wellness wednesday: february music

Top 3 Favorite Workout Songs
- February edition -

Best warm up song:
Battle Scars- Lupe Fiasco and Guy Sebastian.
Usually we listen to this song while we are getting ready at home.
Nothing like getting pumped for a workout before you even hit the gym, amiright?!

Best power song:
Earthquake- Labrinth
He's black. He's British. He's awesome. 
As is this song. 
We usually do a leg workout to this in Zumba, and it's a killer mix of awesome music and burning muscles. Nothing better.

Best cool down song:
River- Imagine Dragons 
Fantastic band, fantastic song, fantastically mellow... perfect for stretching and other cooling down activities (I don't really know what those would be, but.... you get the idea!)

Basically music makes the BIGGEST difference for me during a workout, and I'm all about spreading the love!


the hand of the Lord

This weekend, Christian and I felt an outpouring of blessings.
They were very small and simple things, but they completely changed the way our weekend went.
Because of this, over the last few days. I've been thinking a lot about tender mercies.

The Lord's hand, and manifestation of His love for us, is FAR more prevalent in our lives than I think we will ever realize. Something as simple as safe travel to and from our daily destinations is a HUGE blessing from the Lord.

As I took time to realize this this weekend, I was overwhelmed by the love I felt from Him.
He didn't NEED to give us those blessings. They weren't things we were desperate for, they were simple luxuries that made life a little easier and a little happier. 
I felt so strongly that He was putting His arms around us in an embrace, saying:

"I'm doing this because I love you.
Because you are my precious children. 
And I know it will make you happy."

And to think how often He does this for all of us!
As I've thought about this for the last few days, I realized something. 
The more that we SEEK to notice the Lord's hand in our lives, the more that we will understand how much He truly guides us and the greater happiness and peace we will feel. 

I'm thankful that He loves me enough to keep teaching me simple lessons like this. 


another year, another birthday of epic proportions

Two of my bestest friends had birthdays on Saturday. 
They are the elite members of the 23 club, along with grandpa Showalter,
(you are only a member if you are born on February 23rd so... yeah....)

Oh gracious, this man makes me swoon!

So, to 2 of the most wonderful people around....
Happy birthdays, guys!


foodie friday

It was Mediterranean week here at the Carter house, which I was seriously stoked about.
Let me just say that if you are going to make anything from this recipe,

Poultry kind of makes me gag, but this chicken turned out amazing. 

This is not a real picture of the salad. 
But you get the idea.

 Mediterranean lemon chicken 
and couscous salad with dill:

*We halfed this recipe. More than enough food for 2 people!*
For Mediterranean chicken
2 Tablespoon thick, nonfat Greek
2 Tablespoons olive oil
1 lemon, zested and juiced to yield 2-
3 Tablespoons of juice
1 Tablespoon red or white wine
4 garlic cloves, minced or pressed
1 teaspoon paprika
1 Tablespoon dried oregano
1 teaspoon kosher salt
¼ teaspoon black pepper
2 pounds of boneless, skinless
chicken breasts, about 4 breasts cut
in half to make 8 pieces (for two
For dill and vegetable couscous
1 ½ cups low sodium chicken broth
1 Tablespoon olive oil
1 cup dry couscous
2 cups baby spinach, about 2
½ red bell pepper, cut into small dice
½ cucumber, peeled, seeded and cut
into small dice
¼ small red onion, cut into small dice
6 oz cherry tomatoes, halved, about
1 full cup
*Optional ¼ cup feta cheese, about 1
oz, crumbled
1 Tablespoon fresh dill, chopped
1 lemon, juiced and zested
½ teaspoon kosher salt
¼ black teaspoon black pepper
2 Tablespoons olive oil

• Marinate chicken (up to 24 hours ahead)
• Cut vegetables: red bell pepper, cucumber, red onion and
cherry tomatoes

