Gloves. Holy cow, I appreciate those babies.
8. The jazzy Christmas Pandora station. For example, a cd called Suave Navidad came on today while I was at work. It made me laugh, also really happy. So did all the Frank Sinatra songs. Good ol' blue eyes!
9. My dear missionary friends. As my girl Celine would say, I LURV THEM.
10. Technology. Tomorrow night, I get to video chat with 3 of my bestest-estest friends, all thanks to the glorious electronic world! It blows my mind.
11. People who love Mae. I met another loyalist yesterday... who just happens to share my name, and also just happens to be one of my amazing visiting teachers. I LOVE HER.
a picture of my boy Dave, simply because I heart him

12. Cough drops. They keep my hacking at bay. NAST.

Well there you have it. 
Happy Christmas, Harry!


viva la sunday

I have watched this probably tens times today.
I may or may not be obsessed.


hey it's me again. just wanted to say hello before i close the doors on life forever. or maybe just the next 2 weeks.

I've outdone myself. 
Longest blog post title ever much?

GUYS. I am so serious about life right now.
Like I am wearing my fingerless gloves while typing this, I am so serious.

Why so serious? 
oh wait, am I the joker?
Because I am 99% frustrated with life right now.

But before I divulge, let me tell you about the last few days, because they have been nothing short of FANTASTICAL. 
First, I got to see my dear family. Which naturally makes for the best time ever. Second, I spent Thanksgiving with some great friends, extended family, along with my own immediate family. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. Third, I watched Harry Potter for the second time two nights ago and WOOOOWWWW. 

Ok I must admit that the first time I saw it, I came away from it a little disappointed. I think the best word for it would just be that I was bored. I was REEAAALY bored. And yeah yeah it was probably due to the fact that I was running on no sleep and I was getting sick. BUT I DON'T CARE I LOVE HARRY POTTER.
sorry for kidnapping these, kimber. smooches.


Anyways, let me just say that seeing it a second time was a GREAT choice on my part. Firstly, I was actually competent. Second, I SAW IT IN AN IMAX THEATRE. My life may or may not be a little better because of the experience. 

The final few things that cap off my great weekend are as follows: 
- I got an incredible new bag. I mean, this thing is GORGE. You know how some things just speak to you in the store? Yeah well this baby got me. I can't wait for Christmas when I can actually use it! Also I found a pair of pink flats that were in cahoots with the bag... in other words, they spoke to me too.
So I buyed them.
Yes that's a word.
Finally, I saw How to Train Your Dragon for the first time tonight, and I AM IN LOVE. I mean really?! Cutest movie ever! I was so happy after I was finished watching it!

Right. So now that I have been uber positive about everything amazing in my life, I am going to cry my eyes out for a minute. Firstly: School sucks. SUCKS. SUCKS. SUCKS. I may or may not have a Spanish final to take on Monday (yeah the Blizzard of 2010 ruined that for me last week...), and 2 ginormous, 25 page life-assassinating-project-monsters (complete with self-made advertisements and powerpoints) due in my advertising class over the space of the next 5 days. 

Relationships are so much work. Not just dating relationships, but all of them. In general. Like, I think a good plan would be to just hermitize myself for the next 3 weeks so that I can get my sanity put back together.
Did I say 3 weeks?
I meant 8 months.
If only right?


happy threedaysbeforethebestmealIwillhaveeateninmonths

Today is pretty sweet. 
Mostly because after tomorrow, I am a free woman for almost a week. 
Also last night I had a dream that bigfoot was in love with me. But it was sort of a violent love, like he wanted to hug me so tight that my eyes would come out of my head. 
So naturally, I would hide from him instead of letting him hug me. And at one point in my dream, he found me hiding under this giant bed and grabbed my foot and tried to pull me out. I was kicking a screaming, and then I yelled "Big foot, you don't do this to people you love!". And then he got super sad and started crying. And I didn't even feel bad because he was so mean to me for the majority of my dream.

I am scared to think what that could be symbolic of...

Also I am really sad right now. But before I tell you why, I must make a confession. If you didn't think I was Captain Cool already, be warned. You are about to.
Ok so last January I was on this kick about saving endangered species. Like I gave a 20 minute persuasive speech in my public speaking class about it. Also, I am an honorary member of WWF (World Wildlife Fund of course) AND I adopted a tiger. I even have a certificate to prove it. 
How much am I on your awesomest people ever list?? 
Yeah, that's what I thought.
Anyways, I came across the most depressing article on Yahoo! today. Like seriously, I thought I was going to cry I was so pissed.
Ok tigers could be extinct in the wild in TWELVE YEARS?!?! I don't even know what to think. So here is a picture of a tiger to help me feel better.

Dear tiger, I LOVE YOU.

