Happy Birthday, Happy weekend, Happy Thursday, and other things.

Oh em gee, I totz haven't posted in the longest time! 
No but really.
I feel like there is just too much to say, so I think that listing is probably going to be my best option.

1. I went home this weekend, as I’m pretty sure I mentioned once or twice. (sarcasm). It was THE BEST, to say the least. 

2. I have a new favorite movie. “It’s kind of a funny story”. I mean seriously? I didn’t even mind Zach Galifianakis because his character was so GOOD. Watch it.
3. My baby brother turned 16. AH.
 100% awesome, all the time
4.Speaking of birthdays, my mom, grandpa and favorite missionary all had birthdays yesterday. PRESH. And in light of the presh-ness, here are some tribute pictures.
 this is why my mom is my bff

 gpa is the one in the middle. He is so cute, I can't handle it.

this is probs my favorite picture. EVER. 

such the great wittle missionary!
5. One of my bestest friends, also roommate, Claira Lynn Gale got engaged this week. Wedding mode 2point0! 
 picture stolen from em. thanks boo :)

6. I really believe spring is around the corner. Really. I mean, next week it’s supposed to be in the 40s again. At this rate, flowers will be blooming by April. Which means finals week will be reminiscent of freshman year aka freaking beautiful. Also just a side note, you know you have been living in Utah for too long when 40 feels gorgeous. Sorry Arizona, I have failed you.

8. I can’t stop listening to the Black Keys and Mumford and Sons. And both make for fantastic Pandora stations, just in case you are trying to boost your musical repertoire. And if you aren't well.... shame on you.
9. I have a good weekend ahead of me. REAL GOOD *spanishaccent* (gold star if you name that movie)
10. I have been DYING to go to Washington D.C. lately for some reason. I keep thinking about walking around the Museum of the Native American and eating a buffalo burger and enjoying the cherry blossoms…  and then I die. I JUST WANT TO GOOO!

Welp. That's about it. 
Happy Thursday.


Don't knock it.

Guess what I did this weekend. 

False. I did a lot. But the great news is that none of it included homework. 
 Let's start with Friday. I took an Econ test after I was done working (BOO), then I went to the grocery store. And bought lots of good things, but mostly I was just excited about the 2 boxes of couscous (one of which I may or may not have eaten later than night at 2am...)
 couscous, i love you

Then I went with a gang of friend to Cafe Rio, BLISS, after which we hit up Provo's HOTTEST improv club, Comedy Sports (as 100% gay as that sounded, I am being so real. I was dying of laughter for the full 2 hours). Then I came home and sat on my kitchen floor talking with my roommates until 3:30am. 
It felt nice to be a little irresponsible like that.

And then there was Saturday.
I began my day with every intention of magnifying my student-ly duties and studying my brains out. 
Then I realized something
Over the prior week, I had 4 massive tests that just assassinated my life, as well as any shred of mental capacity I had left by Saturday morning. So at 10:30 am, I decided that I was giving up and I was just going to go to the basketball game. Which I did. And it was lovely. And it just reminded me how much I love BYU and all things BYU sports related. And Jimmer.

Fredette about it.

Then I got to spend the rest of the evening eating good food, listening to good music, watching a good movie (if you haven't seen Meet Joe Black, add that to your bucket list... because that movie is unreal), and laughing with one of my favorite good friends Nicole. 

Then Sunday. 
Oh glorious Sunday.
Firstly, the weather was beautiful. It felt like this all day.

We also had stake conference, which just brought on all sorts of life-changing moves on my part. 
I am so thankful for wonderful, inspired people.
Then got to watch Ratatouille and take the best nap of my life, followed by a very therapeutic and much needed drive up Provo canyon. To top everything off, I had a really nice evening with hilarious friends, during which we discussed a lot of important issues... including, but not limited to which of our ward's current couples will be engaged by the end of the semester. And other similar issues. I laughed a lot.

