Life has a funny way of working out.

Translation: Due to some unforeseen circumstances, Christian and I will be living in Florida for the rest of the summer. We are moving like..... TONIGHT.
I know, we're just the biggest vagrants in the history of ever.

Like I said, funny way of working out.
Things are going to be crazy until later next week, thus the hiatus from henceforward. 
We will keep you posted. 
Until then, wish us luck as we pack up the car yet AGAIN, and drive 15+ hours south.
Yet again. 

The good news though, is that after sweating it out for the last month looking for a job here in NJ, I spent 30 minutes on the phone this morning and I have a job lined up in FL already. I start on Tuesday.
How's that for irony? And BOY am I thankful for networking.

At least we have this to look forward to right?



- I have to listen to a Zumbalicious pandora station because
A) it makes cleaning WAY more fun and 
B) I desperately miss my Provo Zumba classes. Wah.

- Christian and I eat a whole bag of cereal in 3 days. 
Like, the Walmart economy size bag you guys. 
Addicted and proud!

- I wake up crying because I have REALLY bad dreams. 
Actually I don't really cry, according to husband, I just scrunch my face up real tight, in an attempt to make tears come out. And he just laughs! Rude.

- We play Mancala for family night.... for over an hour.
It's safe to say we are becoming masters of the game.

- Christian tells me that my bottom eyelashes are longer than my top ones and he thinks it's "cute".
*reference fake eyelash fiasco*
Well, I just think it makes putting on mascara quite the chore. Blerg.

- I have to listen to the "sleep pillow" app, which plays thunderstorm sounds, in order to fall asleep.
Actually, ALL THE TIME I have to do this. 
The muggy silence in our apartment kills me.
Also sometimes Christian falls asleep in .5 seconds, and it takes me an hour.
Does this happen to anyone else? It drives me mad!

- At the end of a bad day, we have Stevie Wonder dance parties to make ourselves feel better.
*Here's a secret: It really works!*

- Aaaaand sometimes I listen to Carly Rae Jepsen on repeat all day long because, who are we kidding, she's bumpin!

Does dancing Ashely Tisdale freak anyone else out? Or am I still holding on to my Sharpay hatred?

Happy Tuesday!


central perk

Remember that coffee shop in FRIENDS, the name-sake of this post?
Yeah well a few years ago, I found out it DOESN'T EXIST.
Hopes and dreams of visiting this great american sitcom relic = dashed.

Don't worry though, we went to the REAL Central Park yesterday and it was absolutely amazing, which obviously makes up for everything!
Seriously though, it was far more beautiful than I ever would have imagined.
And let's be real, the people watching is probably the best there ever is!
I mean, we saw a kid there.... and his name was JAGGER. Prime example.
I don't know how Kimber eluded this picture, but props to her because she was definitely standing there

The view from Belvedere Castle. Just when you thought Central Park couldn't get any cooler, they had to go and put a castle in the middle of it!

My beyond adorable husband. What a lil' cutie!

Thankfully the afternoon was uneventful, except for being briefly interrupted by 5 minutes of rain
almost passing out due to an assault from the humidity and not drinking enough water
(that's slightly ironic......)
and being attacked by a snake on our walk back to the car.
(actually it was just a branch, but you know. Snakes and branches look A LOT alike these days.
At least judging by my reaction they do...)

And that's how we spent Sunday afternoon, in the company of our dear friends Casey, Kimber and Kelly in the beautiful city of New York.

Stay tuned for some interesting updates from the Carter family later this week.
Until then, I'm taking a page out of Tigger's book....
Ta ta for now!!!!


sprucing up your saturday

For those of you who don't know, Christian served his mission in the great South American country of Uruguay.... and it has been brought to my attention over the last few months that they have a GREAT music selection.

Below is a prime example.
This has quickly become mine and Christian's favorite song to listen to whenever we need a laugh. 
Her name is La Zorra, and although we don't condone her name and possibly behavior considering her name, we love her.
Just listen for yourself.

How is this even supposed to be real music?!
Just priceless.


wedding day gems

Exactly 4 weeks ago today, Christian and I were married for time and eternity!
Here are some of the most hilarious/priceless moments of the day. Enjoy!

First public appearance as husband and wifey!

My brothers do this thing where they think it's hilarious to put all their weight on me, simultaneously.
This was the beginning of those antics.

If you look closely, you can tell that his sisters REEEAAALLY didn't want to kiss him.
More for me!! 

