soundtrack for our movie

Well actually, soundtrack for the summer. But that is a great song by my loves Mae. Definitely worth listening to right at this moment. Sorry, I digress....

So I don't know how everyone else roles, but basically I have music that goes with every second of my life. And one of my favorite things everrrrr is music+summer. And I have noticed that I listen to pretty much all the same songs during this season, aka my soundtrack. Now it is different every summer, but this year is proving to be pretty awesome. SO. I have decided to compile a list of said music in hopes of a) preserving the memory and b) spreading the love. From my heart to yours, I give you...

Musica de Summer 2010
1. "Hey!" The Rocket Summer
2. "I Just Needed You to Know" Mae. Not on itunes, but their website whatismae.com. GET IT.
3. "Summertime" Mae. Naturally
4. "A Lifeless Ordinary" Motion City Soundtrack
5. "A-Punk" Vampire Weekend
6. "White Lights" Deas Vail
7. "Everything's Magic" Angels and Airwaves
8. "Shove" Angels and Airwaves
9. "Secret Crowds" Angels and Airwaves. Clearly this band knows how to be.
10. "Our Song" The Spill Canvas
11. "To Love and Back" This Century
12. "Around Your Neck" Annuals
13. "Alter the Ending" Dashboard.
14. "California Waiting" Kings of Leon
15. "Notion" Kings of Leon. fav.
16. "Crawl" Kings of Leon
17. "Black Thumbnail" Kings of Leon
18. "One Less Lonely Girl" Justin Biebs. Sorry haters, love this song. Along with everyone in America.
19. "What Were We Made For" Saosin
20. "Lights" The Summer Set
21. "Paid the Piper" Young the Giant. They are coming here in June aka I am going going going going.
22. "People Say" Portugal. The Man.
23. "If Only They Knew" A Rocket to the Moon
24. "I'm Shakin'" Rooney
25. "When Did Your Heart Go Missing?" Rooney
26. "If It Were Up To Me" Rooney
27. "Don't Come Around Again" Rooney
28. "Starlight" Muse
29. "Animal" Neon Trees
30. "Faster Ride" Cartel

Wah I just love summer and driving on the 202 and with my windows down and blasting all this music. LOVE. And this has become an absurdly long list hence the stoppage at 30. And if there isn't at least one song on here that tickles your fancy than sheesh. Gitch yer ears cheeyecked!

also, on a slightly unrelated note, I have become a good whistler. REAL good. Like, I have been practicing for months, and it has proven very beneficial. Sorry if it bothers you dear people I work with, but I am proud of this new talent and I will showcase at will. That's all.


no doubt about it, i am sold

Just a regular bottle of nail polish right? Sorry but WRONG. Actually the greatest product I think I have ever come by, aka the new shellac nail "polish". According to the creators, it will last without chipping for two straight weeks! And regular nail polish remover won't even take it off. I know. I am way too excited about this. I must be honest, I am kind of a nailpolish snob, and I really only buy the good stuff because I detest chipped nail polish. So when I saw this on Yahoo yesterday, I about died. It is selling on Amazon for about 7 bucks a bottle, which is awesome. Apparently you have to sell your soul for a professional manicure with this stuff... aka it is in the neighborhood of $45-50. Yeah no thanks. Let's just say I am going to hit up Amazon for some of it real soon :)


lovely things

So I have been thinking, and I have decided that compiling a list like this is one of the best ways to a) help you see the beautiful things in the world, b) realize how much you have to be thankful for, and c) just plain make your day better. So, in light of the fact that I would like to do all of those things, here goes! The lovely things around me I have noticed lately aka mostly today and yesterday :)

1. Sunglasses. With the right pair of stunna shades, basically anyone can look awesome. Something about wearing sunglasses just makes me really happy. Maybe because it means it is actually sunny outside haha

2. The color blue. aka the color of my freshly painted bathroom, aka so lovely!

3. Relationships. Among family members, among coworkers, among friends, among lovers.... relationships are just so beautiful! They are such a huge part of what makes life worth living, and without them, I do not doubt that we would all suffocate. How lucky we are to love and be loved by the people around us!

4. Arizona. I feel so sorry for anyone who has never been to this lovely state of mine, and more specifically to Mesa. It is so beautiful here! The flora, the fauna, the smell of the morning, the freeways, the sunsets, the people, it all makes me happier than I can say. If Mesa was a man, we would get married for sure because I LOVE IT.

5. Lamps. I know this will probably sound retarded but whatevs. Lamps completely change the feeling of any room... from blah to ah! And the ones in my room are amazing. I am for reals, not much makes me happier than crawling in to my bed at night, turning on my lamps and reading for a bit before falling asleep. Let me just put it this way. I love lamp. haha.

