That's right, that's the song currently stuck in my head.
You know, the one from Snow White?

Probably that's because we have watched 12 episodes of "Once Upon A Time" in the last 2 days.
In case you can't infer enough, I am still sick and we have a Hulu Plus trial we are trying to make the most of.

*Also, if you have any sort of liking for fantasy, the show Lost, and things that make you think-slash-are addicting, then this is the show for you. SRSLY. *

So seeing as how yes, I am still under the weather, there is not much to say about our weekend.
Only that by the time I showered, fixed dinner, and headed out on my date with my sweet husband on Saturday night, I was way too tired to handle life. 
So we returned our movie tickets, came home, and I'm pretty sure we just went to bed after that.

Also, today when Christian got home from work, he just plopped down on the couch with me, and moments later this was the scene I was greeted with.

First: Adorable right? In case I haven't gushed very much lately, I like this guy.
Second: I will never understand how he can fall asleep so quickly. 
Seriously, he has a REM cycle that begins in approximately 30 seconds.
Third: When he woke up, he had drooled all over my bathrobe. 

And you thought things couldn't get any more presh around here....


lazy saturday

Last night I went to bed with a horrific sore throat.
And much to my dismay, when I woke up this morning, it was still on fire. 
Also, I felt like I had been wrecked in the face by a train. 
(Read: I had a murderous headache)
So to make myself feel better, I convinced Christian to skip his 6 mile run and stay in bed for an extra hour of snuggling. Thankfully, that boy doesn't need much convincing.

Here is the thing with sore throats. 
They scare the crap outta me.
Largely due to the fact that the last 2 times I have had a really sore throat, it ended up being mono.
Which translates into me being laid out for at least a month strait, unable to eat literally ANYTHING because oh hey, my tonsils are touching each other, and even though I am dead tired I also can't sleep at night.
So basically when I have mono, I'm a starving, sleep deprived human being with a pus-pocket moon crater for a throat.
Also, sorry for saying pus-pocket. 
Reality is a B, right?!

So yeah. 
Due to my intense fear, and also I feel like crap, I'm currently sitting on the living room floor, in my bathrobe, blogging, eating popsicles, and listening to Kenny Chesney.

There are wedding thank-yous that need to be finished
(don't judge me. we have moved twice and started 3 different jobs since we got married. take that, life!)
Laundry that needs to be put away, 
Grocery stores that need to be shopped, 
Dinner that needs to be planned, 
Insurance companies that need to be quoted,
and emails that need to be sent.

But instead, I'm going to take some much needed R&R and continue to sit here on the floor.
Maybe even until Christian gets home.
(Not likely. But we'll see how rebellious I'm feeling when the afternoon time rolls around....)

Now if you will excuse me, my Netflix queue is calling.

Also, I'm about to share a remedial and hilarious quote of the day with you, so I hope you are ready to laugh:
Christian, with his serious face:  "who needs to wear a bra when you've got your husband to support you?"
Me: ROFL. Seriously.

And that's all.
Happy lazy Saturday, everyone.


so long, so long

So obviously it's been a long time since our last update. 
All I have to say is oh well. 
This summer has been a doozy, and I'm barely getting by just LIVING life sometimes.... let alone writing about all of it!
Here are some things that have been going on:

- Fun fourth of July. 
Barbeques, beach, family, baseball, and fireworks. Pretty standard!
*Notice how my eyelashes have grown back nicely since the fiasco after the wedding. I'm so proud of my little babies!*

Also a side note.... I ate a hamburger literally everyday that week. 
We take summer very seriously around here.

- My family has officially Florida-fied themselves.
So far, Christian and I have spent several weekends soaking up some good beach time with them. Life has such a wonderful and weird way of working out.
Aka I still can't believe that by some stroke of luck, they ended up moving here, right where my husbands family is from. And also where we ended up being for the summer.
The Lord works in mysterious wonderful ways, let me tell you.

- So remember how we spent a month in New Jersey, and I was jobless and desperate for work?
With lots of interviews and NO results?
 Well last week, a job opportunity just fell into my lap (or email rather) and after days of phone calls,
I HAVE A JOB IN DC THIS FALL. I didn't even have to look! It's been the biggest blessing... And made that tearful and crazy month totally worth it. Plus I will get to ride my bike everyday, right past all the cool monuments. Amazing, amazing, amazing.

- Reminded myself and everyone else how awesome my art skills are by drawing these Crayon gems everyday at work.
One of my kids said to me the other day "Why are teachers always so good at drawing?!"
(also how good I am at taking pictures that end up sideways on the blog?!)
Haha what a jokester.

- Christian and I celebrate our 3 month anniversary next week. That's about as long as we were engaged.
I cannot believe that, seeing as winter semester was excruciating for many reason and seemed to DRAAAAAG on and on.
I guess things are just better and more bearable when you are married to the love of your life.
Go fig.
Also we go on lots of cool dates together to celebrate this wonderful union of ours.
First stop last weekend, World Market. 
In case anyone ever wonders why I love that place, it's because you find cool things like this here.

And that's all she had to say about that.

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