In the last week, I've:

- Had dreams about being given 16 million dollars, going to Aruba with Christian AND going to Hawaii with Christian. I'm sincerely hoping this means some good things are coming in our future!
(We DO get paid next week, and our Christmas break will be a tropical one of sorts. Probably my mind is just really good at exaggerating things.)

- Ate taco bell for the first time in years, and guys. 
I'm embarrassed and grossed out to admit but..... it was so so good!

- Saw my dear friend Kimber for the first time in a year and a half, and got to meet her yummy yummy baby!
Thanks for the picture, Kimmy!

- Trimmed my bangs just a smidgen too short. 
See above picture.
That's an at-home hack job for ya.

- Danced to this mashup of Thriller in Zumba.
 Let me tell you, nothing will make you more stoked about life than a class full of 40 people hooting and hollering, while blasting this song and dancing like a zombie. So happy it's Halloween next week!

- Instigated our ward's FIRST OFFICIAL trunk-or-treat. 
(I know. Half the people didn't even know what that was. I MEAN, GUYS!)
I think this is hilarious, because obviously we don't have any children to take trunk-or-treating. But I'm Halloween's biggest champion, and my determination to celebrate in every way imaginable obviously worked a little bit. Now I just need to convince everyone to turn it into a chili cookoff and I will be happy!

- I've also entered my last official week of being a 23 year old. 
I'm basically ancient. 
Also feel free to send any presents my way. Preferably items from Sephora or H&M. Gift cards also acceptable.
I mean...... what??


a tribute to my best girl

Happy Breast Cancer Awareness Month!
I want to talk about this woman right here. 
This is my beautiful mom.
She's hilarious and smart and kind and hard working and crazy and fun and one of the best people I know. 
She's also a two time breast cancer survivor.

Her and her friends on the three-day walk a few years ago.

She was diagnosed my junior year of high school, not even a year before her 40th birthday. 
She underwent an intensive round of chemotherapy followed by radiation. Immediately after she finished radiation, doctors found a second lump. 
We moved across the country, and at the same time she started another round of treatment. 
It's been almost exactly 6 years and she's still cancer free!
October is breast cancer awareness month
(As I'm sure you know. 
And I wanted to give shout out to my awesome miracle mom. 

Not only has she been through the ringer with this bout of cancer, and so many other things in her life, but she has done it like a champion! She's always been able to take care of others despite her difficulties, and she always comes out swinging and ready for the next obstacle, no matter how worn out she may be. 

Rocking the survivor stage!!

If ever there was an individual who personified resilience, it's her.
You are amazing mamma!
 I'm so happy you are still here with us!
You kicked cancer's trash, and I am so so proud to be your daughter!


missionaries, scary children and another week at the Carter house

This week has been the strangest. 
Not because of anything in particular, but you know when your schedule gets changed JUST enough to make things feel different? Yeah, that. 

Anyways, last Saturday we went and saw the dance performance Thriller, which was good but also a little too macabre for my taste. Children were dancing around with knives while dressed as Chucky at one point, so yeah. Maybe that's why I wasn't the hugest fan. 
BUT. I won the tickets (my very first giveaway entry and I won those dang tickets. Baller), so I couldn't be too mad because, well, free stuff. 

We also carved pumpkins on Monday and they are already about 50% moldy, so I feel like another round of pumpkin carving is necessary. Also we had Halloween donuts from Krispy Kreme, so that was definitely a winning night. We've also been watching the Twilight Zone every day, so I guess we are in full-on creepy Halloween mode over here.

Then Mckay came into town on Tuesday because HE WENT INTO THE MTC THIS WEEK.
(I'm still dying over this. To me, he will always be the 5 year old boy who loved pirates and trucks and only wore camo outfits)
He is such a grown up man now, and it's so fun to talk with him and truly see how prepared he is for this mission. I'm so proud to be his sister, and truthfully... I look up to him so much!

He's the cutest, and I'm so happy we got to spend time with him this week! Brazil is so lucky to have him.
(And I have to admit, I'm a little tempted to go hang out by the MTC because I miss him that much already!)
Also let's take a moment and be proud of me because even though I cried when we said goodbye, it was a surprisingly composed cry.... which I was not expecting!

Also, this morning was the craziest. 
First, I only got about 5 hours of sleep, which is bad news bears for this girl. 
(Seriously I was so mad about it when I woke up that I contemplated kicking a hole in the wall. No. I'm not kidding. In case you ever wondered if I'm grouchy when I don't sleep enough, wonder no more!
And protect your walls!!) 
Then, we had to babysit... which means getting 2 little rascals out the door for school at 2 different times, while simultaneously getting ready for the day, and making lunches, and other stuff. Also dropping Christian off on campus somewhere in the middle of it all. 
*PHEW I'm out of breath just typing that.* 
Then, I had to clean up puke for 30 straight minutes. Also, I slipped in it which seriously. The worst.
Also, I have two mammoth midterms due on Monday that are also group projects,which are simultaneously the two worst things ever. I was stressed about all this, so I bought myself Panda Express for lunch because ORANGE CHICKEN. Also, crappy chinese food just makes things better sometimes!

And one more funny note. 
Remember in my last post how I mentioned the littlest midget called Pocahontas "Poke-the-hontas"?
Well things got even funnier the other day when she called it
One thing is for sure. We are never short on laughs over here!

And so if you haven't guessed by now, today I'm feeling a little weird and slightly worn out.
But I'm so so thrilled that it's the weekend! 
They always seem to come at the perfect time, you know?


funny things about life lately

- Country dancing to Pitbull in Zumba this morning. 
Also any time during the class when someone does that weird Zumba yell. 
You're a true Zumbi if you know what I'm talking about.

- The fact that it's like 50 degrees outside, and Christian and I have been downing about 15 otter pops a day. Also we didn't do that once this summer, so I guess we are in seasonal denial?

- When the littlest told me this morning that she had watched "Poke-the-hontas" (Pocahontas, of course).
Kill me dead with cuteness. Also laughter.

- Today when I saw a truck full of pinatas. 
I want in on that!

- Mine and Christian's unspoken obsession with watching Man vs. Wild every single night. 
It goes like this:
"I'm done with my homework."
"Oh me too."
Promptly sit on the couch and watch and episode (or 4) together without having to say a word. 
That's marriage, folks. 

- This buzzfeed.
Preach it, Jim.

- Singing any song with Christian. 
It's inevitable that we both start purposely singing out of tune and dancing absurdly and just generally being foolish. It's too funny. 
Also, our poor children amiright?

Anyways, that's life at the moment. It's good and funny and weird and hard and crazy and awesome and sometimes it makes me want to poke my eyes out while simultaneously singing for joy. But I've got a sweet husband who's my best friend and we are working hard to be good together, and sometimes that's the only thing that matters. 

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