Ok yeah I feel better now.
In more exciting news... I discovered the funnest new game this weekend. 
It's called "Would You Rather" 
(ok so maybe it's not new... but I had never played the card game before!)
And let me just tell you.
If you are trying to have shoulderslashstomach cramps along with a laugh-induced headache-seizure, then go buy this game right now. 
It was THAT much fun.

Also, one of my best friends is on a mission right now, and here is an excerpt from his weekly email:
"We got told today that we shouldn't eat street food now because of the cholera outbreak in Haiti. I really don't want cholera.  I remember playing oregon trail, and all of the people in my covered wagon ended up dying from cholera.  So I know from experience that it isn't one of my mission goals."
I am so happy that I have the funniest friends on the planet.

And finally, one of my bestest-estest friends got engaged this weekend. 
123 I love Amy and TIM!!!!

photos courtesy of amy's lovely facebook page

Yay for marriage, missionaries and all other happy things.


a veces...

- sometimes I forget how much I love running because I go a few weeks without actually doing it. Curse you, bitterdiscouragingcold Utah weather.
- sometimes I just want to party instead of doing anything else. That's actually a lie... I want to party a majority of the time. Who needs to do homework anyways?
- sometimes our apartment smells like DEAD and I miss the first 15 minutes of Spanish to ferociously clean in an attempt to find said smell (old cauliflower in the garbage can? chili-soapy-soup-disaster sitting in the crock pot since monday? It better have been one of those...) And a side note: I don't ever CUR that I was late to Spanish this morning, because want to know what I realized? Even though I have that class EVERY SINGLE DAY, I have not been late ONE TIME this whole semester. 
Go ahead. 
Standing ovation for me.
- sometimes I miss having a t.v. when I want to watch cool things like FRIENDS reruns, animal shows, and Man vs. Food.
- sometimes I like country music more than I realize (and by "country music", I mean the good, un-twangy stuff. Like Keith Urban. And Brad Paisley. I might as well give in, because even Mckay has converted. That's huge.)
- sometimes I want to listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving. So I do. But then I don't tell anyone, because I still think it's funny when people freak out about it, and I like to pretend like I am one of those crazy people sometimes, just for the sake of an argument. 
- sometimes boys confuse me. 
LIE. All the time, boys confuse me.
- sometimes I like pretending that I am super cultural and latina. 
- sometimes I get waaay too obsessed with things. Like Jdawgs. And frozen yogurt. And certain songs. And items of clothing. But they make me happy, so esta bien!


I had the following conversation via text this morning with my roommate:
Claira: "The kid sitting in front of my is looking up linkin park tickets and I want to punch his head haha."
Brooke: "hahahah doouuuccchheeee baaagggg. Ask him if he wore ed hardy pajamas to bed last night."
Claira: "Haha that's exactly what I wanted to do. He is further proving his dbagginess by playing farmville in class, and in a volcom sweatshirt."
Brooke: "Oh brother. Is he wearing a really cool necklace too? Puka shells or maybe a chain? And possibly... REALLY large skating shoes?"
Claira: "I can't see his feet, but definitely a leather necklace with a cool tooth thing on it. Overall a winner"

HAHAHA we really are nice people, I swear. We are just maybe a little prejudice towards those who do any of the aforementioned things. 
Also, if you love Creed, Nickelback or Daughtry. 
I mean really guys?
and ps here is a little weekend update. Not SNL style. I wish though, because then Garth and Kat could narrate everything. 
I definitely did not sleep hardly at all, as in I probably hit the sack at 3ish both friday and saturday, which is cool except for the fact that I am now getting sick boo. 
Basically, the weekend consisted of basketball games, in-n-out and denny's trips, bridal showers, homework, soccer games, office marathons, eating weird meals (as in fried rice and cauliflower for dinner last night. don't judge), playing games, and of course watching hp 6 in preparation for THURSDAY!!!! 
In other great news, both Josh Groban and Keith Urban have new cd's coming out tomorrow. I wish I didn't have my stupid Spanish final hanging over my head, because this week would probably be one of the best of the whole semester.

pss In our staff meeting earlier today, we got talking about Harry Potter. I said something about Voldemort, and my boss goes
"We don't say that name in my office"


Tis the season!

Sorry to be so cliche, but whatever. It's necessary!

