awkward and awesome: weekend style

- Getting super pumped to take Christian to the Chocolate on Friday night for a cazookie, and then having my dreams crushed because ALL OF PROVO decided to join us there. We settled for lemon bar (which is a sad comparison when you have been gearing up for a cazookie, but whatever. I'm not spoiled or picky!)
- Showing up for work at 8 on Saturday morning, only to be informed that "You were supposed to be here at 7." Then freaking out and being told "It's okay....This too, shall pass." Um, ok. I didn't realize this was a tragedy of biblical proportions, but now I feel even worse than I did 3 seconds ago.
- Planning a really awesome date for myself and fiance on Saturday, only to realize that I lost the coupon we were going to use for dinner. I don't know what's worse.... the fact that I lost it and now we don't have dinner plans, or the fact that I was going to use a COUPON for our special date. Lamesauce.
- Being so tired on Saturday night that by the end of the night, I was almost in tears. 
False. I just remembered I DID cry while I was washing my face. 10 points from Gryffindor.

- Friday's delicious dinner, made by yours truly. Butternut squash and cumin couscous, with fruit salad and homemade whipped cream (bless that Magic Bullet!)
- Walking around Old Navy with fiance and being told he likes to shop with me because 
"You look beautiful in everything, so why WOULDN'T I want to help you look for clothes?"
Can someone get that man a trophy already??
- Spending a portion of Saturday night at aunt and uncles house watching the BYU game and enjoying good food and even better company. It's such a blessing to have family in Utah.
- Waking up at the buttcrack of dawn on Saturday to find that my sweet fiance had filled up my car with gas and left me the sweetest note. I'll say it again... I don't know how I got so lucky.
- And to keep praising Christian.... after my little exhaustion-induced meltdown on Saturday night, I woke up to a text on Sunday morning saying that he loved me and hoped I enjoyed the surprise he left for me.
I came downstairs to see this on the counter.

Accompanied with a bottle of Martinellis.
Guess who stayed up until almost 2 am doing this for me?
Oh right. The greatest guy on earth.
It's always awesome with him around, let me tell ya.
Happy Tuesday all!


a melody, a memory

The Playlist of Life
*and the happy things it reminds me of*

"Alla Luce del Sol" Josh Groban- Being obsessed with aforementioned Josh Groban. Art and drama classes. Height of nerddom, and loving every blessed minute of it.

"Ocean Avenue" Yellowcard - How cool was 8th grade?! And EFY dances?!

"Blue Side" Rooney- Running in beautiful Florida. Softball practices. Beach days.

"Why Georgia?" John Mayer- Brooding over another move. Asking myself that same question. Falling in love with that beautiful Southern state.

"The Authority Song" Jimmy Eat World- Running in beautiful Georgia. Fall on the golf course.

"Danny Boy"- Choir. New York City. Wonderful friends.

"Come On" Ben Jelen- Sitting in the kitchen. Mom and cancer. Cross country. 
Hard, but great times.

"A Dios le Pido" Juanes- Obsession with Latin culture. Spanish classes out the wazoo.

"Without Love" Hairspray soundtrack- Driving to school with Nicole. Texas Caviar. Laughing..... A LOT.

"Hands Down" Dashboard- Driving pretty much anywhere with Nicole. Lake Powell. Laughing some more.

"So Bad" Making April- Freshman year. Cannon Center. Late nights. 
Height of retarddom, and again..................loving every blessed minute of it.

"Inevitable" Anberlin- First inklings of feelings for Christian..... what would become a full-blown romance in a matter of months.

"Hot Air Balloon" Owl City- Summer. Arizona. Moving. Working. Waiting. 

"You Have my Attention" Copeland- Rexburg. Freezing.... ALL. THE. TIME.

"Fix You" Coldplay- Business classes. Roomie Claira. Back in Utah.

"Mo Money, Mo Problems" Notorious B.I.G.- Summer in Provo. Sonic. Triathlon.

"Charlie Brown" Coldplay- Falling more and more in love with Christian. Fall. BLISS.
 (Also my most current favorite song? Probably......)

And this, my friends, is why I am so in love with music.


few of my favorite things

- Taco Tuesday, and this handsome man! YEE HAW!
Is it embarassing to admit that we first go to Rubio's, followed by Yogurtland?
Did I just admit that?????

- Drinking 3L of water every day. That's almost a gallon, people. Aka a LOT of water. And it seriously makes me feel like a million bucks! Highly recommended.

-  The song "Heaven Forbid" by Fictionist. Talk about instant mood-lifter-upper!
Right along with.......

- Foster the People Pandora station and the song "Houdini". Goputonyourdancinshoesrightnow,honeybooboo! 

- Chips and salsa. Maybe Christian and I go through a bag and jar of each, almost weekly...
(and by weekly, I mean it happens in one sitting... in one night... during the week.... don't worry, we are champions. Also very Latin-ish.)
- The google search "epic photos of Harry, Ron and Hermione" linking to this blog.
Obviously the internet knows what's good. 

Happy Hump day, all!


nightmare-ish, and a little sappy.