And now there is today.
The "dreaded" Valentines Day.
It's funny, I really don't mind this holiday. 
I mean, there is a lot of irony in the fact that the last 3 years in a row, I have been in a relationship until the week or so before the 14th (do I secretly hate getting flowers and chocolate and other nice things?? I didn't think so but my past would say otherwise....)
So anyways, you would think I would have a lot of animosity towards this day.
But I totally don't.
The weather is gorgeous, 
And this song is making me really happy 

Ok now I am done. 
Sorry about my verbose tendencies sometimes.
All in all, despite the homework onslaught that will happen over the next few days, I had a really good weekend. And this week is looking just fine too.

Oh and p.s.!
Arcade Fire winning best album of the year at the Grammy's last night?? I mean let's be real that's enough to make my day alone. Take that, Lady G!


viva la weekend, here's a good song

Tryin to get your party on because it's Friday?

Me too.

Just listen to this song, and let the party begin.


dear world,


Right. So as ridiculous as this Jimmermania seems, it's also really funny, and kind of amazing.
Case in point:


 I love my church 
I love my school
And Utah better be ready to get Jimmered on Saturday!


another one of these

I have decided that I go through phases where I have a lot of really, really bizarre dreams. I am currently in one of those phases. Case in point: Last night.

First, I dreamed I was drowning. For some reason I was stuck on this outcropping of rocks in the ocean, and I kept getting pounded by waves and I couldn't for the life of me climb up to safety. Then, all the sudden I have this pet iguana ...
 just sitting there looking at me. And I got really mad because he wouldn't help me up (obviously iguanas are renowned for their superhuman strength and ability to lift full grown adults out of the water...)
so I poked his eye out.

I repeat.

I am the rudest pet owner in history.

*intermission* (aka I woke up and got a drink or something)
*enter next dream*

In this dream, I was walking through my neighborhood in Arizona. I remember feeling concerned because it was getting kind of dark and that's when all the scaries come out. I was correct in my thinking, because all the sudden this guy rolls up in a creepy car and is all
"Come over to my house for dinner with me and my wife"

Ok red flag. 
But apparently that didn't register because I went with him anyways. 
Well then I get to his house and I am talking with him for a few minutes when all the sudden I think 
"This dude does NOT have a wife."
Wanna know how I came to this conclusion?
His house was zero percent decorated, totally and completely lacking a woman's touch.
HAHA good thing I am so observant

So then I panicked, (my brain was all "He's probably a KILLLLEERRRR!") and sprinted out of there and ran to my neighbors house and hid under their kitchen table.
And then took note of their weird purple carpet as I was under their table. And that was about when I woke up. First, I was mildly terrified that I was a crazed animal abuser and now someone was after me, but thankfully I came to and realized my only worry for the day was my impending family finance exam.

And suddenly that doesn't seem like that big of a deal!

SIDENOTE: Is it so weird that I had steamed asparagus this morning with breakfast?
I just couldn't quell the craving I had for it!
If I didn't know any better, I would think I was pregnant or something.
I wouldn't think that.
But still, my cravings are a little out of hand this week.
And wouldn't it be nice to have something like pregnancy to blame them on?


thursday things to be thrilled about

It's Thursday.  
My favorite day of the week.
And appropriately, my spirits are significantly higher today than they were on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. So, in light of this, here are all the things I am happy about! SQUEE

1. On my way to math this morning, I saw a guy who looked EXACTLY like Ron Weasly. That had me smiling for a good 5 minutes.
One time I read an article about why Hollywood needs ugly actors. The article was then followed with a list of said "ugly actors". I was appalled to see dear Rupert on that list. I mean really? He's no hottie bombalottie, but he is definitely a babe. And a British one at that. Let's get real.

2. Then in math, I was having a very hard time staying focused, along with the 4 people who I normally sit with. Case in point: We were talking about the domain for a certain problem, and my teacher said "to infinity..." (referencing one of the values). What did the 4 of us whisper at the same time? "...And beyond!" of course. We were dying.

