wellness wednesday: June music

Top 3 Favorite Workout Songs
- June Edition - 
My life has been all over the place for the last few weeks, which is very obviously reflected in the following choice of music. Regardless, these are some great tunes. Enjoy!

Best warm up song:
Who's Lovin You- Michael Buble

This song simply puts me in the best mood. Nothing like a little happiness to get me ready for a workout!
And then there's this.
I'll wait while you wipe the drool off your face.

Best power song:
Bumpy Ride- Mohombi
I haven't watched this music video, thus I cannot approve of it's content if there is anything sketch. Sorry in advance. I CAN however, guarantee that you will want to shake your tail feathers as soon as the music starts. And you're welcome in advance.

Best cool down song:
No Explanation- Peter Cetera
Because who doesn't love a little 80's throwback Chicago/Peter Cetera?
I mean really.


a few things

- We saw World War Z this weekend while Christian's dad was in town.
(Fun fact: we also saw the Hobbit with him at midnight over Christmas break. I'm still dying that my father in law came with us to a midnight movie haha)
Just so you know, the movie. 
If you liked I Am Legend, and have a thing for suspense,
(And I mean,- squeezetheliferightoutofyourhusbandshandforthewholemovie - kind of suspense) 
I definitely recommend it.

- The pool heater was broken at our gym this morning. 
And guess who had a swim workout?
Oh right.
That was the fastest and coldest 400m I've ever done in my life, and I still have an ear ache from the freezing water. Normally when I swim, I repeat the lap number in my head over and over.
(Stimulating, I know.)
Anyways, this morning it went more like this.
Or something like that.

- Finally, I've been deliberating doing this for weeks. 
I grew out my bangs out for the first time in literally my whole life, but finally last night I decided I couldn't stand looking at my forehead any longer.
At this rate, I will probably be platinum next. 
Stay tuned.


wellness wednesday: a weighty issue

I was struggling with what to write about today.
I know these posts may seem silly, but they have greatly helped me in my goals to maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially as we have started training for this triathlon.
(Which I have lost some steam in, so I must keep posting FTW!)

And then the ever so inspirational C.Jane Kendrick wrote something last week that really struck a chord with me. It was sensitive and honest and real, which is exactly this way this issue needs to be addressed. And so I'm pulling some thoughts from her and mixing them with my own.


I want to talk about women and their weight issues, and how I have learned to deal with and overcome this in myself. I love what she wrote because it echos my own feelings perfectly.
I have never been super thin. Maybe when I was like 6 years old, but then I matured rather quickly, and I was always taller and had more build that my friends and peers.
(Code for "blessed with large thighs and a butt that won't quit". Or something like that.)
Look at those boat feet!
I was destined to be a tall athletic woman!

I "struggled" with my weight through most of middle and high school.
And I say "struggled" because looking back, I definitely wasn't really heavy! I had my chubbier years, but who doesn't? I think I just never really felt good enough. Combine those issues with acne ridden skin and a lot of hormones, and you've got.... well.... a lot of teenage angst to say the least haha. I was reading through some of my journals a few weeks ago, and it made me so sad. From the time that I was in about 7th grade, I was ALWAYS talking about how I wanted to lose
"just 10 more pounds by such and such date"
or "if I could just lose 15 pounds I would be so much prettier".
Phrases like that riddled so many pages of the 4 journals I have from that time. And I know I'm not alone in a lot of those feelings.

But you know what's interesting?
I still had A TON of confidence! I never remember feeling super uncomfortable in my body, or embarrassed to be in a bathing suit or anything like that. I never looked at myself in the mirror and felt like I was fat, and I never really got so upset about my weight that it turned into depression or an eating disorder or anything.

At first that really confused me.
Why would I write those things for years, but then hardly have a memory of truly struggling with those issues when all was said and done?
How did I have the confidence I did, when my writing would say otherwise?

I've come to two conclusions:
First, I had seriously succumbed to the attitude of the world.
A world OBSESSED with weight loss.
It seems to me that I felt like I had to have those feelings. That it was normal, and almost expected, "Because what woman doesn't" right? And certainly there was probably some part of me that was concerned with having a leaner physique, but looking back now, I really don't think I was truly as concerned about it as I made myself out to be through my journals.

This is my second and main conclusion:
 Since a fairly young age, I've been a consistent exerciser and pretty healthy eater.
(I say "pretty healthy" because I have been known to eat a cookie or donut or ice cream on the daily, along side my protein shakes, quinoa, vegetable juice and edamame.

