a happy list for a happy friday

The last week and a half has been a taxing one.
Thankfully though, there are always things to be happy about and grateful for! 

- The campout Christian and I had in our living room last night. 
Sometimes you just need to shake things up a bit and sleep on a mattress in the living room. 
Also...... YOLO.

- Also from last night.... The homework we DIDN'T do and the Ellen videos we watched instead. Followed by 2 episodes of Call the Midwife.
(Shameless plug: If you haven't seen that show yet, you need to like... yesterday
It sounds so cheesy and dumb, but it's one of the best I've ever seen. The character development is beyond amazing, and the story is surprisingly gripping. 
Even Christian likes it. 
So there you go.)

- Grapefruit, grapefruit, grapefruit!
Also can we talk about how perfect the color of grapefruit is? 
Favorite. On every level.

- My current tradition of watching a Man vs. Wild episode every day with the munchkins we babysit. 
It's been weeks, and I'm still not sick of it. 
Also you'd think we'd be used to watching Bear Grylls eat bugs and snakes and crap.... 
But no. 
We still freak out every single time. 

- This conversation I had with my mom today:
Mom: "So I changed your ringtone from the BYU fight song to the Harry Potter theme."
Me: "That's the best!"
Mom: "I know! It makes me so happy every time you call because first, it's you calling. 
And second, Harry Potter!"
Just when I thought I couldn't love my mom any more. 

- This guy. 
He and his humor are the biggest blessings in my life. 
We could be held at gunpoint, while swimming in shark infested waters, and he would still be able to make me laugh and feel better. 
He's just the best.

- Gawking at the Halloween section in Target. 
Maaayyybe we've been checking every single week for the last month because we (re: I) have been so excited. Seriously we were freaking out over everything for like 30 straight minutes. Also started planning a Halloween Party, so that's good.
We love this season a little much over here!

So there you go.
Happy weekend all.


the time i hated pizza, also known as a throwing up story

I've been really really sick the last few weeks. 

Anyways, this is a gross story, but it's just funny, so I just have to share. 
These are my true colors guys!!!!)

So my stomach has been having some serious issues, and today was no exception. 
I was in the kitchen, and all the sudden I looked at a pizza box sitting on our counter. 
(Notice the word "looked". I didn't eat, look at, or even SMELL the pizza)
Pizza thoughts suddenly overcame my mind, and before I knew it, I was dry heaving. 
It was like a cheesy pizza man had reached out of the box and punched me straight in uvula with his pepperoni fists and then clawed at my stomach with his greasy nails, all the while breathing garlic breath of death straight into my face, burning my nose hairs completely off.
Something to that effect.

So I did what any sane, and ill, person would do.... 
I ran into the bathroom and threw up for like 10 straight minutes. 

You may think this is strange. And I may be tempted to agree with you. 
But then I am reminded of the time I threw up on the first day of 6th grade because I was so nervousexcited??
And  the time I threw up on the first day of college because I took a vitamin on an empty stomach. 
(I've learned a lot since then, thanks for asking)
And the crowning time when I threw up because I boiled an egg, cut it in half, removed the yolk, filled the hole with salt and THEN ATE IT. 
(I know. I can't even.)
I'm a champ at this barfing thing guys. 
And at the rate I'm going, I'll have another cookie-tossing story for you next week. 

So stay tuned, OBVIOUSLY. 


songs for rainy days

All this dreary weather we've been having has got me in a certain mood. 
The kind that involves listening to slow, acoustic-driven, melancholy music and sitting on my couch under a blanket while spending hours on Pinterest, I mean what?!
I really enjoy picking music to go with the seasons, and I guess that's what I've been doing. Building my autumn/rainy day playlist. 
Here are some of my favorite songs at the moment.

Punch Brothers- Soon or Never
Punch Brothers- Soon or Never
Ohhhhh this song.
The strings and banjos and harmonies just kill me. 
If you listen to any of these song, please let it be this one. 

Amos Lee- What's Been Going On
I'm married to Amos Lee's biggest fan, so we listen to a lot of that around here. 
This is one of my favorites of his.

Sara Bareilles- Islands
This album is great, but this is by far by favorite song from it. 
The chord progression is too good!

And there you have it. If you are like me and feel the need to usher in a new season with appropriate music, please indulge. This girl knows music,
(scuse me while I toot my horn, toot toot!)
and these songs are some of the best.


on making changes

I very often find myself analyzing my life, and realizing there is a lot I want to change, and it's usually fueled by the desire to change Brooke, more than circumstances or people around me.. 
Sometimes I'm unsure what exactly that change should entail. 
I think: 
"Well, I know I can be better. I just don't really know where to start."

Does this ever happen to you?

Today at work, I was listening to a wonderful talk by President Hinckley called "The Women in Our Lives". 
This passage really struck a chord with me and helped me realize something very important I can be working on, all the time! 

If every husband and every wife would constantly do whatever might be possible to ensure the comfort and happiness of his or her companion, there would be very little, if any, divorce. Argument would never be heard. Accusations would never be leveled. Angry explosions would not occur. Rather, love and concern would replace abuse and meanness.

Christian is the dearest person in my life, and I can't imagine how I would feel if I treated our relationship this way. I'm sure it would be amazing. This also got me thinking about the way I treat others around me. Certainly I can't give everyone the kind of devotion I give my husband. 
I can, however, do a better job seeing them the way the Savior does. I can do a better job loving unconditionally, being judgement free, and looking for opportunities to serve each day. 

Just some thoughts if you are feeling like you could use a bit of a personal overhaul. 
I think the world needs more of this kind of love. 


september is weird

School is in session, everything on pinterest these days is Halloween related, and we've got an apple spice air freshener in our apartment. 
And then I walk outside and it's still 9000 degrees. 

Fall won't hurry up and summer won't leave, it won't stop raining, and it's just the strangest mash-up of seasons here in Utah right now. I guess I can't complain. 
At least it's not snowing.

So speaking of school... it's been quite the eventful last few days! Christian is balancing two jobs this semester, and of course classes for both of us. Ah it never ends! We had our first official break down a few days ago, so that should mean the semester's in full swing right?

Other things: 
We watched Barefoot in the Park last weekend, and I highly recommend it.....
if you're looking for a weird movie that makes you laugh about newlywed nuances and crazy people like Jane Fonda.
(I guess "crazy " and "newlywed" go hand in hand many times, amiright?)
How's this for a glimpse into marriage?!

Also can we talk about Hobby Lobby for a minute? We ventured there for the first time ever last night and I was blown away by the awesome fall and halloween decorations... Until I saw the price tags.
I mean, $300 for a wreath!?! Is there anything even worth getting there?
Please fill me in, Hobby Lobby enthusiasts.
Because I WANT to love that place but I just can't stomach those prices!

Finally, we've had some great things go on for our family in the last few weeks. After a seemingly endless summer and several of the worst months in the history of ever, I have to say that this fall and winter are shaping up to be
And basically I'm bursting to share more. Alas, it will have to wait!
Until next time!

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