wellness wednesday: march music

Spring has sprung (sorta) and this month, some happy music was in order. 
So without further adieu, here ya go:

Top 3 Favorite Workout Songs
- March Edition -

Best warm up song:
Let the Groove Get In- Justin Timberlake
It started in 3rd grade, and it's still going strong.
I guess my JT obsession will never end.
And this song?!
You will totally feel pumped to workout after listening to it.

Best power song:
Kiss You- One Direction
You know what else will never die?
My obsession with boy bands.
I am seriously in love with this song. 
If you need a good summer jam, this is it. 
Even Christian likes this song guys!
Also, the music video is great.
Seriously, WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE?!?!

Best cool down song:
Apartment- Young the Giant
These guys are one of my favorite bands, ever, of all time, in the history of life.
They have such a wonderful groovy sound, and this song is no exception.
Turn up the volume and get that lactic acid out of your system as you stretch along!

There you have it.
And y'welcome.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
Also, here's just a brief update on my/our progress. 
Last week, I found a 20 week training program for an olympic distance triathlon. That's... count 'em...
In the words of Christian:
"SHEESH that is hardcore!" 
But you know what? We are both feeling so good that I don't think tackling that beast is going to be a problem.
Let's just say I'm pretty sure I will be kicking some serious trash once I get back on my road bike, yeehaw!

Anyways, I'm still trying to decide between 2 races in Utah this summer. The one that's cheaper and closer doesn't have an olympic distance option, which I've kinda got my heart set on doing. 
So we shall see what happens. 

And the last bit of news...
I'm going to a conference this weekend about health coaching(!!!)
One of my friends is a personal trainer and health coach, and has told me a little bit about the program, and I'm super excited to see what it's all about and maybe get more involved!

(Also, sorry to be a total meat head about some of this. 
I'm just super excited about the shape I'm in and the habits Christian and I are forming as a couple.
It's so much fun to be healthy and exercise with him, and I'm feeling better than ever! 
Reasons to rejoice, and share, right??)


snip snip

So my hair is officially the longest it's ever been. 
Literally, in my entire life 
(That's what happens when the last time you cut your hair was approximately 335 days ago.
But who's counting....)

And I don't know how I feel about it. 
I'm just really feeling the need for a change, you know?
I've been contemplating going shorter for the summer, 
plus sweet Christian adores my hair when it's not super long. 
(Husband of the year award, amiright??)

So here's what I'm thinking:



Or maybe skip all that and just do ........

JK about the last one guys. 
Although admittedly, I have always wanted to be a mermaid. 


the literal worst things that can ever happen to you

- When you are on stage in front of your entire high school,
and in a moment of loosing your cool (and control over your bladder) during a laugh attack,
you are suddenly peeing your pants.
And guess what.
The whole school knows it. 

- Not being able to rub your eyes because you have tarantulas growing out of your lids, 
also known as eyelash extensions. 
And then one day, ripping them out in a moment of frustration, and suddenly looking and feeling like this
eye-lash-less aye aye:

- When you are in elementary school student council and you have to say the pledge over the intercom, 
but instead of starting with "I pledge allegiance..."
you start with "Dear Heavenly Father..."

- When you are running on the treadmill at the gym, and you get distracted by your awesomeness and suddenly trip and fall off the back. 
And then you go and hide in the bathroom because HEY! That makes everything better! 

- Having a dream that you have to pee really bad, and right as you are about to relieve yourself on the dreamland toilet, you wake up and realize you are this close to wetting the bed. 
Also if this happens when you are 20+ years old. 

- When you are at a schmancy broadway show, and you are walking down the stairs feeling really schmancy.
And all the sudden you plummet, head first down those stairs.
And before you know it, the whole theater is witnessing you eat it and
while simultaneously seeing your granny panties because oh hey!
That skirt that is supposed to stay around your legs?
Yeah, well it's up to your ears.

- When you get a piece of gum stuck to your bare bottom.
And then realize that you've been sitting on it all. day. long.
Thus, it is SO beyond stuck that your spouse has to cut it off for you.

- When you are doing yoga with your dad, 
and he literally cannot stop farting
AND he thinks you don't notice.
But you totally do.
And so does your nose. 

- When you are walking down some very slippery stairs,
and you snarkily tell your friends "be careful, don't fall!"
And then 2 seconds later, you are the one practically breaking all the bones in your body, gracefully rolling down 12 marble stairs.
All the while being photographed by Asian tourists.  

