liebster, schmiebster

I've had this liebster award hanging over my head for awhile now (not 1, not 2, but 3 nominations! Also thank  you Marla!) So third time's the charm I guess?

I "met" Danica through her blog. BLECH I just hate that because it makes things sound much creepier than they are. She's really the bees knees though (apparently this is the 50's now. Welcome to my blog, cool cats). Her blog cracks me up, and the only reason why I'm okay embracing this online-turned-real-life friendship is because she's the real deal and as great in person as she is via the internet. So thanks for nominating me, lady. Here are the questions she asked:

What blogs do you read every day? Well obviously Danica's, also Bonnie's, NieNie, Brooke's, and my dear friend's Chantel's and Kimber's. 

Where do you find inspiration for your blog? I really love people who are funny and REAL. So I guess when I read and see things like that, I'm inspired. Also my husband and baby. What a cliche.
Latest book you read AND should I read it? I'm currently reading Harry Potter but, been there done that. I also just finished reading Heaven is Here, and I loved it. Stephanie's love for her husband and motherhood is super inspiring.
If you could make ONE book mandatory reading for every American, what would it be? Can I say Harry Potter? Because seriously... Harry Potter. If I had to choose just one (why would that even be a rule?) it would probably be Deathly Hallows. SO GOOD.
Which song is the most played on your iPod/Spotify right now? It's not really one song, but the NSYNC Christmas album has been on repeat in our house for the last few weeks. Actually who am I kidding... more like every December for the last 14 years of my life.
Where is your best-kept-secret place to shop (for anything)? I totally love Trendy Xchange in Provo. Now the secret's out!
What’s the #1 thing on your Christmas Wish List? Honestly I would just love to find a place to live in Salt Lake. Our imminent move is starting to stress me out. Either that, or some earrings that my little guy can't pull out ha!
Who is your favorite Harry Potter character and why? I love that every other question is slanted to  Harry Potter. That's my life ha. I totally love Ron. If I went to Hogwarts, he'd probably be my MCM. Also Hagrid. And Dobby. ACK! This is too hard!
What is your must-have winter fashion item? Scarves, for sure. You never realize how cold your neck gets until you cover it.
What should I name my baby? Provide one boy and one girl name. Lilly and James. HA joke. I really love the names Owen and Ava!
I’m coming up on the crazy/fun/miserable lead-up to Christmas where all my kids eat candy and drive me insane. What is your best coping mechanism for when life is out of control? Oh man, if I knew the answer to this question, I wouldn't have eaten half a container of ice cream yesterday! For me it depends on the circumstance I guess. Sometimes ice cream helps (obviously), or bad reality tv, or a good sweat session at the gym, or painting my nails, or a trip to target, or watching videos of my laughing baby, or making out with my husband.... I guess just dabble in it all until you figure out what works.  

Thanks for nominating me Danica.
I keep waiting for the day when things like this make me an official blogger. 
Maybe it would help if I wrote more than just twice a month. What are you gonna do.


bad habits

Obviously "not writing stuff" is a bad habit I'm suffering from at the moment. Life's just hung me out to dry the last few weeks, so I'm recouping. Good news though, I'm back on my B Game
(a little less than A Game, but better than F Game!)
so. There's that.

Anyways, I've been thinking a lot lately about my bad habits, because I have a few that drive me crazy. I'm sure Christian could tell you that I've got WAY more bad habits than this (like tickling him which he HATES, but I honestly don't see the problem...), but here are the glaring ones that I've noticed lately. They make me laugh, and you're going to think I'm crazy.

I drink a ton of water. WHAT A BAD HABIT! 
Ha just joking. But because I drink so much, I have to refill my water bottle every hour or so during the day. When I'm at home, I usually turn the faucet on and let it run for 30 seconds or so, to cool down, because I like my water to be freezing. Usually I get distracted while that happens and wind up changing a diaper, or thinking "hey i haven't eaten!" and then start cooking something, or I hop in the shower, or I'm doing my makeup, and before I know it, the sink has been on for literally 20 minutes.

This happens at least once a day, I'm not kidding.

In the same vein, I'm awful about eating food and not finishing it. I can guarantee that there is always some bag of half eaten carrots, or several neglected granola bars in my bag. Last week there were 3 apples in there. THREE! In October, I also found a half eaten granola bar in our pantry that I can only assume I left there because Christian is an adult and finishes his food, and Nash is just like "gimme rice cereal." I have a hard time finishing meals lately too, because I'm usually navigating the circus that is feeding my 6 month old monkey.
I mean baby.
Why then, if I'm not eating, am I not 3 pant sizes smaller than before I got pregnant?
Spoiler alert: it's called donuts. I can definitely finish donuts.

So I guess what I need to learn from these bad habits is it's actually a deeper rooter issue: I don't follow through! I have all these plans like "drink water!" and "eat food!" and then I'm just like "yeah maybe not". And don't even get me started on the cookies I meant to take to our neighbor that somehow ended up disappearing instead...
(I lied. I can finish cookies AND donuts)

I need a life coach or something.


6 months!

This blogging thing cracks me up sometimes. For a few weeks I'm like "write all the time!" and then things get so busy and all I want to do is read Harry Potter during my spare moments. So I do.

But Nash is 6 months old tomorrow, and that I deem worthy of a post!

At 6 months, Nash is rolling all over the place. It's so fun to see him using this as his mode of transportation haha. Next stop... crawling! He's also sitting, and has been for almost a month now. He gets a huge kick out of this, which is adorable. He's eating lots of solids, and has done so well with everything we've introduced. Like his parents, boy loves his food! He's sleeping in nice long stretches at night, and we MOSTLY feel human in the morning ;) He's in the middle of his first cold, and handling it pretty well... as long as I don't use the snot-sucker ha. He loves his toys, being held, figuring out new faces and making them all the time, grabbing everything in sight, and primary songs.

I can't believe this adorable human is only 6 more months away from being a 1 year old. Time is seriously flying. I love my little buddy so very much! I'm so thankful I get to be his mom. I think that since May, I've learned and changed more than I did in our first two years of marriage!

(Maybe not... but man. Motherhood will stretch ya! And my imperfect self is so thankful for that!)

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