ode to thanksgiving... and other things

Notice the bloggy change? 
I was getting tired of the fake Spanish name "la vida es"... and it's a good thing Christian didn't know about it, otherwise I would have been chastised for my poor grammar. 
Such is the life of a non-latina and her fluent-in-Spanish boyfriend.

So Thanksgiving break was the ultimate. 
Seriously, best 5 days EVER.
Christian meshed perfectly with the family, and even Maggie loved him. 
Hugely important, obviously.
Among gorging on Thanksgiving food for days, we enjoyed movies, a rousing game of Horse, lots of Bananagrams, a trip to the zoo, decorating for Christmas and wonderful late night talks.
All in all, a break for the books. 
Now we just need to make it through the next three week of torture...
I mean school....
And we will be on to bigger, and better, and more shiny things.
If you get my drift ;)
We love the zoo. Also aquariums.
But mostly each other. 
Happy last week of November, peeps!


the most wonderful time of the year

Slightly premature, I know.
But I can't help but be filled with ultimate holiday cheer right now. 
The mono monster has almost fully disappeared, 
*Rejoice, body!*

They are "lighting" the Riverwoods tonight,
*Santa AND Jon Schmidt will be there, EEP!*

There are so many wonderful Christmas albums out right now,
*Matt Wertz, Lower Lights, Michael Buble........ be still my heart!*

Thanksgiving is next week,
*Bringing Christian home to meet the family, holy wow!*

And it's the weekend
*This speaks for itself*

Happy Friday.

p.s. look how presh
Grainy, but cute. Real Cute.


november thankfuls

Tis the season. 
And I'm feeling pretty thankful right now, so I figured I might as well just knock out the whole month in one fell swoop. I'z so SMART and I'z go to college! Obviously!

- Today I am thankful for good music. I went the entire last week 
(I repeat, an ENTIRE WEEK)
without listening to pretty much anything. I forget how much of a lifeblood it is, and I'm really enjoying some Groban tunes today. Bless good music. 

- I am thankful for good health. 
I'm just going to be real and admit that I have mono again... I don't know why I'm embarrassed, but I am...
And seeing as how I have felt like DEATH for the last week, I'm incredibly glad that for the majority of my life, I have been lucky enough to be disease-broken bone-other ailments free. 
Just a few weeks and that will be me again. A few weeks.... a few weeks....a....few....weeks.....
*falls asleep*

- I am thankful for church. 
Sadly, I was unable to attend yesterday. And that cliche of wanting what we can't have sure rang true. 
I will be immensely grateful when I can go again in a few weeks.

- I am thankful for loving friends.
Not just mine, but all the friends in the world. It makes me really happy to know that just like my friends, roommates, boyfriend, and family have been so kind and helpful to me over the last week, there are 7 billion other people in the world who would probably do the same thing for their friends. 
I really do have faith in humanity. I know way too many beautiful people not to. 

- I am thankful for bland food. 
As Cholula's self-proclaimed #1 fan, it's no secret that I MUST have food with lots of flavor. However when your throat and stomach don't want to comply, thus resulting in the loss of 9 lbs in one week,
(Truth. Watch for the latest fad, the mono diet. "You're one kiss away from the best body of your life!") 
you have to eat really tame food. And I am so thankful that tame food exists! 
I'm lookin at you, oatmeal, applesauce and popsicles!

- I'm thankful for Christmas tunes. 
Mostly just Michael Buble Christmas tunes. 
Give me a minute while I wipe the drool from my face........

-I am thankful for baths. 
I mean really, do we really need to shower every day? Because I have taken a bath every day for over a week now, and it's probably my favorite thing ever. 
Don't ask me when I am going to stop, because you probably don't want to know the answer.

I could go on and on, but this is what I have been thinking the most about over the last few days. And now I'm going to take a nap, because this has been the most energy-expelling 20 minutes of my day thus far. 
It's the life, let me tell ya. 

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