For Mediterranean chicken
1. In a small bowl, combine Greek yogurt, olive oil, lemon zest &
juice, vinegar, garlic, paprika, oregano, and salt & pepper. Pour
marinade into nonreactive bowl or Ziploc bag, and add chicken
making sure to coat completely. Marinate for at least an hour,
overnight if possible. In a pinch give it at least 20 minutes.
2. Preheat the oven to 450 degrees and arrange the oven rack to
the top third. Line a baking sheet with parchment or foil.
Remove chicken from marinade and lay out evenly onto the
baking sheet. Place into the preheated oven and bake for 10-
12 minutes or until the chicken is cooked through and no
longer pink the middle. Discard any leftover marinade.
3. Cool and store half of the cooked chicken in the refrigerator
for Meal #3 (NOT APPLICABLE)

For dill and vegetable couscous
1. In a small sauce pot with a lid, bring the broth to a boil with
the olive oil.
2. Once boiling, turn off the heat, stir in the couscous, and cover
with the lid. Allow the couscous to absorb the liquid, about 7
3. Fluff the couscous with a fork, cool slightly.
4. In a large bowl, combine the spinach, red bell pepper,
cucumber, onion, tomato, feta cheese, dill, lemon juice & zest,
salt & pepper, and olive oil, stir to combine – set aside.
5. Once the couscous is slightly cooled add it to the large bowl of
vegetables and stir to combine.
6. Serve couscous warm topped with chicken.
(And prepare to be ultimately happy because this meal is AMAZING!)

Also, let me just show you what our fridge usually looks like on Sunday nights.

After an hour of chopping, slicing, and dicing, we had approximately 17 bags of vegetables stashed in the refrigerator.
It's a pain, but I highly recommend doing this if you want to save time during your busy week!


since I'm tired of reading so many Bachelor recaps....

.... I'm shaking things up a bit.
Here is a recap of the most recent Geico commercial I saw.

- I don't know, COULD switching to Geico save me that much?
(I'm def already insured through Geico so I guess I'll never know)

- Somebody get this guy some fangs, because this hairdo straight up screams Dracula.
Obvi he doesn't have a celebrity hair stylist.
Also, forget forehead. I'm thinking 5 or 6 head?

- Someone TOTZ needs to dry clean this guy's white shirt, because it's TOTZ not white, it's TOTZ gray!

- If this is his legit voice, imagine how horrible and awkward a first date with this guy would be.
"Could switching to a ceasar salad save me 15% or more on this dinner bill?"
And his dates all:
"Is that a fat joke?"
(obviously she totz oblivious as to who he REALLY is...)

- I feel like I want to iron out his face. 
Obvi he doesn't have a good dermatologist.

- Oh em gee that little pig sticking his head out the window is SO STINKING CUTE!!

- Oh, girl's got some great locks. I've always wanted curls!
Jelly cat over here!

- But seriously, WHY is she driving a mini van?!
Def not a swagger wagon.

- Poor ginger kid.


- Is the pig's name Maxwell?
This is awky, I totz have a friend with a baby named Max.
Good thing he doesn't look like this pig.....

- EW.
Now that the pig is talking, he's DEF not as cute as he was 3 seconds ago.
And look how hairy he is!?!?!
AWKY. Someone needs to get him to a salon and get that shiz waxed. And stat. 

Man that was seriously the BEST Geico commercial I've ever seen!!!!!!

p.s. I seriously can't wait to see what happens on the next Geico commercial!


wellness wednesday: the first bit of progress

Health and exercise are two things I absolutely LOVE
Christian and I have decided to make these a big part of our lives this year, and we will be doing a triathlon in August and a half marathon in October. In order to keep ourselves on track, document our progress, and share these things that I adore with all my peeps,
I have started a Wellness Wednesday series.
Not because I think I'm Jilian Michaels, 
But if you had a great cookie recipe that you LOVED, you'd want to share it with people too right?