Thank-full thankfuls
Today I am thankful for my coat. Utah began the yearly mood swing and the weather is bitter.
I am thankful for my roommates. They help me a lot, especially when I am being silly. This may or may not be in reference to men, as well as other troubling areas in my life.
I am thankful that my latest hair dying escapade did not go horribly wrong but rather nice!
I am thankful for nylons. They are the only way wearing a skirt in this weather is possible.
I am thankful for BYU. The campus is stunning, and the people are amazing.
I am thankful for music. Nickel Creek over the last few weeks, especially.
I am thankful for garlic. It makes everything smell gross, but taste soooo delicious!
I am thankful for mid-week friend-ca-pades. Exhibit A, nacho libre party tonight.
Why can't we ever just have like a salad?
I am thankful for peppercorn ranch Sun Chips. Not only do they fulfill my midday salt craving, but they are a smart snack choice also!!!! (those are sarcastic exclamation points. they are healthy according to the vending machines. that should probably tell me something...)
I am thankful for jackets with hoods. First, they are warm to sleep in. Second, I am pretty sure that sleeping with a hood on is the best thing ever. No, like, EVER.
Finally, I am thankful for today. Because after today, it's Thursday! Then Friday!
And then another fun filled weekend is upon us!


i probably have the bestest friends ever. everrrrrrr.

It's Thanksgiving season, and today I want to be grateful.
So I'm raising my glass (of martinellis, of course) to all the sweet people in my life who I am lucky enough to call mis amigos. I am especially thankful for these precious women who hail from my home of Mesa. Aims, we missed you!

To all my adorable friends, 


dear dave, did you know how you would move me? did you know?

That title is probably the deepest thing I have ever come up with. 
Mostly because it's a quote from one of the bestest Mae songs EVER, and really I don't think Dave Elkins knows how much he really truly does move me.
Symbolic yes?
(Scuse me for being the biggest nerd on the planet. I just really love my multisensory boys.)

So basically last night was... THE. MOST. INCREDIBLE. NIGHT.

Pretty accurately sums up my feelings. Especially when i saw Dave for the first time, AND got the whole crowd yelling his name. NBD.

Ok let me paint this picture for you. 
I have been to the following concerts:
Josh Groban x 4 (yeah yeah, I know...)
Keith Urban
Taylor Swift
Owl City
Secondhand Serenade/Making April/Rookie of the Year
Lots of other random local bands
and Mae x 4 (it's easy to tell who I love the most eh?)

And out of all of them, last night trumps everything.
Last night actually just trumps every amazing moment I have had in life so far.
It was like my body exploded into a bazillion little neon pieces of happiness and floated around in ecstasy, for almost 3 whole hours. 
Yes ladies and gents, it was THAT good.
The crowd was nuts, the music was insane, my ears and throat were bleeding, my feet were blistering, and I was happier than anything. So to sum it up, I will let my boy Dave take over:
this went on for about 3 minutes when he came out for the encore. 
aka UNREAL. 

and then this.
I may or may not have cried a little. 
HAHA. I am being totally serious too.
Basically I can die of happiness now.

Epic encore song duo? YEEEESSSS.

Oh and one more thing. They played my favorite jam, I Just Needed You to Know, and I may or may not have cried then too. For your listening pleasure....
Also, please disregard the poor video quality. I was suffering from a happiness-induced bliss-seizure. I don't even care, I am so happy :)



That's "hi" in "brookeisreallyhappyforamultitudeofreasonstoday"-ish.


And really, it makes no sense why I am absolutely bursting with so much happiness at the moment. Because:
- I am more sleep deprived than I have been all semester. NBD, I looove feeling like the living dead. Also having to pour water in my eyes for about ten straight minutes because I can't see through my exhaustion.
- I am not going to bed even REMOTELY early all weekend (NBD I don't even cares)
 - I have a CRAPLOAD (scuse my french) of stuff to do tomorrow, including lots of grocery shopping, cleaning, studying, room organizing, and fun having.
- I am almost SURELY ill, or on the very very thin cusp of being so.
- I feel slightly off, probably from my dairy-overloaded dinner last night (but I am not even 1% upset because it was soooo goooood)
- AND my hair is a weird color

So, all things considered, I should probably be the most depressed person ever right now.
LIE. I shouldn't. 
But I should probably be a small percentage stressed.
And I'm totally not!
- I am going to see Mae tonight. I haven't been this excited for something in like, 3 DAYS!
- The weather has been soooooo gorg for the last week or so. Literally an autumn paradise.
- This semi famous girl named Taylor Swift (or something like that?) put out a great new cd, and the song Enchanted has been speaking to my soul.
- I have a really nice Saturday evening planned. I hope.
- I get to make cookies on Sunday, WEEEEE!
- My mom loves me like a lot. 
I know. 
I checked. 
(catch the movie reference?)
Ok no but really, I talked to her this morning, and she really does love me like a whole bunch :) Schpanks mama!
- Spanish was REALLY fun today. Everyone was in a really funny mood. Including myself. Even more so than usual. Probably because I was half drunk...on negative hours of sleep... pero, esta bien!!!
- AND I have the bestest friends eeevvvveeerrrr.
Just some of the lovies who came to the birthda- dinner-love-palooza last night. photo courtesy of kimberthewife. 
(I first typed that with "wide" instead of "wife" HAHAHA)
Don't even worry. There is way more where that came from. Probably a friend tribute post, actually. 