And I realize now, thanks to my journal entries, memories, and the words of Courtney Kendrick, just how much exercise blessed my life and changed my attitude about my body, DESPITE the onslaught of negativity from the world, and my own attempts to fit in with the body-obsessed culture we live it.
Through years of striving to take care of myself, 
by feeding it good food and giving myself a little wiggle room, 
learning how to exercise and exercise HARD, 
I've learned to love my body despite it's imperfections.
Despite my scarred skin.
My athletic thighs.
My flat feet.
 My round chin.

And so much of that came through exercising in order to love my body.
I may not currently be a size 2. I may not EVER be a size 2, in fact. And ultimately, that's not what I want!
As I exercise and give my body what it needs both through physical activity and eating good food, I've learned to pick through what the world says I need to feel about myself and see my value and beauty.
The more that I've learned how to take care of my body, the more I've learned to appreciate it.
Because it's strong and beautiful and healthy and it carries me through what I need to do every day.
It also helps that my husband thinks I'm way hott ;) Bonus, right?!

I wish more women in the world would see themselves in this way! Because every single one of us is different, and certainly we aren't all meant to look like the airbrushed women on the front of Shape Magazine. There is so much beauty in every single BODY, and I desperately wish that attitude would permeate society instead of the current attitude of attaining body perfection.
Perfection like this!
Haha jk. This is the most awkward picture of me in existence. 

This is all why I'm such a huge advocate of exercise and healthy eating.
Find healthy foods you love! Find workouts that enthuse instead of bore you. Don't be afraid to try new things, like Zumba or Crossfit or kale or wheat germ. You never know how much more motivated you will be to take care of yourself, and love your body, when you experiment with new things! Now, I'm not naive enough to think that those two things will simply eliminate body image issues. Heavens knows there are plenty of days when I wake up and feel like a whale (DARN YOU PERIOD BLOAT!)
But through years of experience, and plenty of self doubt, I've learned that taking care of myself helps me see my true beauty and worth, without being tainted by the expectations of the world. It's helped me learn that I don't have to be super duper thin to feel super duper good about myself.

I love what C.Jane said:
"a healthy body acceptance promotes peace and an increase of joy" 

And couldn't we all use a little bit more of that?


awkward and.... awkward

I'm the queen of this these days. 
So be prepared, because the stories keep coming. 

So for those of you non-BYU readers (all one of you, but hey....) Cecil Samuelson is the current president of BYU. Past presidents include Jeffrey R. Holland and Dallin H. Oaks, so basically President Samuelson is straight up royalty on campus because we all know that one day he will be an apostle and we would all be stoked out of our minds for that. 

So I work in the Hinckley Alumni Building on campus, which el Presidente is known to frequent. 
(Am I allowed to call him that?)
I've seen him several times from a distance, but today's encounter tops everything. I was riding down the elevator, and I proceed to exit on the main floor and who is standing in front of me?!


So obviously because of his celebrity status, I have a minor excitement induced-hernia, 
and that's when I realize he's on the phone.

So I'm like:
"Okay calm down Brooke. 
(sidenote: not possible)

But then I'm like:
"Wait he totally knows I saw him, now I have to say hi. 
Because NOT saying hi to the president of BYU would probably equal heresy 

So then I'm like:
"Wait, he's on the phone!
How do I go about this?
He's not looking at me, so I can't wave....
But I also can't be all 
at the top of my lungs.
How am I supposed to normally and un-awkwardly address this man of royalty standing before me?!?!?!" 

So then, in what seemed to be the best conclusion in that split second, here is what I did:
I literally whispered "Hi President Samuelson" 
and then walked away as fast as an Olympic speed-walker.
This is probably the face I was making too.

Please don't ever introduce me to a non-Mormon celebrity. 
Because that had to be the literal dumbest social encounter I have ever put myself though.


thoughts about children

My whole life, I was always the girl who couldn't wait to have babies. 
Or to be pregnant. 
Or to be a mom. The whole shebang basically

Then Christian and I got married, and the whole baby-making possibility got 100%  real, and I suddenly lost my zest for having children and the whole thing kinda just started freaking me out really. 
I'll be totally honest, I've been so happy this last year and 3 months just having Christian to myself. 

Then, on top of it all, I've had tons child care jobs for the last year and a half.
First I worked at a group home for troubled teenage girls. 
Then I worked at a summer camp.
Then I was a nanny. 
Now we babysit our lives away, 
AND we are primary teachers.
Let me tell you something:
That shiz is GREAT birth control.