3. I have been listening to Keith Urban all morning. There is something about him that makes me happier than words. Maybe because it reminds me so much of summer

4. I randomly started thinking about the Princess Diaries this morning while I was getting ready. First, I was reminiscing about how much I love those books. Then it reminded me of how great the movie is. Then I remembered a guy from my freshman ward who once told me that it is his favorite chick flick HAHA. And THEN I remembered that the lead singer of Rooney plays Michael. The conglomeration of all these happy memories were just too much to handle... So I decided I am watching it this weekend. And no one is going to stop me!
such a goober-ish picture. whatevs, i still love him

5. I have taken a bath every night this week, and tonight won't be any different. There is something so undeniably relaxing about scrubbing away the day's worries in boiling lavender water. (boiling, yes. I take the hottest baths known to man.) And don't even get me started on how awesome it feels to climb into bed all squeaky clean. AH.

Well, I deem that sufficient. Happy Thursday world.


Utah reached a new low this morning, both literally and figuratively. It was 2 degrees when I woke up this morning, and my bedroom wasn't much warmer than that. SRSLY. Also, while walking to campus, my nose froze. As in, it had been really runny but then all the sudden my snot (sorry to be uber disgusting) was completely frozen.
And guess what.
The last time that happened, I lived in a little place called Rexburg. I may be crazy but I'm pretty sure I left that place thinking that NO WHERE could possibly be as cold. 
Touche, mother nature. 

So now that I have ranted about the weather (along with everyone else in the country, i'm sure. this winter freeze is pwning us all, especially out east), on to more important, and happy, things.

So remember yesterday? How I was so pumped about that Global Marketing SA? Well good news. I found another one. And it's cheaper. And longer. And just as amazing.
Get this: Mediterranean Business. Where we would visit the following:
Venice—Grand Canal, St. Marcos Square
Florence—The Academy (Michaelangelo’s David), the Duomo
Pisa—The Leaning Tower
Rome—Colosseum, Forum, Vatican, Sistine Chapel
Pompeii—Ancient ruins beneath Mt. Vesuvius
Athens—Acropolis, Ancient Corinth, Meteora
Greek islands—Santorini and others
Turkey—Istanbul, Ephesus, Troy
Egypt—Cairo, Pyramids at Giza (or maybe not Egypt? rumor has it there are like riots or something going on over there.... something about political unrest? i'm not sure.... *note the sarcasm*)

Need I say more?

Also, I have kind of been having a bummerweek. 
Not kind of. It's definitely been a certifiable bummerweek. Which is ok, everyone deals with those at some point. But great news. I have figured out how to counter this! 
Just eat m&ms for lunch and listen to Michael Buble for hours on end! I am so serious, I feel a million times better then when I crawled out of bed this morning, cursing the day.
(I'm not uber grouchy or anything harhar...)

And one more thing. Guess who gets to go home to sunny, warm, Arizona for President's Day weekend?
Oh right. I do.
I really hope I am greeted by this:
Until then, I have family finance, math, econ and accounting exams to conquer, along with a pile of homework that rivals Kilimanjaro in size. 
I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....


and this week's obsession is...


The destinations: New York, Milan, Venice, Florence, Geneva, Lausanne (I totally know where that is..), Dijon, Paris, Beijing, and India.
Most incredible 4 weeks of my life, hands down.

The problem: it costs over 6,000 big ones. I KNOW RIGHT? For four bloody weeks! That's what an entire SEMESTER study abroad costs folks. Now to figure out how to pay for it! Maybe I should take a page out of the crazy cookie lady's book. She came over last night, pretty much demanding that we buy her "homebaked goods" to help her get to "Ohio to see my kiiiddss!" Yeah bullcrap, crazy. I know Costco cookies when I taste them. I just felt bad because:
a. her hair was a hott mess. And I mean, HOTT MESS.
b. her sketcher shoes with springs that belong in a mattress were just RIDICK.
c. she had some kahunas. I mean, to come through the whole apartment and ask us already poor college students for money? Really? How desperate could you be? And do you reaaaally have kids out in Ohio?? Really????

Anyways, if you didn't catch my drift, I did buy some cookies from here. And proceeded to eat 4 while watching the Bachelor. 
Cool Brooke. 
And that's why you won't ever go on a Global Marketing Study Abroad because you spend your money buying stupid things from all the Provo crazies.

le bigfatsigh

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