My adorable 8 year old sister in law. The preciousness of this speaks for itself.
And WOW. I'm in love with that man!

Everyone kept hitting their glasses, signaling for us to kiss.
You can bet your bottom dollar we didn't mind one bit!

Can anyone spot the disaster waiting to happen?
Yeah, thank goodness Elise did, just in the nick of time!

Someome was getting a little bored.
Naturally straws are good entertainment.

Maddie surprised us and sang a song. Perfect and adorable.

Cousin getting a face-full of tie from his daughter haha.


 Just rolling around in the grass in a white dress, no big deal.

Weddings are like.... exhausting.

Also, if you are wondering...
That is a CAPE on our car hahaha.

And there you have it.
THANK YOU to everyone who helped, and who was able to make it.
And to those of you who couldn't, thank you for sending your thoughts and well wishes!
Happy one month to my sweetheart of a husband, and looking forward to the many more to come!


this is ironic because my friend Kimber posted the exact same thing today

So I'm sure all 12 of you are wondering what the day-to-day life is like in the Carter household.
Well never fear. 
I am about to tell you.

7:30-8:00am  Press snooze on each of our phones about 12 times

8:00-8:16ish  make Christian snuggle for a little longer.

8:16  say goodbye as Christian gets out of  bed to go be productive. 
(Maybe always sometimes I go back to sleep.)

9:00am  finally haul lazy bum out of bed.
Yes it takes me an hour and a half to wake up each day, thanksforasking.

9:00-9:17ish  make Christian snuggle some more!
(It's a reeeaaal good morning routine)

9:20-10ish Eat breakfast and stuff. Sometimes we even make pancakes!
(This is what happens when I attempt to make said pancakes.
Hence the reason why Christian is the designated breakfast master!)

10-11ish read scriptures, write in journals, talk, snuggle more, etc. etc.

11ish Shower time!

11:40 bid farewell as Christian leaves for work.....
.....after which I contemplate my fate for the day.

If I'm lucky, one of the following will happen:

- Shower. haha I kid, I kid..... mostly.......
-Job interview (few and far between)
-Grocery shopping, in which I will only buy canned and frozen food because I don't have any of my seasonings yet, and therefore cannot make delicious meals yet, BOOO,
and I'm too cheap  smart to buy more.
- Library. This hasn't necessarily happened, but I will work it in somehow, someday...
-Run. This has only happened once. Again, I will work it in somehow, someday.....
- Clean. I'm getting really good at this! Except I only have windex and clorox wipes at my disposal, which makes scrubbing the bathroom floor awkward and difficult, to say the least.
- Read. I'm also getting really good at this!
- Fill out job applications, and call lots. of. businesses. to see. if. they're. hiring.
I'm definitely getting good at this.
-And finally, eat ice cream, stalk blogs, get on facebook 500 times, fall asleep after 5pm, and any other degrading and time-wasting activity you can probably think of.

The rest of a typical day is actually pretty boring,
(as if all that other stuff was SUPER EXCITING, right!?) 
and usually involves eating dinner around 9 oclock, playing a game, watching a movie and..... other stuff.
The end.

Oh and here is one more cool thing I want to tell you.
The other night, I had a mini melt down on my sweet husband.
Tears included.
In a moment of pure inspiration and complete sweetness on his part, he says
"Babe, would you like to watch Little Women tonight?"

And then any tiny, slight doubt I could ever possibly have about marrying Christian Durrant Carter promptly flew out the window. And here's the best part....
Not only does he watch Little Women with me, but he actually enjoys it!
He's a keeper.

Ok. I'm done.


serious beef

So I was looking through our engagement pictures (again) last week....
And admittedly laughing my head off at a few of them.

Here's the thing about Christian and I.
We are not serious people. 
And we are not quiet people.
So asking us to pose for serious pictures is like asking a walrus, pregnant with triplets, to fit into a tutu and then perform nightly with the Russian ballet.
It ain't gunna look natural, and it ain't gunna happen!

I appreciate looking at serious pictures, I really do.
First, all photographers need a good stock of  photos with serious-faced people. Got it.
And some couples pull them off BEAUTIFULLY.
We, however, do NOT. 
And here is proof.

And finally....

I hate serious pictures.
I mean, I love them but I hate them.
At least we have some good laughing material now, right?