However, as I sat in primary yesterday and watched my favorite sunbeam Logan gasp in excitement as his dad walked in the room, 
(Oh my gosh, DAAAAADDD!)
I suddenly got very excited to have crazy little blonde children with Christian.
Like this one.

Or this one.

Because let's be real, it's going to be so fun to watch them say the most ridiculous things, get excited over disney movies, wrestle the heck out of their dad, and fall asleep in their dinners.

Especially to watch them fall asleep in their dinners.


summer in p-town

I present to you:
Plastic Head, aka Dan Cox.
Basically we just thought he looked way over manicured, and, well.....
Also he never talked, until he randomly ordered Des a pizza, which we also thought was very plastic of him.
So now you know!

 As the weekend is upon us, I've been thinking a lot about going out on dates with my husband.
As much as I love spending time with JUST Christian,
sometimes we struggle finding cool things to do as a couple. 
And although we love browsing Target, eating out, watching netflix, and going to the gym, you can only have so many of those date nights, you know?!

Thankfully, we made some wonderful friends while we lived in DC, and we reunited last weekend!
First stop, the rooftop concert series in downtown Provo. 
One of the valley's best kept summertime secrets. 
If you currently live in Utah, or plan to anytime in the future... GO!

The next day we trekked through Spanish Fork canyon to the hot springs. 
Let me tell you something:
It was super awesome, but I don't recommend wearing converse with no socks for the almost 5 mile hike. 
Not that I did that or anything.....
I also recommend showering right after you get home.
I didn't (don't ask me why)
and I smelled very strongly of egg salad the next morning.

Utah sure is a nasty B during the winter time, but I have to admit....
I am quite enjoying this summer so far!


nicknames and such

Sorry for being such the drama queen these days. 
Turns out all I needed was a good night's rest, some serious exercise and more reality t.v.

Speaking of the Bachelorette....
Christian and I are terrible at remembering everyone's names on the show, so we've come up with quite the slew of nicknames, and I just had to share.

-Plastic head
-Cry baby
-Texas. Also Smiley
-The Trio of Hate
- Talks like a fruit cake
- Talks even more like a fruit cake

- And.....
(We love him, so obviously we can remember his name.)

I'm pumped for next week's episode. Especially because everyone is ganging up on Ben. 
Gotta love a little man drama!


wellness wednesday? forget you!

If my most recent post didn't make this apparent enough, the last several days around the Carter house have been ROUGH ones . 
(And not just because I've been a raging-she-woman-of-death-and-fire.
Although that probably doesn't help right?)
Between the two of us, Christian and I are working 4 jobs right now. 
So on top of work, commuting, battling with crazy kids, and training for this triathlon (whyyyyyyy), I think we are both a little frazzled by the end of the day. 
Sometimes when this happens, it's a natural reaction to go into survival mode and stop reaching out to each other. I am especially guilty of pushing Christian away when life gets a little unbearable.

We had a little heart to heart last night, and after a lot of talking and a lot of tears, I was yet again reminded just how thankful I am for this guy. I just really really love him.

Neither one of us are perfect.
(Hello, my middle name is "practically the most imperfect person you will ever meet!")
But what's most important is that we are both trying. 
It doesn't matter whether or not dinner gets made. 
Or laundry gets done. 
Or dishes are clean. 
Or sleep is had.
Or beds get made.
It matters that I love Christian and he loves me and we are trying our best to be good and happy and kind and charitable GOSH DARNIT.

And at the end of the day, isn't that what matters most in EVERY aspect of life?
Whether you are single or married or young or old or male or female or fat or skinny or average or normal or crazy, sometimes I think we all just need to slow down, stop freaking the heck out, and just say to ourselves
"I'm doing the best I can, and that's all that matters."


pms gotcha down?

Yesterday was the literal worst day in the history of ever.
I felt like I was swimming through jello the whole time I was at work. And let's not even talk about my mental processing... Or SERIOUS lack thereof.

So, I got home last night. 
Didn't make (or eat) any dinner. 
I forwent my exercise schedule.
And then I watched Keeping up with the Kardashian's for like 3 hours, all while eating a Krispy Kreme donut instead of aforementioned dinner.
And to end my day, I popped a melatonin and fell asleep at 9:30 and didn't wake up until 8:30 this morning.

(Don't worry, I didn't subject Christian to any of this. I let the poor man do his thing while I wallowed in all my dramatic, feminine glory)

Also, Keeping up with the K's totally made me cry, which was so weird.
Mostly because I was simultaneously disgusted.
Just when you thought they couldn't cover any more ground, the Kardashians up and made me cry while I also was vomiting in my mouth. That's something only they could accomplish, I think.