- When you have a milk chugging contest with your friends and instead of winning, 
you poop your pants. 
Inside your friends house.
On your friends carpet. 

Anyways, hope you are lucky enough to never experience any of these.
But if you are, 
please feel free to share them with me and give me a good laugh.

** Also, these are not purely incidents from my life. 
This is a compilation of stories from some of my dearest friends as well. 
Who, for their safety and other obvious reasons, shall remain mostly anonymous 
Except for my dear husband, whom we all know did in fact get a piece of gum stuck to his rear end ha! **


little love letters

Dear puppies all over the world, 
I just really want one of you. 
Specifically of the bulldog orientation. 
Maybe the rent-a-puppy place is the next best thing??
(This is absolutely a real thing, started by a girl at BYU.
Anyone tried it?
Or better yet.... 
Anyone have a puppy they wanna give me?!)

Dear fireplace,
You are either one hundred million degrees or you don't work at all. 
Come on, let's meet in the middle shall we?

Dear immune system,
(Actually, I feel like that's what you have been saying to me that past few days)
I thought I got lucky when Christian was sick a few weeks ago... 
But noooo. You were hustlin' me. 
And now here I am, home from work and school, blogging. 
Thanks a whole ton, ya rude.

Dear JT album, 
You are just so good. 
Like, so so so good. 
And this non-curly hair look you've got going on now?
I don't know how you do it, but mama likey!

Dear Felicity, 
Just when I thought my emotions couldn't get more outta control, 
you walzted back into my world this morning. 
One 20-minute-sob-fest and an episode later, I remember why I love you so much.   

Dear Christian, 
Oh you darling man. You never cease to amaze me. 
Just when I thought you couldn't be more kind, you spent 45 minutes doing the dishes last night. 
And just when I thought you couldn't get more romantical, you rubbed and rubbed my feet before bed . 
And just when I thought you couldn't get more smart, you go and blow my mind in basically every conversation we have. 
And just when I thought I couldn't fall more in love with you, I DID
You are my absolute most favorite person ever. 
And I love you to the moon and back!

Dear sapfest that this blog post has suddenly become, 
It's time to STOP before things get outta control.


welness wednesday: protein packs a punch

*Just fyi, I am MEGA proud of myself for doing this today, because I'm feeling crappy and mad at the world, and the last thing I want to be talking about is protein shakes ha. But I made a goal and I'm sticking to it, for the win!*

So today, we're talking protein.
And man do I love this stuff!
I've found that my muscles recover much quicker, and with less soreness, when I'm consistently drinking protein shakes.

This all started freshman year at BYU, and I would simply mix my Muscle Milk protein powder with water and then somehow force it down.
(It was a real struggle. 
I'm talking nose-plugged, chugging for my life struggle.
That stuff is NOT pleasant.)
Then there was the one time when the lid of my cup wasn't on tight enough, and I started shaking it, and protein powder water EXPLODED EVERYWHERE, right before I was supposed to start heading to campus. After mopping it up out of our shower
 I decided I needed a different method.

Then I got a magic bullet. 
You've saved me.
 Christian and I are still using it and all its single-serving glory.
Here is our current favorite mix:

2 scoops Muscle Milk light powder, vanilla flavored
1 cup water or milk
1 packet Truvia sweetener
3/4 cups froze berries or fruit
(I prefer frozen mangos, pineapple, grapes etc. 
Berries and their seeds are SO annoying to slurp down)

And now let's talk about types of shakes.

I have been using Muscle Milk light for the last 5 years, and I LOVE it.. 
After doing a fair share of research, I've found that I definitely prefer it to other powders.
Being a woman, I like to avoid the extra fat and carbs that a lot of other heavy-duty shakes have.
Muscle Milk is awesome because it still has tons of protein and vitamins without the extra stuff. 
 It also doesn't taste too bad either.
I feel a SERIOUS difference when I'm getting extra protein in my diet. 
If you're looking for a way to eat a little healthier, build stronger muscle, and banish post-workout soreness, I HIGHLY recommend it!

(We are still trying to find the best protein powder for Christian, being that he is a man and all. 
He doesn't mind using Muscle Milk light, but if you have any recommendations, send them our way!)

