whatinthe hay?

I've been fasting from blogging so long that I came back and the whole layout has changed!
What is with the internets these days?! 
First facebook goes all cuckoo, upsetting nations and starting wars, changing their layout AGAIN
Then Pandora follows suit....
And now Blogger?!?!
I don't know what I'm supposed to do with myself. Srsly.
Before you know it, Apple will put out another iPhone or something. 
OH WAIT.....

Anyways, now that I got that burden off my chest, I just want to share a few things that I am happy about today. Because it's Thursday (as Christian fondly calls it, "Friday Eve"), and everyone knows there are lots of things to be happy about on days like today. 

1. My apartment smells like a fally-pumpkin spice-apple pie bliss infused paradise. 
Yeah. It's as great as it sounds.

2. It's freaking hot outside. But at least the sun is shining. 

3. Our power went out a few days ago and Jenny and I had to use a headlamp all night long. 
Also, it had a strobe light setting. 
Queue fake dance party and seizure jokes. 
Why aren't people lined up at the door trying to be our friends again??

4. I woke up a few days ago to a massive hot air balloon right outside my window. For the second time in 4 months. I don't know why this is such a common occurrence in Provo, but I kinda like it.

5. It's the weekend tomorrow EEEEEE! This is a great thing on so many levels, and let me tell you why. 
First, no classes. Bomb.
Second, conference. More bomb.
Third, more than 45 minutes increments with Christian. Also bomb.

6. I go home for a mini vacation 
(that can be translated: "get me the freak out of Provo because I am up to my eyeballs and I just want my mom to take care of me, also I want to play foozball with my brothers, talk music with my dad, and make fun of my ugly/cute dog.")
a week from today. Hollllleerrrrr.

So basically that's the sitch. I'm just going to apologize in advanced because you probably wont hear from me again for like 12 days or something. 
I'm over it. 
Happy weekend.


oh hai. missed ya!

I feel like such a stranger to the blogging world these days!
I still creep on everyone's blogs just as much as I did 3 weeks ago. SURPRISE.
I just neglect taking care of my own, because let's be real...
I hardly have enough time to LIVE my life, let alone talk about it on the interwebs!
Now that we got that out of the way....

Things are good. Here is a low down of some of the activities that have gone on over the last 2 weeks:
Buckle up.
- School, school, and more school. Midterms start on Thursday. Heaven help me. 
Also just so you are aware, I really like my math class. I am as shocked as you are. Whodathunk that Finite Mathematics could possibly be.... enjoyable?!

- Church calling coming out my ears. But it's ok because I love it, and I'm certifiably OBSESSED with the women in my ward. Go figure, they are all freaking awesome.

- Many an excursion with the boy. Our latest adventures include hiking Timp (holy hannah, that was insane), visiting Jdawgs, seeing Super 8, shopping at Ross, taking walks, having bonfires, doing homework, watching Lion King in theaters (yes, he is WAY too good to me), and visiting every park within the Provo-Orem radius. Needless to say, we have fun. And I like him.
Oh hai, we are cute.
Also, are you sick of seeing me in that pink jacket yet?!

- Attempting to run as much as possible. It's not working out so well, what with my shin splints and lackofmotivationalsolackoftime. 
But me and Jenny are hardcore, so we just keep doing it. NBD.
Also shout-out to this bestest roommate and friend. Luh you, girl. Seriously.

Well, that's pretty much all, folks. It's not fun to be super busy all the time, but there is something incredibly refreshing about it. 
I like being exhausted when I lay down at night. 
I like being productive. 
I like feeling like I am adding something to this world. 
I like feeling as though there is no possible way to get everything done, and then actually getting it done.
Also, fall is almost upon us.
Which just adds to the beautifully refreshing feeling that life has taken on at the moment. 
I am very thankful for it.

DISCLAIMER: I realize that I talk about working out a lot.
Not going to lie, it makes me feel like a tool sometimes. Mostly because I don't want peeps to think I have a big head and think I am so cool and stuff.
Because I am definitely NOT.
Cool, I mean.
Here's the thing.
I am super passionate about exercise.
And one thing I do when I am passionate about something is talk about it.
So la di da, there you go.
Sorry if you think I'm a goober.
2pac said it right: "that's just the way it is".


that feeling when you don't want to blog

And then I'm all:
"I feel obligated! MY READERS NEED ME!!!!"
So then I do it. 
Aka my current circumstance.
Aka here I am.

So here's the business on life right now. 
It's crazy, but really good. 
It feels so weird to be back in school... I am amazed at how quickly last year wen, or rather flew, by.
Remembering all my classes from last fall, the various weekend activities, rendezvous with friends, it all feels like yesterday! I need to give Father Time a call and ask him to slow things down because this is ridiculous!
But really things are good.
School is going to be hard, but good.
Roommates are good.
Church is good.
Health is good.
Boy is good.
Life is just really good.
That word is so boring, but so incandescently perfect for how I feel about everything.
Just peaceful.
And.... well... GOOD.
There is something so refreshing about this time of year.
When you can smell the change in the weather, the nights get colder, the sun sets sooner, the leaves are threatening to change color, and there are just a whole lot of changes going on. It's such a nice familiar season, and I'm really happy that fall is almost here.

In other news, I did a triathlon this weekend.
Oh wait, no I didn't.
Because my Cannondale decided to go all pancake on me, and I got a flat tire about 10 miles into the bike portion. And then I couldn't finish the race.
*Queue angered tearing out of hair*
Needless to say, I was pretty frustrated. And as such, I have attacked my half marathon training with much-needed vigor. It feels great. And I'm pretty sure I won't have to be worried about my bike wigging out on that race, which is always a plus.
Wanna see some pictures of my cool half race? Ok!

Fun fact: that drink I am holding is the best pre-workout supplement OF YOUR LIFE. And it smells horrible.
Funner fact: Jenny, Abby and I have matching running shoes. Asics Gel Blur33 hollah!

So basically that's it. 
I'm a happy girl with a happy life.
The end.



Did you ever see that Winne the Pooh movie where Christopher Robbin goes off to school? 
But then none of the gang knows what that is, so they begin calling it "skull" instead of school?


Well you are missing out.
Also, I am starting to empathize with the Hundred Acre Wood gang, and I may just start calling school "skull" instead.
It's only been 4 days and that's already how it feels?!
I better brace myself for a looooonnnnnnngggggggg semester. 
Kind of. 

So yeah this week has been a little out of control. And by Tuesday night, I was really feeling the stress. 
So were my tear ducts. 
You get my drift. 
Thankfully, the Lord was mindful of my needs, as always, and sent a tender mercy my way last night.
Who knew that a 3 hour long church meeting could lift my spirits so much? It was just such a nice reminder that I am surrounded by the most fantastic people.
I go to a bomb university. 
I am getting a great education. 
I live in a beautiful place. 
And a lot of people really love me. 
So yeah maybe things will be stressful. 
But you just gotta keep it all in perspective, ya know?

In other news, I am on the biggest Mat Kearny kick right now. I hate to be one of those people....you know.... who are all "I totally loved him before he was on the radio"...... 
But seriously.
Also, his new album is so so so SO good. And so is his Pandora station. It suits this time of year/life very nicely. Exhibit A.

Happy Thursday all!

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