Lady Antebellum said it best...

"It was a perfect day"

DISCLAIMER: Engagement story and serious cheese ahead. 
Don't say I didn't warn you.

Christmas break 2011 was looking pretty normal when I got home last Wednesday night. 
Little did I know how NOT true that was. 
Thursday we prepped for Christmas. And my poor family had to deal with grouchypants Brooke because I am a baby and I missed my boyfriend. 
What are you gonna do?

Friday the 23rd started out like any normal day at home. I hauled myself out of bed a little earlier than usual in order to make it to a morning hair appointment, thus resulting in an even 
Sadly yes, it's possible.
Like I said, I'm just the baby of the century and couldn't get over missing my significant other.
And yes I wear pull-ups, thanks for asking.

After returning home and mulling over the rest of the afternoon, grandma suggested we go on a little "nature walk" of sorts.
Fine by me, I love the desert. 
Little did I know.....
So we made our way out to the beautiful Usery Park near my house and begin our trek around the baby mountain. Apparently my family was getting super anxious (WONDER WHY) and I in the meantime, had no idea what was going on. As made apparent by my blank stare. Note the dramatic faces because they knew what was going to happen literally 2 minutes later.

Just around the corner, the biggest and BEST shock of my life was waiting for me... as I was greeted by this absolutely wonderful sight.
*sidenote: moments before I saw Christian, I was talking SUPER loudly about him to my family. Everyone on his side was really entertained by this.*

He had flown to Arizona to surprise me! 
A Christmas miracle!
I thought my heart was going to come out of my chest from happiness and shock. Obviously.
And then he proposed!

You know what happens when you put butter in the microwave too long? Or a marshmallow? Or both? Yeah. That's what happened to my entire world when I saw him standing there. 
Such a silly, lucky girl.
Mom cried, dad cried, I cried, Christian cried (almost-ish. I saw a few teary blinks!)
and basically I'm still reeling.
Christian Carter, you are a dream come true. I love you times a million, and I can't wait to have you as my hubs... forever and ever!

And thank you Sydney Ulrich Photography for the wonderful photos!


a veces... it's spanish for "sometimes"

Sometimes when your b-friend's family is coming into town this weekend, you are charged with the duty of putting up a last-minute Christmas tree.
And sometimes you find one for 50% off at Target (!!!!)
And then you buy lots of fun decorations, and spend the remainder of the evening getting your Yuletide on.
 Always a stud muffin.

Sometimes days that start off really "blahhhhhh" end up really "awwwwww".
And sometimes you are really thankful for that.


ding dong, merrily on high

2 things about that song.
First, it always reminds me of Little Women.
How great is that movie? Oh wait, I know. 
Second, things are just ding dong merrily on high today, because Christmas break is here!!!!
*queue standing ovation*
So here's been the business over the last few days.
I had to take 3 tests on the last day of finals last week. 
Sometimes I question my sanity... or maybe stupidity is a better word.
Regardless, I survived.
And it's probably for the following reason:
I had the Rocky theme song and Eye of the Tiger stuck in my head literally the WHOLE day. 
Imagine how epic my walk out of the testing center was.
 Following a stress-free Friday night, I spent all day Saturday doing cool things, like such as:

*Running. OUTSIDE. I was feeling brave. And by the end, I was also feeling very very cold.

*"Helping" Christian move into his new apartment.
Which is in my complex, BY THE WAY. Big step, people. Big step :)
Also, I say "helping" because all I did was unload a few bags of food. 
The rest of the time, I provide the entertainment and HE provides the muscle, folks.

*Creamery visiting with old roommate Liv.
Have you ever had their sundae of the month?

Sunday was blissed-out, filled with LOTS of family time. 
Spent the afternoon in Alpine with Christian's g-parents, followed by a crazy evening in Provo with my aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. 
It's so nice to have family in Utah, we both feel very lucky, especially this time of year.
Look how happy we were, enjoying the festivities!

Basically the weekend was nice, 
and I'm a very grateful lady at the moment.


git yer boogey on

When I first typed that, it said "git yer boogeyman on" haha. 
You can do that too I guess. 
So basically one of the biggest reasons why I love running is because of my great workout playlist. 
It gets me almost as pumped as frozen yogurt.
Or Happy Hour at Sonic.
Or watching Modern Family.
Or Josh Groban concerts.
Or no school.
Ok so maybe I get pumped easily. 
Anyways, I thought I would share. You can thank me later!

1. E.T.- Katy Perry. I should probably be embarrassed. But I'm not. When you run to this song and see your mile time improve, you can add it to your playlist too. 
I won't even say "I told you so."

2. This is All Now- Taking Back Sunday. Again, just another great song to help you improve your mile time!
Plus the guitar riff is so catchy.

3. My Time- Fabolous and Jeremih. 
If you didn't feel like it was "your time" before listening to this, I GUARANTEE you will afterwards.
I'm so funny.

4. A Beautiful Lie- 30 Seconds to Mars. 
Definitely the BEST sprinting song on the list. 
Try it. In tempo with the song.