**also, I'm not going to pretend like I love this stuff.
In fact, I still have to plug my nose and chug away. But the benefits outway the cost, right??**


weird and weirder

Here's a fun fact about Christian and myself:

Look closely:

From now on, I don't want to be known as "The Carters". 
Everyone can address as one of the following:
  The Dental Duo.
The Teeth Twins.
or what about:
The Individuals with Identical Incisors.
or even better:
The Cuties with Corresponding Cuspids. 

Whichever you prefer. 


simple things

One of my favorite things to do with Christian is turn on some good music and drive around with the windows rolled down. 
(We recently switched from Les Mis to Mumford and Sons, and it's a much welcomed break from broadwaylandia)

Sometimes we have (unspoken) contests....
All of the sudden we will both be singing at the top of our lungs, and all of the sudden we will be competing to see who can sing the loudest. 
Or the most operatic. 
Or the lowest/highest.
Or the most like Sean Connery. 
(Which is by far the most entertaining contest we've come up with so far)

I love doing silly things with this cutie lover bumpkin of mine. 


muh favs

Let's talk about the 80's.
So bad, they were good, amiright?
Last night I was just perusing my favorite songs on Youtube.

I found some serious gems.
Like high-waisted-wrangler, too-much-chest-hair, how-much-aqua-net-is-he-wearing, why-don't-we-use-laser-noises-in-music-anymore, GEMS. 

And I'm about to share some of them with you, and all their grossly awesome 80's glory.
Pour Some Sugar on Me- Def Leppard

Just A Friend- Biz Markie

Poison- Talk ... To Me
(Please forgive the slight unsavoriness, and pay attention to THE HAIR.
Also, will Bret Michaels ever quit that bandana?
I'm thinking...... no.

Africa- Toto

Michael Bolton- Said I Loved You

Aaaaaand now your day is complete.
Happy Friday peeps. 



Despite my anxious feelings at the beginning of the week, I've been feeling pretty happy and peaceful the last few days. I figured it's all about noticing the little things I have to be grateful for, so here you go:

1. This gorgeous weather!
It's so refreshing to feel a spring breeze and the warm sun. Even the air smells different. 
It's giving me great feelings about the impending summer, and it's wonderful!

2. A sweet husband.
One who makes me lunch. 
Who is just as eager to watch the Bachelor as I am. 
Who makes me think about things in an entirely different way. 
Who enjoys going to the gym with me. 
And who loves me better than anyone else can.
(Also, let's not forget how cute he is....)
He even makes DREDS look good!!

3. A wonderful job. 
And fun coworkers. 
And a boss who swears sometimes
(shhh you didn't hear it from me...)
And knowing I still have a couple years before I have to leave.
I love my job way too much!

4.. Kenny Chesney. 
Thanks to my mom, I have an unending obsession with him. 
If Florida, and my family, and all happy things could be bottled up into music, it would be Kenny Chesney's!
 Lookin fly (and sunburned) at the Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw concert last summer.
Ohhhh to go back to the crazy drunken awesome country night!
(no but really)
And just for your listening pleasure, here is our most loved Kenny song.

And finally......

5. I'm thankful for tasty treats.
Because sometimes your day is just better after you've eaten an oragesicle, 


wellness wednesday: why we need exercise

 *glad to know that after yesterday, the general consensus is that I should have a baby. 
It's because we all know Christian and I are going to make beautiful children, isn't it?*
So I got this email from Lumosity a few weeks ago:
"We often refer to the brain as a muscle—and new research now shows that the two are more similar than previously thought.
A 2012 study out of Japan investigates how working up a sweat might also increase energy levels in the brain. The paper, published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, is based on careful measurement of glycogen levels in rats before and after exercise.

Glycogen for the brain and body:
Glycogen is a critical energy source for neurons and muscles alike, and it decreases as you spend energy during exhaustive exercise. In muscles, it has long been known that a phenomenon called  supercompensation reelevates glycogen levels 24 hours after exercise. Supercompensation bumps glycogen above even pre-exercise base levels, hence the term.
The question: does supercompensation work on brains like it does on muscles? It does in rats, according to the study. Glycogen levels in five different rat brain areas (which have corresponding human brain areas) decreased by 50-63% during exercise. But 6 hours later, glycogen levels rose to peak at 29-63% times the pre-exercise levels. The boost in energy available to the brain may account for the mental alertness that many people report after a workout.
Exercise's longer-term effects:
Even better, researchers found that the effects of exercise in the brain were longer-lasting. The 2012 study also included a group of rats trained to exercise regularly 5 days a week for 3 weeks. Compared to a control group of sedentary rats, these exercise-trained rats had 7% and 9% higher levels of glycogen in the cortex and hippocampus, respectively.
While the 2012 study was done on rats, not humans, it provides valuable insight into ways that exercise can change the brain. The paper’s authors posit that increased glycogen levels are how the brain responds to difficult metabolic environments—just another example of how the brain can adapt in the face of new challenges."
*   *   *   *
In light of this, I want to share some personal stuff.
My levels of happiness are embarassingly tied to the amount I'm currently exercising.
I really struggle during my "time of the month".
Basically I have PMDD, which is a subject that deserves and entirely different post. Anyways...
I'm already an emotional person, so the extra level of hormones usually turn me into a
Raging She-Woman of Death, Fire and Pain. 
(or something like that)