On Monday, I did my first swim workout in.... 
a long time ha.
And it actually felt amazing!
I absolutely love the smell of chlorine, the way it stretches out my skin when I'm dry.The way I'm just with my thoughts while doing laps. Is isn't the most exciting work out in the world, but it sure is relaxing!

And it was so fun to have Christian there with me! 
He has been a swimmer for most of his life, as you can see...

Anyways, now he's hired as my personal training buddy and coach.
And man that kid can swim!

Swimming is a great way to switch up my workout routine.
It's refreshing, it's easy on my joints, and it's a great full body workout.
The only downside is that it requires a bit more gear because of the towel, suit, goggles, etc, and in order to get a REALLY good workout, it requires a bit more time than say, running 3 miles.
Also, my shoulders usually bother me A LOT when I get back into swimming after a long time, but thanks to the weight lifting Christian and I have been doing, it wasn't hardly painful at all. 

This is where I want to talk about weight training and my progress. 
Oh Body Pump, I owe you a lot!

Guys, for me, weight lifting is like.... the greatest thing ever
I've had really bad knees for a looooong time, and the one thing that always helps them is weight training.  I'm definitely feeling some of my other joints wanting to rebel, but the more I lift, the tighter my muscles get, and the less my joints hurt.


Weight training is amazing for several reasons.
First, believe it or not, it's good for your bones. It actually increases bone density along with your muscle mass!
Second, as previously mentioned, your joints will stay much healthier if you have strong muscles.
Third, muscles help burn more calories. And who doesn't want to burn through more calories, more quickly right?!
Plus, look how happy you can be when you weight train....

Since we started consistently lifting a little over a month ago, I'm finally feeling like I can keep up with the teacher in class. My goal is to be squatting 60 lbs by the end of next week.
We'll see how it goes!
Have any of you had great success or noticed major changes when you are lifting consistently?
Whenever I feel like I'm in an exercise rut, adding more weight training to my routine usually gets me going again. Not to mention the world of wonders it can do for your bunskies, which your husband will likely thank you for!
wink wink

Anyways, I know this might seem horrendously boring and rudimentary. I'm still trying to figure out a good rhythm for this. Don't worry, I've got some good posts coming your way!

Next up:
February's workout playlist
 The protein shake that will banish sore muscles.

Happy Wellness Wednesday, all!


sometimes the quiet weekends are the best weekends

I've been under the weather for a little while now...
(a cold turned sinus infection, mingled with horrible headaches, toothaches, and earaches associated with TMJD. It's as fun as it sounds!)
So a mellow weekend was most definitely in order. 

Basically the only exciting things that happened were:
 a trip to Salt Lake to see our dear friends Bryan and Saychelle Youngberg.
And bolwing + a visit the Cannon Center with my awesome sibs-in-law Austin and Elise.
Not a picture from today, but look at these cuties.

Bowling took me back to my senior year in high school in which I was taking an actual bowling class, and couldn't ever seem to improve my game, regardless of the fact that I was bowling about 3 games a week.
Nothing has changed! 
I didn't even break 50 today guys.
It's just not my forte, alright?

Also, in more important news....
 guess what.
This little nugget...

.... turned 18 yesterday.

It seems like just yesterday he was telling us that his birthday was
"February teenth"
and he was going along with my "dress him up as a girl and make him call himself Stephanie" games.
Oh how I love this sweet brother of mine!

Anyways, how about I never blog about boring weekends again?


that time when I got into the advertising program

You guys.

3 years after I started contemplating this possibility, changing my major 3 times, 
crying countless tears and working countless hours on the dumb application...........

This is probably the crappiest picture of me in existence. 
Post Zumba workout, with a cold and sinus infection, AND after crying for like 10 straight minutes. 
Soooo worth documenting. 

I just...
I can't even....
This is a huge deal.
One day I will explain what it took to get to this point, but right now I'm just going to revel in the fact that I FINALLY know what's going to happen over the next year of my life. 
And it feels so good!!!!!