5. One Time- Justin Bieber. 
Ok how could I NOT have a biebs song on here? Honestly?

6. Love is Only a Feeling- The Darkness.
Did you know these guys are still touring? 
Color me surprised, I had no idea they had done anything significant since "I Believe in a Thing Called Love"
Check it. This is probably the second weirdest music video ever.

7. The Show Goes On- Lupe Fiasco.
K so maybe he ripped off a Modest Mouse song, but this is still great to run to.

8. Little Secrets- Passion Pit.
The first 15 seconds of the song speak for itself.

9. Hysteria- Muse.
If you don't feel like you are in a Bourne movie while listening to this then....
Well, I'm sorry. You are just plain missing out.

10. Kings and Queens- 30 Seconds to Mars.
The BEST song on the planet to end an epic run with.
Again....  Try it. Your life will be changed.
I'm not even trying to be dramatic, for once in my life.

Ok well, now that I have been all reconnected with this playlist, it's time for me to go be hardcore.


little love letters

Dear people in the map room who I see every day, 
I'm so glad I'm not the only regular.
I like sharing acknowledging/pained looks,
You know, the ones that say "Oh hey, it's you again. 
I don't know your name, but I'm sorry we are here.
For 6 hours straight.
You guys make me smile.

Dear Bret Michaels,
You started a rocker clothing line?

Dear Mother Nature,
I can't believe you haven't dumped more snow on Utah yet.
And I can't believe I'm actually upset about it.
White Christmas?
Yeah, prolly not.

Dear Christian,
You are cute and I like you.
Thanks for sending me Spanish poems via email.
You are one of a kind. Aka the best.
Winky winky ;)

Dear Bobby Helms,
Jingle Bell Rock is one of my favorite Christmas songs.
Thanks for singing like it's your job.
Oh wait.....

Dear self,
Only 3 more finals left.
Also good job on using literally EVERY SINGLE PIECE
OF PAPER in your 5 subject notebook this semester. 
The last one being scratch paper for your stats exam.
That's something to be proud of.

Dear Christmas break,


instagram favs

Here are two things I have learned since I started using Instagram.

1. I am obsessed with it.
2. You can take some pretty bomb photos without trying too hard.
The following pictures are testament to both of these things

As much as it looks like I took this picture from a t.v. screen, I totz  didn't. My bedroom window is just BEYOND dirty.

Also, just so you are aware.... a bunch of B-vitamins got wet in my bag yesterday and now it STINKS.
Literally, my bag smells so awful. And in turn,so do my notebooks, gloves, planner..... you get it.
Problem with this situation...
What on earth were B-vitamins in my bag for????

I guess I should just be glad it wasn't a fish oil pill right?


a treat for your happy friday

I love this song. 
But the video?
Two words.
I honestly don't think I have ever seen anything so 90's, except for the 90's themself.
The hair, the animals, the nature, the fade-in-fade-out close ups, the galloping horses, the random immodest woman, the chest hair, the super high wrangler jeans....

Just watch and enjoy the awesome.


peace out

I'm done with the blogging world.

 But guess what I AM done with?! Fall semester 2011, Arrrriba!

Now just to tackle finals. Which really, I'm not all that worried about.
(My philosophy is to keep telling  myself that and maybe it will happen. Probably)

Next time you hear from me, I will probably be wasted on either egg nogg or *Starbucks caramel apple spice,
spending all my free time with my very own Christmas miracle aka the ever so handsome Christian,
prepping to leave for AZ,
meeting the rest of the Carter family,
and just frolicking in all-around Christmas break bliss. 

*sidenote: I honestly think that drink is what happiness tastes like. Either that, or Felix Felicis. Fist-bump to all you wonderful HP nerds who are nodding in agreement.

other sidenote: this is my 200th post. I feel.............. proud?
Or maybe the word is..... lame? Because here is a secret. I still keep 2 other journals.
Yeah, I'm like freaking Mia Thermopolis.

other other sidenote: I have officially, OFFICIALLY, decided to revert back to my original advertising major.
*squeeeeee of excitement*
My name is Brooke, I am 22 and I am still figuring out life.
It ain't no thang.


long time!

It's been quite some time since I dedicated a post to music.
And I miss it. So here goes. 

I am having a love affair with a few good albums right now.
And if you are looking for a way to jazz up your music collection, probably you should  read on.
Because I am totz the best music expert in Utah and probably the United States. Or world.
Also, I'm really humble.
Moving on.

First, "Winter Songs". Sarah Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson, Lenka, and Fiona Apple all on one lovely Christmas compilation?
Also, Katy Perry singing a blues-ey White Christmas? Surprisingly... me likey!

Also Jonsi's album "Go".
Holy wintertime-magical!
Here's a sample of my favorite song.

 One more bit of exciting news concerning this Icelandic weirdo/genius.
exhibit A.
You know the movie coming out soon, We Bought a Zoo?
The entire soundtrack is Jonsi music! WOO HOO!

I've found that sometimes I have to use music to help me embrace things.
Like bitterly cold weather *cue today*
I guess I can't complain too much. It's December 1st and there is no sign of snow yet!
Thanks Utah for being kind once in your life. Just keep it up through finals and I will be a happy camper.
Or student-er.

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