Mentally and physically, I just feel SOOOOO sluggish, for like a week and a half, 

There is a remedy for that!
And it's exercise!

When I make an effort to exercise consistently, especially during that time of the month, it's amazing how much better I feel!
Like this lady!
When I would normally be struggling mentally AND physically, just feeling hammered and emotional, exercise gives me an added boost that helps me cope MUCH better.
I feel happier, I am more alert in class and when I study, I sleep better at night, my moodiness is more mild, and I have WAY more energy.

This is one of the main reasons why I am so passionate about my physical health.

Life is hard. Being happy is a struggle sometimes.
If there is one thing we are in control of, it's definitely whether or not we exercise.
So why not take advantage of that and give ourselves the automatic happy boost we deserve??


waiting with { very } baited breath

I fear that my sixth sense has kicked in, as it sometimes does.
Don't worry, I'm definitely not seeing dead people.

However, for the last few days, I've been filled with an overwhelming sense of anxiety. 
Like, to the point that I can't think straight or relax.
And last night when I was trying to fall asleep, I was having trouble breathing. 
 (it sounds worse now that I'm writing it out.... don't worry, I'm not dying!)

Anyways, this has happened to me a few times before in the past.
 I get this overwhelming feeling of anticipation....
(not necessarily the good kind)
 You know, like when you can just feel that something is off. 
Or something big is coming.
Or maybe a little bit of both. 
And basically EVERY SINGLE TIME I feel this way, something big happens. 
My family has to move across the country. 
I get called at the Relief Society President. 
Christian gets home from his mission, and 4 months later we are engaged. 
We have to quit our jobs and suddenly move to Florida for the summer. 
I've had these feelings before every single one of these events in the past. 
So you can see why I would be nervous....

AND, last night as I was feeling all this, 
out of no where Christian said he was having the same exact feelings. 

Anyways, it's probably nothing.... And this definitely isn't blog worthy material so please forgive me. 
I've just been needing some way to get this off my chest, because I can't handle the physical strain that it's causing me ha.



foodie { fail } friday

*This is a day late. As I'm sure you are aware.

So this weeks meals were a weird conglomeration of mexican and cajun dishes. 
Mexican is always fine by me, but for some reason I really struggle to enjoy cajun food. 

Here's a story:
Last winter, I randomly felt the need to make gumbo one night. 
So I did... and then regretted it forever after. 
You guys... it was TERRIBLE
And you'r probably thinking "well Brooke, maybe you're just a horrid cook."
And maybe that was part of the problem, but only like... 40%. 
Because I'm actually pretty decent in the kitchen. 
Gumbo is just basically disgusting. 

So this week, there was a dish called
"Shrimp with beans and rice"
And really, I like all those things. So I was like
"yeah I will TOTZ cook that shiz!"
Little did I know.... It was secretly a gumbo recipe!!!!!!

What the name really should have been is:

Don't be fooled by that innocent looking dinner.
This was my face as I took my first, second and third bites.
About 1/8 of a bite later, I stopped and made Christian finish my portion for me.
And then I did what any self-respecting person would have done and went and bought myself a doughnut from Krispy Kreme.

Gross dinners be darned!
You will not get the best of me!


wellness wednesday: things I've learned from Zumba

1. Pitbull is like.... 
Zeus of the Zumba music world.
And all the teachers love him.
(Here's a secret: I actually do too. I don't vocalize it much thought, because Christian has.... um.... less than favorable feelings for him ha!)
He's like:
I'm bald and I'm wearing a white suit.
Which would normally make me douchey, but guess what. 
I do what I want because I'm Mr. Worldwide, aka
Freaking Pitbull."