And to make up for these pictures, as well as for crapping on them...I give you...



a few things

-First things first. This is my new favorite picture, courtesy of our wedding day.

Just wait, there's more where that came from!

- I've had a wart on my right hand for almost a solid year now.
Just a note: at-home freeze treatments DO NOT work.
But if your goal is to cause yourself a fair amount of pain for no reason, then go for it!!!!

Which is why I've been on monster.com and making phone calls out the wazoo all morning
(until now, obviously....)
Guess what job I just applied for.
"International Cheese Associate"
Yeah, I know. Desperate times folks. Desperate times.

- I am currently reading the most wonderful book, "Daughters in My Kingdom"
If you're looking for a lot of inspiration, and some guidance on how to better this world, then I highly recommend it.

- This week, Christian and I have consumed an entire bottle of Cholula hot sauce, all by ourselves. Sick.

- I have a confession.
I took the plunge last month before the wedding extravaganza and got.....
I know I know...
Word of advice if you are ever thinking of doing this.
Make sure you have somewhere you can go to get them removed.
Otherwise, you will be left with only half a them a month later, and in a moment of
you will rip them off in the middle of the night.
Along with half of your regular eyelashes.
And it will hurt a lot, and you will look really weird.
And maybe you will cry a little before falling asleep, both from happiness and also because you just ripped out half of your eyelashes.
And that's all I have to say about that.

- Yesterday, I went to go get the oil changed and our tires rotated.
While I was waiting, I noticed some candy machines.
You know, the 25 cent kind?
Yeah, well I was bored.... so I bought some Mike-N-Ikes.
And let me tell you, nothing will make you feel like an idiot quicker than being a 22 year old married woman, buying cheap candy while a bunch of other adults sit around and pretend not to notice.
And then I only got 4 pieces, which ticked me off and made me feel even more stupid.
Thus, I have resolved never to do that again.

And now I've got to dive back into listening to the Little Women soundtrack Pandora station and job hunting, so that when Christian gets home this afternoon, I'm not such a bump-on-a-log.
It's the life, let me tell ya.


weekend update: start spreadin' the news...

Guys, be happy.... 
I have something a lot better to blog about today. 
WAY more exciting than our apartment complex, or little love letters, or "ohmygoshilovemyhusband"-ness.

We went to New York City this weekend, weeeeeeee!

And let me just tell you, it was as magical as ever. 
After braving the streets with Casey at the wheel and Kimber as our captain,
(yes, we are absurd and drove the streets of NYC)
we found a parking spot (free after 7!), and hauled our hungry selves to the original Shake Shack in 
Madison Square Park. 
Let me just tell you.... 
it was every bit as good as we've heard. 
And possibly even better than my life-long favorite In-N-Out.
Yes, west coasters. It was THAT delicious.
Forgive the craptastic quality of this photo and just enjoy the lovely people.

- We learned that ALL the restrooms are "customer only". 
How do you solve that problem? Step 1: buy a rootbeer at Subway. Step 2: go potty in said Subway.

- waited THIRTY MINUTES for a stinkin' shake. 
But then we got free fries for being patient customers, which shut me up real quick.

- practically ran through the streets in our efforts to see the elevated railroad gardens before they closed. 
(I just made that name up, so probably don't try to google it.)
Also maybe I had the worst stomach ache of MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE right at this time. Bad news. And running around was even worse news.

- And finally, I was verbally assaulted by a smelly old guy dragging a rolly suitcase down the street.
2 things. First, a rolly suitcase? Isn't that opposite of intimidating?!
Second, he was shorter than me. Again. Zero percent intimidating.

Then yesterday, we spent the morning at church, and Christian was a sweetie and made breakfast-for-dinner when we got home because my stomach was still suffering from the previous night's shenanigans. 
And THEN, in true Sunday laziness, we got in bed and turned on Lawrence of Arabia. 
Old, quiet, tedious movie + a reeeaaaaally tired Brooke= BEST. NAP. EVER.

And now here we are. 
On the cusp of a new week, in which HOPEFULLY I will get a job, Christian will make lots of sales, and this incessant rain will stop throwin' off our groove like that's its job.
Happy Monday, all!


the tale of the bayba

I've been debating about posting this for a while.... 
Because it's kind of personal, and probably ultimately embarrassing. 
But seeing as how Christian and I are both fairly loud people
(translation: we couldn't keep this to ourselves even if we wanted to.... in fact I'm pretty sure we say it in public 90% of the time and people probably already think we are... um.... riding the short bus, if you get my drift....)
it's probably better to just let everyone in on the secret.