I'm so unbelievably happy and thankful. 
Thankful to my dear Father in Heaven, who BEYOND got me to this point.
(Now I'm crying again ha!)
And my wonderful husband and family who believed in me when I doubted myself the whole way along.

Once I can stop being an emotional baby, of course. 
Bachelors degree in Advertising, 

foodie friday

Back at the beginning of January, Christian and I started meal planning with TheFresh20.com
It's seriously been the best thing ever!
We are both working a ton, and school is crazy, and when you add the commute to our routine, I don't have the time or patience or motivation to cook stuff.
And let's be honest, even though I would love to eat JDawgs for dinner every night, that just won't fly!

The awesome thing about our meal plans is the weekly menus incorporate a lot of the same ingredients into each meal, so it's WAY cheaper then just buying a bunch of groceries haphazardly.
Each week has a theme, which is also fun, because you can get a total Asian/Mexican/American fix if you need it!
It's also super healthy, which we love.
We usually only eat meat with our dinner 2-3 times a week, and it's usually just chicken or fish.
Every meal usually has a ton of veggies, and sometimes we modify it and add even more.

It's also super fun to cook WITH Christian every single night.
He's such a champ and helps me with everything!
It's something we both love, and it's fun to both prepare and try new meals together
Basically, I'm a believer. 

So I guess what I want to do each week is share our feelings about that week's plan, 
what we would do differently, 
and what our favorite meal was. 
Because seriously, cooking is one of my very favorite past times, and I would LOVE to share this stuff.
This has been my favorite meal out of every week so far:

Shrimp Scampi
with wilted arugula and pine nuts

*This recipe feeds about 4 people, so we halfed it!*

For angel hair pasta
8 ounces whole wheat angel hair
pasta (or linguine)
For shrimp scampi
3 Tablespoons olive oil
4 garlic cloves, minced or pressed
1/3 cup dry white wine (chardonnay
or Sauvignon Blanc)
1 lemon, zested and juiced to yield 3
Tablespoons of juice
Pinch of kosher salt
Pinch of black pepper
1 pound medium size, completely
peeled and deveined fresh shrimp
*Substitute ¾ pound of chicken
4 cups baby arugula, about 4
¼ cup golden raisins
2 Tablespoons toasted pine nuts
* optional
½ teaspoon kosher salt
1/8 teaspoon black pepper
Freshly grated parmesan cheese
Black pepper

For the angel hair pasta
Bring a large pot of water with a heavy pinch of salt to a boil. Add in
pasta and cook for 6 – 7 minutes or until aldente. Drain, reserving ½
cup of pasta water, return to the pot, and set aside.

For shrimp scampi
1. Heat a large, nonstick sauté pan over medium heat and add in
oil. Once the oil is warm, carefully (to avoid splashes) stir in
garlic, white wine, lemon zest and juice, and salt & pepper. Stir
to combine and simmer for 1 minute to combine all the
2. Add in the shrimp and toss to coat. Cook the shrimp for 3 – 4
minutes or until the tails are bright pink.
3. Add the shrimp, wine sauce, and reserved pasta water to the
pot of angel hair pasta. Stir in arugula, raisins, pine nuts, and
salt & pepper.
4. Garnish with freshly grated parmesan cheese and black
pepper. Serve warm.

So freaking good!
Can't wait to experiment and share next week's favorite recipe!


a valentines birthday mashup

So as the general populace is aware, today is

I've never been a hater of the holiday, but having a husband definitely makes the day a WAY better than when I was single!
(For more than one reason, wink!)

Oh this dear sweet man!
His birthday is also coming up on Saturday the 23rd, and instead of doing two mushy gushy posts about why I'm so in love with him, and forever will be, etc etc etc

I decided to combine them into one and spare you the sap fest.

Over the course of knowing Christian
(almost 5 years! HOW?!)
and especially since getting married to him, he has taught me A LOT.

From him, I've learned to enjoy simple things in life.
Like the pleasure of eating a piece of toast and cookie butter together after a long day.

To suck it up and do hard things, even if you don't want to.