My hormones were obviously out of control last night.
Sometimes life is just too much to handle...... even over something as dumb as being exhausted. 

And sometimes you just need to subject yourself to crappy food, and even crappier reality t.v. to feel a little better, amiright?



Our trip to AZ last weekend was a whirlwind. We crammed in as much as possible in our 3 short days there.
First stop, Bryce Canyon.
(which yes, is technically in Utah but I DO WHAT I WANT.)

Aaaaand basically those are the only pictures we got ha!

We also spent several days with my dearest friend Nicole and her family, who over the course of my life has become my second family. It was so much fun and so much busy that I took one crappy iPhone picture and that's it. Sorrynotsorry
I was too busy having fun and pal-ing around with my best girl. 

Finally, we also stopped by the Salt River and some random bridge on our way back North.
Fun fact: I'm absolutely terrified of bridges. 
This was me, feigning happiness, while white-knuckle gripping the railing. 
23 years old, infant at heart.
Arizona we love you. 


awkward and..... awkward

This is a story that involves a bathroom and the things that happen therein. 
For those of you who've made the drive between Arizona and Utah, you know that between Lake Powell and Flagstaff is no man's land.
Also when we roadtrip, I usually drink about 3 liters of water and a gallon of Diet Coke so..... 
On our way down last Friday, I was absolutely bursting at the seams and we had to stop at a gas station so I could use the bathroom. It was the only one for miles. Probably in the whole state actually. So I'll be darned if I wasn't going to get my bathroom break. 

Well, I'm sitting in there just doing my thing..... 
And sorry to be graphic but you know how sometimes there are certain things you don't like to do in a bathroom when there are other people in the stall next to you? I'm sorry but I really hate going #2 when others are present.

So finally the lady in the stall next to me leaves and I proceed to finish when all the sudden the door opens again. Which first made me mad.... and then I realized whoever had come into the bathroom was just standing there. Like..... wt eff?

So I've decided that there are 3 options:
1. This is a serial killer waiting for me to exit the stall, thus becoming his next victim.
2. Maybe Christian decided to join me in the bathroom, you know just to make sure I'm okay? It HAD been like 10 minutes.... a gallon of DC will do that to a lady......
3. This is someone who is even more paranoid than I am and this lady won't even enter the stall if someone else is in the bathroom.

 It was none of the above.
I sat there for a good minute, trying to finish my business and making some embarrassing noises in the processes (read: farting. There. I said it again.) When I finally can't handle the fact that this weirdo is just standing there listening to me be embarrassing.
So I cut things short and come out of the stall and there is a gas station employee, just standing there waiting to clean like I'm the biggest nuisance in the world, while HOLDING THE DOOR OPEN.
Guys, this gas station is about the size of a tic-tac, so basically what happens in the bathroom can be heard by everyone else when the door is open. And then me being my typical overly-nice self, started apologizing as I "got in her way" to wash my hands and use the paper towels.

All the while, this lady doesn't even acknowledge my presence, let alone apologize for the fact that she just stood there silently and awkwardly listening to me do my duty (pun slightly intended) for a good 5 minutes.
At this point I'm fuming, so I come out of the door in a huff......

And I start to explain to Christian what happened but OH WAIT he didn't need the instant replay because he saw and heard the whole thing go down because OH WAIT THE DOOR WAS OPEN.

And you want to know the worst part of this story?
I didn't even get to finish perusing Instagram in the only spot we had service for the next 3 hours.
It's a rough life.


wellness wednesday: the bike ride to end all bike rides

I started road biking about 5 years ago when my family lived in Arizona. About 10 minutes from my house was the most beautiful loop that we would ride all the time.
The whole thing is about 23 miles of pure awesome, and I've been dying to take Christian on that ride for years now.
Look at this hottie in all his scruffy glory.
Well I can officially cross that off my bucket list because this weekend when we were visiting Arizona, we conquered that bad boy. And I couldn't have been happier.

This look is what I call "hipster athletica", what with all my bike gear and spandex and wayfarers and all.
Just tryin to keep it real, you know?

 Mid-ride, and in a lot of pain because we stopped at the top of a hill to take pictures.


And oh so happy!
Arizona, we love you!

*Just a side note... if you are ever going on a long-ish ride, it's pretty important to make sure your bike is adjusted properly. My bike seat was too low, and it made me feel like I was riding a motorcycle the whole time. Also, my knees were killing me and I felt like my frontal lobe was going to come out of my head because my shoulders were so scrunched, and all kinds of nonsense. So much drama over one little bike seat.*

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