Here goes.
So Christian and I have these pet names for each other.
Actually it's just one name.

Let me explain.
It all started with the innocent name "babe"
And then one day we were laughing at how all the cool 90's love songs used to use the word baby.
But not actually the word "baby".
Oh no.
They too use the ill-fated word "Bayba"
I'm thinking Celine Dion, "It's All Coming Back to Me"
In fact....Just go to 4:29 and watch for yourself.....

(Also can we talk about how priceless this music video is?
Actually no we can't.
There literally aren't words.)

In all its hilariousness, we started using the pet name as a joke.
But as jokes tend to go....
It stuck.

And there you have it.
That is how "Bayba" was born...
and we can't stop calling each other that name to save our lives.
So if you hear it, no we aren't crazy or.... um... riding that short bus....
We just have zero inhibitions.
The end.


little love letters

Dear job hunting,
Why. Are. You. So. HARD?
I have been far too lucky in the past... employment has practically fallen in my lap at times.
I guess karma is kicking in and it's time to be an adult. 
All I have to say is BOOO.

Dear legs,
I was worried you would give out on me this morning during our first run in...well... a while.
Welcome back to full usage, and I hope you're ready for some butt-kicking.
Er... leg-kicking.
And bad jokes apparently.

Dear library,
So glad we found you, and now we are coming like every day yaaayyy!

Dear anything with sugar,
Christian and I are officially the WORST.
Like, we have a problem. 
A problem that includes eating a whole box of ice cream sandwiches in 24 hours. 
That's all I have to say about that.

Dear humidity,
I just wanted to thank you for not slapping me in the face with your muggy grossness the last few days. 
I need a little more time to adjust, alright?

Dear NYC,
For reals.
This weekend. 
We are coming for yoooooouuuuuuuu.

Dear one of my favorite wedding pictures,
Oh hey.

That's all! Happy Friday folks!


this is a post about christian

I think it's important for us to recognize the best qualities in people, especially the ones we love most. 
For several reasons. 
First, its way too easy to dwell on the negative. And dwelling on the negative is exhausting.
Second, some one else's best qualities are often the ones we need to work on the most.

The latter is something I have noticed a lot since Christian and I got married. 
I know I will have the rest of my life to learn from him, but he makes me want to be a better person all the time, so why not start recognizing those thingsTODAY?
Thus I give you: 

things I have learned from Christian, part I:

- Start your morning with a prayer.

- No matter how crappy the day has been, try your darndest to have a sense of humor.

Especially with those you love.

- Don't let someone else's bummer mood get you down. 
Instead, find the right way to cheer them up!

- Work, work, work, and work some more.
It doesn't matter how crappy the job is and how much you DON'T want to do it. 
Suck it up, and  just do it.

And there you have it. 
This week's approach to becoming a better human being: 
look for the good in the people around you.
There's a lot to learn.....
Ready, setty, go and learn!!!!


blog overhaul and apt. building M

I seem to be the queen of cheese-ballin it these days, so true to form, this morning when I sat down and opened up this blog, I got all symbolic and decided that a little change was in order. 
You see, having recently gotten married, I am learning something. Your life changes A LOT.
It feels like your whole life is getting a bit of a "start over", if you will.

Thus, in the most metaphorical of ways, I cleaned up the blog. New name and all. 
How's THAT for a productive morning!
(You may be laughing, but that was about all I could work on until around 12:30. We were getting a new bathtub installed, so it's not like I could be all domestic like usual! Also.... A new tub!? I am soooo instigating a bath time date night tonight. WHAT.)

And since I have become well accustomed to our new digs, because I'm still jobless and I sit at home for a majority of the day.... Here are some facts about our new place:

- It's HUGE. Well, by our college student standards. I was trying to explain to my mom the size of our dining and sitting area, and I so eloquently said "You could fit like 7 air mattresses side by side, all the way across the room".
Don't ask why I used air mattresses as my example.

-There is no AC in our bedroom. Seeing as how it hasn't topped 75 during the day yet, this hasn't been a big deal. But we are most likely going to have a problem once these humid summer days hit. Bridge to cross later, right?

- You can hear everything our neighboors say in their bathroom through the window in ours. 
Awkward and funny all at the same time. 
Also, this is probably TMI, but I am noticing that the wife and I have a pretty similar potty schedule.
That's funny on several levels, but mostly just because I used the word "potty", like I'm 4.