To constantly ask for forgiveness, and seek to be forgiving.
Even when the other person doesn't neccessarily deserve it.
*cough* me *cough*

To LOVE learning. 

That humor can make almost every situation better.
He (and his many facial expressions) make me laugh so hard it gives me double chins!
That's good humor folks.

To be open to new ideas and activities, even if they don't initially thrill you.

To constantly pursue improvement, in EVERY aspect of life.

The blessings of frugality.

And the value of good, HARD work.

 Ladies and gentlemen, Christian is a champion at every single one of these things, 
and so many more!
 This basically sums up how I feel about you, dearest.
You light up my world, like all those little orbs around our heads ;)

Happy Birthday/Valentines Day/Almost 10 month anniversary!!!!
I love you, sugar plum twinkle toes lover boy!!!!

wellness wednesday: the beginning

Sometimes I look at this blog and I'm like
"what is the point of this?"
It's great to document our life happenings, and my favorite beauty products, and funny stories and such, but sometimes my soul 
needs something to write about that has a little more UMPH
You feel me?
So, to help me stay motivated and to have more consistent things to write about,
I'm starting two new weekly "series" if you will.
Wellness Wednesday 
and Foodie Friday. 
The purpose in writing about these things is to stay focused on some goals Christian and I have set for this year, to keep myself motivated, and to share thing with you all that I absolutely LOVE.
And in light of that.... 

So about a year and a half ago, I competed
(and I use that word very loosely ha!)
in the Provo Aqua Triathlon.

You might remember my post about it,
in which my bike sucked at life and I couldn't finish the race. 
Well, I'm coming back this year with a vengeance. 
vengeance like this.
my first tri, circa winter 2009.
cool bandana right?!

And not only am I going to complete the race, 
this time WITH my sweet husband instead of him watching from the sidelines,
but it's my goal to PR as well. 
(Not that I've done THAT many triathlons.... but you gotta start somewhere right?!)

Christian and I have been diligently going to the gym for the last month or so, and I'm pleased to say I am making pretty quick progress. 

So I wanted to start this "Workout Wednesday" for several reasons.
- First, to continue to document my/our progress and get SUPER STOKED for that race in August, 
- To prepare myself for my goal of getting certified to be a group exercise instructor in the next year or two,
(my obsession with Body Pump and cycling cannot be contained!!!! OBVI!!!!!!)
- To keep myself motivated to continue this fun habit with Christian, 
- and also to share the latest and greatest workouts we've been doing, the music we listen to, the supplemental healthy food we eat and such. 

Not that I'm a personal trainer, or a nutritionist, or anything like such as...
But this is stuff I have been learning, and honing down for myself personally, since I was a mere 13 years old. 
 I know what my body needs to be healthy. 
I know how to do a kick butt workout.
And I know how to make a mean protein shake. 
And it's time to put these things to consistent practice!

I'm not going to lie....  I really LOVE this stuff too!
 And I would love to start sharing it all with the internets,
........also so I have them to motivate myself in the future when I 
start struggling around the holidays and such ha!

So bear with me as I begin this little journey. 
And forgive me if I ever sound like a pretentious meat-head. 

Like I said, I love this kind of stuff.
And I'm ready to start documenting it and *hopefully* accomplish some great goals along the way!


beauty product win #3

 I have nothing to blog about today, but I'm feeling the itch to write SOMETHING.
(Mostly because everyone in the whole world is making me so irritated, so I need to just do a brain dump. Also, it's Monday. So my brain is naturally moving a little slower. Amiright?!)

Anyways, in light of that, I'm going to write about hairspray. 
How's that for surface level and stimulating?!

First, I must acknowledge that I know I'm no certified beauty professional.
I have spent lots of years and lots of moneys tracking down some awesome products, which is why I feel the need to share. Because I love this kind of stuff.

Hairspray is my absolute must-have beauty product.
And none of that wimpy $4 stuff.