6. And along the same lines, candles are pretty lovely too. I have developed a new night time routine which includes turning on my lamps duh, and THEN. I light some candles in my room. It is like the coziest, yummiest feeling and basically I am obsessed with any candle that smells slightly good.

7. Beauty products. I spend way too much money on the stuff but hello. Sephora is like Disneyland for me.

8. Nice people. The other day, my mom and I were at Ikea and we bought these ridiculous shelves that were pretty big and heavy. So there we are, in the parking lot, attempting to shove them all into the back of our car and the people next to us start backing out. But then all the sudden they stop, and the man driving got out and asked if he could help us! It was totally a no big deal gesture, but just the fact that he noticed us and offered his help was so amazing! And the other people in the parking lot were very impressed too. I am a firm believer in paying it forward, and helping people out like that is such a great day to make your day AND theirs better. I just want to give nice people hugs :)

9. "Map of the Problematique" by Muse. Holy cow I don't know what it is about this song, but it blows my mind. Something about the combination of sir Bellamy's voice, the distorted guitars, the piano, the epic-ness of it as a whole... GAH. That is about all I can say. And thank you Sharon for introducing me to this brilliant song :) Listen to it below and see for yourself. And tie your shoes, because it just might blow your socks off.

10. Crest white strips. What a brilliant invention! Honestly, I know there are a lot of things that a person can do for their appearance, but when someone has a nice smile, it changes everything! Going from dull to white makes the hugest hugest difference, not even kidding.

Welp, I think I have throughly exhausted this list. I could keep going and going, but basically that would be boring... plus I need more for later :)


in my wildest dreams...

... my room would look exactly like this
so lovely!

a little part of me has died

Why you ask? Well. LOST, which just happens to be my favorite show on the planet, ended last night. And oh what? I haven't watched the finale yet? I know, anxiety has set in.

And I also know this is probably silly, but I am sad that the show is over! It is almost like when the last Harry Potter book came out. I spent YEARS with those books, and Harry, Ron and Hermione became my friends duh! So when I finished the final book, it was like a small part of my life was over. So trivial, I know. But it's the same thing with this ridiculous show. Ever since I was hooked my sophmore year of high school on my choir trip to NYC, *sighs nostalgically*, I feel like I have developed a weird friendship with the likes of Sayid, Sawyer, Kate, Jack, Sun, Jin, Locke, Hurley, Desmond... the whole crew. And now it's over! Freak I just need to watch the finale and get it over with. This is ridiculous :)

Anyways, now that I have officially gone over the top divulging my embarassing obsession, duty calls. Aka time to file some papers. Love my job!


another one bites the dust...

Yes it's true. I have succumbed to the ever so popular trend and I finally have my own blog. I must say I really do love stalking other people's... Plus, I am pretty big on keeping a journal so I figured what the hay. Why not go electronic too? :) Anyway, there is the succinct explanation.

Well, mi vida right now is one of summer time, not-so-lazy-but-kind-of-lazy-on-the-weekends. It’s great. Aftert my brief time up at BYU-Idaho (side note: it snowed up there all weekend. All I have to say is thank goodness I am in Mesa haha), I am at home again and finally working. I also had a not so pleasant encounter with mononucleosis aka death upon my return home. But no worries, I have made a full recovery and it is business as usual back at Courtesy Chevrolet (where, might I add, I have spent the last four summers working. I am so lucky to have such a consistent job!)

This year, I am handling all of the customer service for a company called EFS, which basically handles all the loans for people who have purchased cars from Courtesy. The woman I work with is an absolute doll, and it seems like it is going to be a pretty chill job. I am just happy to be back where I can see my dad every day, as he works there as well, and I can also see the plethora of people I have come to know and love. I must confess I have come to appreciate the car business a lot, and I even kind of like some of the salesman. Gasp I know. Again, like I said, I am just so grateful to have a job!

Aside from working, I just spend Friday-Sunday with my sweet family. I love being home with them for the summer! First, there is just the lovely feeling that comes with the season, and they are all such a ball to be around. My brothers make me laugh so hard… which probably isn’t that big of a deal because I laugh at everything, but for reals they are super funny chaps. Ah I just love the summer time. I am really excited to head back to my sweet BYU in the fall, but it is nice to enjoy this time while it lasts!

Well for a first time blogger this has turned into quite the post! But pretty much I am all “me me me’d” out, and I think I am going to stalk some other equally as self centered people now ;)

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