A few nights ago I had a dream. 
I was watching a movie trailer with Christian and my family, and it was TERRIFYING
Full of scary creatures, and masked men with awful intentions. 
I remember feeling so scared, especially thinking "What if this was real?! Thank GOODNESS it isn't real!"

Then all of the sudden we turned around and looked out the front window of our house, and there were the men running towards us, brandishing all sorts of weapons. And in a split second we realized we hadnt just been watching a movie preview.
It was real.

Christian grabbed me, looked me square on in the face and told me to hide, that he loved me, and that everything would be okay. I was scared out of my mind, and in the depths of my heart I somehow knew he wasn't going to be able to fend off those men.
But as per his insistent request, I hid.

This dream helped me feel a greater surge of love for that man than I ever had before. 
And when I woke up, I realized that this was the perfect comparison to real life
When things get rough or scary, Christian will always be there by my side, to help me, protect me, or give me wise counsel when I may not be thinking clearly.
(Which is, unfortunately, a lot more often than I care to admit)
I'm marrying the best man in the world, and I couldn't be more excited or grateful

Because when life gets a little nightmare-ish, 
he will always be there to make it all better.


video friday

I just wanted to share a few gems today.

First, this is what happens when we get left in the car while my parents get groceries.
Apparently when I asked Mckay to leave me alone, it sounded very sing-songy...
And then Christian, the brothers and I got a little crazy. 
*there's this thing that happens called "nighttime" that makes it hard to film a video... just so you know*

Second, my favorite musical duo. Try not to die laughing.

And third, if you are LDS, and have also seen the video "S#*! Girls Say", this will be especially funny.

And finally, a little shout-out to some of my favorite people:
Becky Carter, my almost mom-in-law who I got to chat with last night.
She's a wonderful perspective keeper.
And my dear friend Nicole, who is off living in Hawaii with her hubby.
I miss them dearly, but it made my whole night to talk with her.
I'm TREMENDOUSLY thankful for the people in my life!

Viva la weekend! Hope it's a good one!


thursday thankfuls

 Here are just a few things that are keeping my heart happy today:

- It's been a month, and I am still loving this whole engagement thing.
Almost as much as I adore my husband-to-be ;)
I just hope my love of engagement and wedding planning doesn't wear off TOO soon, or this is going to be a really really loooooong semester.

- My new job is just.... WOW haha.
I absolutely love it, in all it's interesting and crazy glory. 
The girls we work with are a hoot and a half.
And it's so fun to be there with my cousin Micah and his cute wife Katheryn!

- The prospect of living in Jersey this summer along with Kimber and Casey.
Can you say trips to NYC every weekend?
Cause I can!!!!
I'm so excited for Christian and I to get our fill of the East coast, and first few months of married life!

- I'm re-reading Lance Armstrong's memoir/autobiography right now, and I forgot how much I LOVE that book. Such an inspiration, and puts the enormity of cancer and life in perspecitve.
About as bad-a as they come
And man, it makes me want to go out and kick some trash on my road bike!
(pffffft as if I could kick trash... maybe if I was in a race at a nursing home. Or maybe an elementary school. Gotta give myself a little credit)

Anyways, Happy Thursday world.  


reasons why 2012 is going to rockmysocksoff

1. FINALLY apply for the Advertising program at BYU and FINALLY (*hopefully*) get accepted!
It's a good thing I like the Brimhall building!

2. *Hopefully* spend the summer selling pest control/dish/security/girl scout cookies...(I kid, I kid....)
with our cute friends Kimber and Casey Cutler before they ditch Provo and head to dental school.
What a great last hurrah, right?

3. *Hopefully* spend the fall living in D.C. where Christian will *hopefully* be working as an intern for the state department, congressmen, etc. And I will be working, schooling, and loving the life as a frequent museum-gawker and wifey.

4. *Hopefully* Thanksgiving or Christmas vacation in Florida with the Carter clan.
I will forever be grateful that our families live in warm places!

5. And finally....See this cute couple?
We're getting married.
On April 27th.
Not like I'm counting down, but that's only 108 days away.

So aside from knowing FOR SURE that we are tying the knot 
(as marriage is generally a good thing to be sure about....) 
2012 is looking like a year of unknown hopefuls....
Here's to it all working out!


week update....

- Started winter semester 2012, aka part-time schooling
(gotta save up the dollars for married life, ya heard?)

- Started new job with cousins Micah and cute wife Katheryn. 
I'm really super excited to spend more time with them!

- Made pizza and saw "We Bought a Zoo" with the fiance.
What did I like about the movie?
I think the question should be what DIDN'T I like about the movie?
It was seriously adorbs.

- Dinner at Diego's, hockey game, and trip to Khol's and Walmart.
Guess who I went with.
Oh right.
I will probably get sick of saying that at some point, but for now.... it's great.
And so is he.
(You should probably go grab a napkin to wipe up that sap... it's pretty thick in here... )

Also, we are making our final trip before the wedding down to Mesa this weekend.
Poor Christian spent the entirety of Christmas break working his tail off, so we are taking a little needed R&R, and enjoying the three day weekend with the fam.

See you on the flip (and warm and sunny) side!

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