(side story: My hairspray bottle broke while we were on our honeymoon last year.
Since we were a little strapped for cash, we decided to skimp and buy cheaper hairspray than I normally do.
Which I was totally happy about at first. 
It only took me about 1 day of hair-doing to be rather unhappy about it.
Let's just say after a month of constantly crappy hair days, and I was SO DONE with that shiz.
Guess I'm a hairspray snob.

Anyways, I have found two brands of hairspray that work really well for my fine, thin hair.
First up,
Kenra Volume Spray.

This stuff works really well, tons of hold but not a ton of residue.
It also smells great!
The only downside is that it costs over 20 bucks, which is why I stick with.....

Big Sexy Hair.
It still isn't super cheap, but I can usually find it for about 16 bucks at Walmart.
I like this stuff better because it has a little more hold, which I prefer for my hair.
It's also a lot easier to find than the Kenra, which is a plus if you are traveling the nation for 9 straight months and don't have access to but a CVS.
Hypothetically speaking of course. 

now that you have indulged in my mindless post about hair product...



a new brooke for a new year

I've been all kicks and giggles through the last few posts.
(nothing wrong with that right?!)
But I wanted to share something today that I've been thinking a lot about for the last several months.

So our last Sunday in D.C., right before Christmas, we had and AWESOME Relief Society lesson.
I don't remember what about specifically, but there was one part of it that hit me really hard. 

We were each given separate notecards with a picture on them.
This was mine:

On the back, there were several scriptures from Luke 7
Verse 47 is my favorite
It reads:

"Wherefore I say unto thee, Her sins, which are many, are forgiven;
For she loved much:
but to whom little is forgiven, the same loveth little"

How amazing!
That hit me so powerfully.
Here was this woman who, by the world's standards, was a sinner, not worthy of any note.
And yet because she was bathing the Savior's feet with her kisses and tears, demonstrating her adoration for Him,
He recognized her as a woman who loved much.

"For she loved much."

I too, am like this woman. 
I am mortal.
I am a sinner.
But that does not mean I cannot love much. 

This is my motto for 2013. 
In the end, I want the Lord (and others!) to look at me and recognize this. 
Recognize that despite my MANY imperfections, 
I am capable of loving much. 
Of loving my Savior enough to serve Him.
To proverbially bath His feet with my tears. 
Capable of loving others enough to put their needs before my own. 
And it doesn't have to just be about loving people either!
I want to love school enough to work my very hardest. 
Love myself enough to take care of my needs when neccessary. 
Love my home enough to make it beautiful. 
Love my testimony enough to nurture it. 
Love my talents enough to let them grow. 

It is my FIRM belief that true happiness in this life is governed by our ability to love. 
If we love Heavenly Father and the Savior enough, we will do their will. 
And in doing their will, all other things in life fall into place. 

I would like 2013 to be my best year yet. 
And I want to make this happen,
all by loving much. 


in which I tell the most hilarious story you will literally ever read

I must start with a disclaimer.
This post has the potential to be a little TMI.
But it was so funny that I was crying tears of laughter, AND I got Christian's permission to share it...
So obviously I have to.

If you decide to keep reading... you've been warned....

So a few days ago, we got home and commenced our winding down routine.
I was in the bedroom changing and Christian was taking care of some business in the bathroom.
(This is how you know it's about the get awkward!)

All of the sudden, I hear him go:
"What the?!? WHAT THE?!?!"

So then I'm like:
"Oh no, he's going to show me something crazy going on in the toilet.

But then he comes out of the bathroom, and proceeds to moon me
And he's like

And that's when I see this big white thing stuck to his bum.
And I'm like
"Gosh hun, it's just toilet paper, you just need to wipe better..."

But then I look more carefully...

And then I get closer and realize it's DEFINITELY not toilet paper....

A giant wad of gum was literally stuck to and smeared all over his fanny.

At some point during the day, poor Christian must have sat on a toilet,
right on someone's misplaced gum!