2. Even white girls can have hips that don't lie.
Guys, I purposely position myself in front of the mirrors so I can watch myself be a fake Latina.
And guess what. 
Even though I haven't danced since I was like, 6....
The more that I move my hips, the better
(aka less awkward)
I look!
And let me tell you.... I get a WAY better workout too. 
So even if you are as caucasian as the come
(Don't worry, you aren't. That spot has been has actually been filled by me already)
you too can ALMOST look Latina in your Zumba class.

3. I really really really want to meet Kass Martin, or go to one of her classes. 
Or possibly both. 
Guys, she's in the actual Wii Zumba game! 
And she lives right here in good old Orem!
So she's got to be awesome right?!

4. When Latin girls come to the class, just be prepared to feel stupid and be judged. 
I mean, Zumba is like their thing.
They are going to one up you, no matter how hard you try. 
So you might as well do what I do and high-tail it to the other side of the classroom, where you will feel only slightly less stupid. 

5. Having double jointed elbows makes you look TOTALLY weird while you are dancing.
And unfortunately I suffer from this. 
And I'm still trying to decide if it's going to keep me from getting Zumba certified one day. 
I just don't want to be in front of a class, and have everyone be all:
"What the heck is wrong with her ELBOWS?!"

6. If you ever convince your husband to PUBLICLY do Zumba with you, here are some good guidelines.
First, just omit the idea completely if you are over 60. 
Zumba is probably too much for you to handle anyways. 
Second, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT tantalize each other in the class.
This includes raising eyebrows at one another, fake bum slapping, and other suggestive moves.
I'm all about PDA, but that's just gross and uncomfortable for everyone involved.
This is especially gross and uncomfortable if you are the aforementioned over 60 years old.
Unfortunately, I am a firsthand witness of this. 
Not pretty.

 7. And finally, if you have never done Zumba, or it's been a long time since doing Zumba, you're probably going to feel like this lady for at least 3 weeks:
And that's okay, because we've all been there right? What matters is that you are trying!
(This however, does not change the fact that it's still hilarious. Sorrynotsorry)

And there you have it. 
Who knew that a workout class could offer so much wisdom?!



To take a break from studying today, I decided to see how I would look with straight across bangs. 

Here's how NOT to do that:
This is also the picture that is on my BYU id. 
I'm so cool, on so many levels. 

Just to let you all know, Paint is good for a lot of things....
It's just not the best for generating hair styles.
Who knew, right?!

You learn something new every day.  


(non) foodie friday

Let me tell you about this week.

I have only cooked dinner literally 1 time, so basically there isn't any neat-o food to talk about. 
Unless you want to know about the chicken sandwich I got from Wendy's a few nights ago. 
And you probably don't, so there you go. 

Christian and I have been bogged down by a majillion things this week. 
Midterms, family commitments, endless homework, you get the idea.
I think the stress of it all has taken a toll on my immune system
(what's new?!)
and I've been battling some serious fatigue this week. 

Take Wednesday morning for instance. 
After a hot 6 hours of sleep, which is basically a recipe for disaster when it comes to my emotional state, my alarm rang at the crack of dawn. 

And this is what happened.
Not even 10 seconds into my Kenny Loggins alarm,
my brain starts freaking out, and I'm all:

"Why the heck is my alarm ringing?!"
"Why do I still have a Kenny Loggins song as my alarm?
in fact, I hate this freaking song!"
(which I totally don't but that's what happens when you are low on sleep. 
Hatred= everything) 
"swear word!!!!"
"I can't believe I have to get up and make a meal right now, just so we can stay on campus until like 9 o'clock tonight! I hate campus!"
"And I don't even like eating dinner!"
"And I have to go to Biology this morning?! TO LEARN ABOUT DNA?! 
"It's so cold in this room, it's like the arctic tundra! And I don't even like the arctic tundra!"

......and that's when, 
in all my dramatic and exhausted glory, 
I burst into tears.
Full-on sobbing, snot running down my face, blubbering, ugly cry, tears.
For about 10 straight minutes. 
It wasn't even 6:30 in the morning, and I was already reaching a 10 on my emotional scale. 
Poor Christian just sat there rubbing my back in an attempt to console me.
Which didn't work, and somehow actually made me more mad.
(sorry about that, my dear husband...)

And then, to ice that blessed cake, I cried about 4 more times that day.
Just.... I can't......
I know right??

So yeah. Basically that's the kind of week we've had.
And I'm really looking forward to wiping my hands clean of it ha!

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