It's obvious that aside from all the poopoo things that could be going on in life right now (correction. poopoo things that ARE going on) there is WAY more to be happy about.

So Ima keep spending today BURSTING with it!


Long time no pooosstttttt!!!!!!

Oh em GEEEEEEE I haven't posted in almost a weeeekkkkk! How am I still alive?????

I honestly don't know.

Anyways, all drama aside, HAPPY WEDNESDAY!
(not really. I hate wednesdays. I'm just trying to be Positive Patty. But the good thing about today is that it means tomorrow is THURSDAY. Which of course, is my favorito day of the week. Hollah!)

So the last week has been mega enjoyable. Regardless of the business that has ensued since my return back from Mesa, I am the happiest person alive right now.

"Brooke, why are you soooo content with your ever so boring life?"

Oh hush. Just let me tell you.

First, as I said like 24 times before, I WENT HOME LAST WEEKEND. It was probably the best thing I have done all semester long. And that is saying something. 
(Not really actually.... but remember how I was trying to be Positive Patty? Yeah, still tryin.) 
Mckay and Ty were soooo surprised, and I was uber happy to watch Mckay have an awesome last football game of the season. Basically the whole weekend was filled with lots of footbal watching, which I was surprisingly happy with.
Also, for the billionth year in a row, I got cheesecake from the factory (as in the cheesecake factory? you know?) for my birthday, and I have decided that no matter how many different flavors I try, rasberry lemon will always be my very favorite (Except, I think if I ever tried mango lime, I might die of a happiness-induced bliss-seizure)
All in all, it was 4 days full of lots of shopping, footballing, laughing, halloweening, pumpkin carving, movie watching, and happiness-having.
see below for deets.

 ohhhh boo boo. so tired after a mid-day nap

 good thing i am the whitest person alive

I am so thankful for my dear family!

Also, in case I haven't broadcasted this enough, my birthday was on Monday. PARTY. Ok maybe only half party. I was super hammered because I am having sleeping issues aka I only got about 4 hours the night before. 
NBD, srsly. 
Also I had a Spanish test looming over my head. But I got to spend part of the evening with some wonderful people, AND I got Krispy Kreme donuts, which HELLO I have been craving basically since I came out of the womb.  
But I have been craving them for a while now. And more great news on the birthday front, tomorrow night, a gang of about 20ish people ("Brooke you have that many friends??" Yes. Just call me the popularity queen, srsly.) and myself are visiting Pizza Pie Cafe for some good old fashioned birthday-friend-lovin. 
Wanna hear a secret? 
I really don't like my birthday that much. I just like using it as an excuse to have lots of celebrations because let's be real. I am kind of OBSESSED with the people in my life. So any reason for all of us to get together is a good reason. Glad we got that cleared up so you don't think I am just a birthday whore. 
Scuse my french

Speaking of Spanish, like a whole paragraph ago... my test is over weeeee! Now I just have to conquer the final. GULP. 
Good thing I am so bilingual!!!!
Oh wait.

Oh and another great thing that I need to share... So when I was a freshman in high school, I began this love affair with the band Cartel. They are like, REALLY great. A little mainstream sounding... But also kind of not. So anyways, they released a new-ish cd a while ago, and I have been collecting some of the songs (aka ten to be specific). And you know what? It's really really good!!!! Like there are some mellow ones that make me want to lie on my couch thinking about love and life and such, and then there are other ones that get me really pumped and make me want to go run lots of miles (maybe I should????). 
Anyways, it's really good and I am really enjoying them right now. Especialmente the songs "It Still Remains" and "Retrograde". Eeep.

What's that? You want me to talk about music some more? 
(Don't fret, I will be brief...)
So you know the song "I'm so Paid" by Akon with Young Jeezy and Lil Weezy? Yeah well it's my jam right now. Also makes me want to run lots of miles. And live a thug life. Tupac would be proud. Also, my friend Chase. I'm pretty sure he has a man crush on Akon. And probably Jeezy and Weezy too.

And "Beautiful Lie" by 30 Seconds to Mars? WOOOAAAHHH Jared Leto just blows me away. I love this band so much.
Also, the new KOL album is mind blowing. Literally, brains all over the wall, every time.
Ok I'm done, swear.

So now a not-so-great thing... I am pretty sure I am getting ill.
And it feels a little like the mono monster.
I am kind of freaking out.
But then, I webmd'd it, and apparently symptoms don't come back full-fledged, only half-fledged. 
So BRING IT, mononucleosis!!!!

Welp, that's about all the news this week.
Ce la vie, folks.
And a good one it is!

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