So then, quick on my feet, I'm like:
"Get the peanut butter!"
(Because that's supposed to work right??)

 And then the nature of this situation hit me.
Here is my husband, pants around his ankles, with gum stuck to his derriere.
And I'm about to smear peanut butter all over his bum to get it off.

It was at this point that I literally lost it.
I was laughing.
  For like a straight minute.
While poor Christian just stands there with gum stuck to his butt, waiting for my help.

I mean,
he had a HUGE piece of gum stuck to his bare bottom!
How could I not be dying?!

So then I finally collect myself, and I realize rubbing peanut butter all over his bum is probably more messy than helpful.

So what do we do?
Bust out the scissors. 
And carreeefffulllyy, meticulously, pick it all off.
(The gum was still moist, by the way. I would totally slaughter the person who did that if it wasn't so dang hilarious)

After about 5 minutes of "REMOVAGE" we finally got it all off.
Christian went to take a detox shower, naturally....
while I, even more naturally,continued to cry tears of laughter.

And all the while, my dear husband laughed along with me and had the best attitude.
Bless him.

And the moral of the story?
If you are going to spit your gum into a toilet,
make sure you check to see where it lands.


heyro, my name is brooke

Found this awesome picture of me a few days ago.

That's probably why I keep having dreams about babies.
Like the other night, when I dreamt my mom randomly had another child and named her...
Please, just no.

Anyways, I hope this picture is a glimpse into my future,
and that one day, Christian and I will have super duper happy Asian lookalike babies.

(And don't even worry...
This is about as far from a pregnancy announcement as you can get)


a tip, which you can thank me for later

I know many people are obsessed with the Capri Blue Volcano candle, usually seen in Anthropologie.

I also know many people, myself included, who are more than willing to fork over 30 bucks for the stupid thing. One time I even ordered it off Amazon ha!
So ridiculous right?


I have such a good secret for you.
I found a candle a few weeks ago that smells literally almost EXACTLY like it. 
And it's also soy, so win win!
(and you can trust my nose, because seriously I'm like part bloodhound)

Ready for this?
Sicilian Orange candle by Target.
Yes, Target has done it again!

So stop spending the big bucks, and go buy this like.......


hip hip, it's friday!

Here are some great things about life right now:

- I have a lymph node in my neck that is super sore, and so swollen it is literally as big as a kalamata olive.   
This is how I felt last night....

So I used my ensuing illness (whatever the heck it may be) as an excuse to go to bed at 9:30 last night 
and not wake up this morning until after 8. 
(It also might have been the melatonin cough cough...)
Regardless, it felt aaaammmaaazziiinnnggggg.

-  So I finally got around to taking Bio 100 this semester
and good news!
 I am absolutely killing it in that class. 
To the point where I was maybe correcting the TA's in our review sesh last night.
I think my husband's intellectualism is FINALLY rubbing off on me!
(I guess we will really see after my first test tomorrow....gulp.....)

- I took that suddenly popular archetypeme test yesterday and I learned something awesome. 
Most of the time, I feel like I can't take personality tests because I have an idea of what I am already, 
so as hard as I try, I give super biased answers because I anticipate the results. 
You following me?
So I'm taking the test yesterday, and I'm like
"I'm totally going to be a spiritual, caregiving fashionista" 
(which is embarrassing that I thought that to begin with, BUT WHATEVS)

And guess what?!
I'm not a fashionista.... 
I'm a freaking ATHLETE. 
Boom. Awesome.
Which totally explains my obsession with workout supplements. 
(I'm not going to pretend that I don't have a creatine for women in my medicine cabinet, because I totz do.....)
How douchey does that make me sound?
Actually don't answer that....
That long pointless story was basically to demonstrate that you can't always predict personality test. 
Touche, life. Touche. 

- And finally, how many of you are obsessed with the song Thrift Shop by Macklemore?
 Because I'm seriously digging it. 
Also, look at this. 

If you were wondering what happened to Aaron Carter...

Happy Friday all!

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