- We have wood floors! This is a level of classiness that was unheard of at our last complex!

- Walk in closet! Another untouched level of classiness!

- These 2 birds, whom I have deemed Bonnie and Clyde because they seem so devious, roam the complex and have taken a liking to our building.
They are called Guineas, they are huge and prehistoric looking, and they are hilarious.

- And finally... everything smells like curry in our building. 
Which isn't a bad thing, I love the stuff!
It's just hilarious, because there are literally Indians everywhere. It's awesome. 

Welp, there you have it. 
Learning the ins and outs of Jersey life everyday. Isn't it great?


jersey shore

Yesterday I saw Pauly D in the flesh.
(Ok, not for real.  But basically.)
We are definitely in New Jersey, because he was talkin the talk, walkin the walk (aka wearing Ed Hardy), and homeboy was also wearing sun glasses inside. Needless to say, it's very diverse, and a lot of people here make me laugh.

Also, I don't know if it's because Christian and I just got done reading "The Firm" together
(reading creepy John Grisham books outloud with each other is a great way to strengthen
your marriage, obviously.)
But since we are in a new place, a bit of a rough-and-tumble state if you know what I mean.....
I am like UBER freaked out to be anywhere outside my apartment without my husband.
Even sometimes with him.
Which makes no sense because I'm sure New Jersey is only marginally more dangerous than Provo, or Mesa even. I'm just slightly ridiculous, but I'm working on overcoming it. 
Aka maybe tomorrow I will go on a run in the middle of the day and not be scared that someone will snatch me up off the street.
For now though, I'm just going to blame my paranoia on Mr. Grisham.

And a few more updates.... After my short stint "selling pest control" 
and I seriously say that very lightly, 
I have decided that it is in my better interest to get a different job. 
First, so I can actually make some.... what's that word???? 
Oh yeah. 
Hot commodity these days. 
And second, because I felt like all the bros judged me hardcore for being the only girl in the office. 
And let's be real, it's a job much more suited for bros anyways.
(Bros are not to be confused with husband. Christian is in an awesome pest-control-selling league of his own. Seriously, the man is a super-star. Working his tail off at a horrendous job, in the pouring rain, on a daily basis, and he always comes home with a smile on his face and a hug for his lucky wife)
*bliss-sigh of a newly married woman*
What the wedding picture?! How'd that get on here...

So last week, I job hunted my life away, and stocked up on groceries. It was quite the adventure trekking to Target all by myself. Look at me, bravin' Jersey all by my lonesome!

In other news, being married is wonderful.
Like.... THE BEST.
Last week we got to go back to the temple, along with Kimber and Casey, for the first time since the wedding and it was AWESOME. What a beautiful place.
(And to the Manhattan temple no less! Amazing!)
Basically marriage is just like a perpetually awesome sleepover with the person you love more than anything!
We get to make cool meals together, eat them together, walk around in our undies together,
(let's be real, we all do it) 
and wake up next to each other for the rest of our lives! I don't know why I didn't sign up for this awesome gig earlier!
In all seriousness though, and at the risk of sounding completely cheesy....
I'm tremendously thankful to have married my absolute best friend, and that he loves me through thick and thin. I can't wait to test the waters of life with such a tremendous man by my side.

In closing, here are some pictures from lately. Enjoy. 
Husband has a thing for olives, fancy cheese and Peligrino. I happily oblige!

 About the only cool thing we did in the smokies... We drove up the beautiful Blue Ridge parkway and took classy pictures!

 Still such a babe, even with his Nacho Libre face.

 Myrtle Beach, where our favorite activity was getting sunburned and collecting every crab we could find.
Total count: 57

And finally the Manhattan temple.
After Kimber took this, she's all "DANG! I should have waited one more second, and then there would have been a taxi in the picture too!"
Oh East Coast, we love you!


a few weeks later, and we are alive!

Well folks, we are so happily married, and we made it to New Jersey!

56 hours of driving, a wedding, and a honeymoon later, we have started our new jobs as Terminix sales representatives. 
We are attempting to survive these crazy roads (seriously why did we leave the West coast?! Grid system people! We often can't even make right turns here!)

Stay tuned for more pictures and updates from our wedding day, as well as some hopefully awesome stories from an ensuing trip to NYC this weekend!

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